Mr D Wasting Police Time Again…

In response to these Youtube videos which mentioned his name…

I received this reply from Mr D…

I wrote…

Dear EP, many thanks for taking such an interest to forward a copy of this to Sussex Police, along with the previous video. 

I will of-course take this opportunity and obligation to reply, (and not just because every reply does wonders to the YT algorithms.) But before I do, may I know on what grounds are you alleging I am breaking the law? and in what way am I causing you loss or harm?

For example do you ring up Sussex police and say, “Yoo bitches, Taylor has said my name – get down there and arrest the bastard.” Or do you beg, “Help me Sussex police, that horrible harasser and stalker Matt Taylor has mentioned my name again, and I’m so hurt and so distressed and so alarmed and so in fear, that you simply must arrest him now. Please I beg you Sussex police arrest Matt Taylor now, please dear friends, arrest him please, I’m begging you please.”

As an ex-policeman myself, I can say with confidence that you Elementary Penguin, (whom-ever you may be), are wasting police time; and I will pass on this information (witness intimidation) to Sussex police, as further evidence in their 0621 criminal investigation.

I am allowed freedom of speech and I am discussing with a guest, a story of public interest which is already in the public domain.

As my disclaimer; I wish to state again that I am not, nor wish again, to attack the Hampstead dad, who I know to be Mr D. I have reported Mr D and Karen Irving to Sussex police for making malicious communications against me, plus harassment and stalking. The crime number is 0621. The law allows the complainant to name the defendant. In the course of preventing and detecting crime, by Law, the complaint is entitled to name his attackers, (who in this instant is Mr D and Karen Irving.)

As part of my wish to become a rich and famous Youtuber, I wish to broadcast on the Youtube platform, producing informative, funny and entertaining material. As part of this growth, I wish to accommodate my viewers and reflect and discuss the subject they want discussed. Since launching Matt Taylor TV, the general theme of the chat box has been about the Hampstead case and specifically the father. It is for this reason and this reason alone, that I discussed the subject. 

Sussex police can see and hear for themselves that what was said is my opinion and not an attack. I am simply carrying on the debate, started by the Hoaxtead Research community and promoted further by Karen Irving and her numerous Youtube videos.

I consider the comment and the attached Youtube video, (which uses my copyrighted material), as further evidence of witness intimidation, harassment, stalking and malicious communication, in relation with crime 0621.

I really am not interested in Mr D, nor the Hampstead case. It has caused me immense personal loss, harm and injury, following a complaint from Mr D to Sussex police in Sep 2018, that I had made a malicious video about him. As a consequence I was arrested in a dawn raid, my IT equipment was seized as evidence, and I was unable to make a living for the next 9 months. No charges were brought against me, and Sussex police said what I had done, “simply wasn’t cricket.”

Last but not least, you can always become either a casual, moderate, committed or even a super supporter, via and

P.S – I personally think its time Mr D faces the public and explain himself.

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