Now Mr D wastes German’s police time.

The story so far….

In response to this video-

Mr D wrote-

To which I replied-

Thank you for the comment TN;

As you may or may not be aware, following a complaint to Sussex police on Friday 21 June 2019, a crime number 0621 was issued to an investigation of Malicious communication against Mr D and Karen Irving.

Part of this investigation involves the use of sock-puppet accounts, created specifically to send malicious communications in the nature of threats, intimidation and harassment.

The above sock puppet account which has been used to send this message, ‘tniedermeier’, has been reported to Sussex police as a sock puppet account of Mr D, based on the investigative research of the Targeted Individuals Evidence Channel.

I won’t speculate any further and will leave it to Sussex police to conduct their own investigations, as to the real person(s) behind the various sock puppet accounts predominantly used by the Hoaxtead Research community.

A screen shot has been taken and will be made available to Sussex police as evidence in the 0621 Malicious Communication investigation, as an example of witness intimidation.

Sussex police have notified that they will respond in “due course.”

In response to your specific questions, no I haven’t been arrested or questioned by Sussex police, and ask of you – Why would I be arrested or questioned by Sussex police?

To which Mr D confirmed he’s Mr D with this reply-

To which I thanked him-

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