Taylor Playing the Suicide Card

I love Trolling the Trolls –

Join me as I investigate what the trolls have to say about me…

The first nugget of interest was aroused at 2:15pm when Tom Never-man-enough-to-face-me obsessed; tniedermeier

“and now that little PoS drama queen plays the suicide card. I don’t buy it for a second. Bullies like Taylor rarely harm themselves. They always harm others. He is really desperate now. Time to face the music, Taylor. And i will face you anytime. Just unblock me, you coward.”


Surrogate King Charles: What the fuck?! A new low 😮

“I fear a show trial by CPS, which will drive me to suicide like it did to Caroline Flack.” So he hasn’t ruled out a trial, then. I’m starting to be convinced he’s been charged.

Ha ha ha, I love watching the stupid trolls trying to guess what is happening in the Dearman v’s Taylor/Paterson/Disney-Power harassment/stalking case.

He’s “Convinced” I’ve been charged!

“[Hampstead Dad] fooled Sussex Police into believing the 10 February 2015 Mrs Justice Pauffley court order, was the only Mrs Justice Pauffley court order.” He’s still convinced there were two reports, then 🤦‍♂️

As if he knows anything about “two reports?” Who’s ever mentioned anything about “reports?” I’ve certainly mentioned a lot about Court Orders, but nothing about “reports.”

There were two Justice Pauffley Court Judgement’s dated 10 February and 19 March 2015.

He accuses Paris of being a rapist again in that post 🙄

Yeah. Add the T of Transgender to her name and what do you get? = RAPIST!

Its staring us in the face, just as the connection between Paris and Hoaxtead Research, is staring us in the face. In plain view. Its Santa’s way…

I imagine Paris, Karen Irving and Scarlett Scoop, spent a girlie night night, dying Paris’s hair purple.

Tom Niedermeier
: Surrogate King Charles- He is becoming more and more desperate. And he is right. With all the evidence he himself created, even a snowball in hell will last longer than Taylor in court. Justice will prevail in the end. Just a question of time. And accusing Paris won’t help either. Tic Toc Taylor. And he is lucky if the police gets to him before Paris does. I hope she doesn’t do something stupid. She is as unhinged as he is. And with two very unstable people in the mix, things are hard to predict.

I really don’t know who Tom Never-man-enough-to-face-me is? A little toe-rag commenting on my life, as if he knows me!

I do find it very alarming, distressing and I am in fear.

“He is becoming more and more desperate.”

Yes you fool. I am desperate. I’ve been hounded, stalked and harassed constantly since I cannot remember, by Tom Never-man-enough-to-face-me and his Hoaxtard crew. And its taken it’s toll.

Prometheus: He is disgusting, using a tragic suicide for fodder & comparing himself to her.

Tom Niedermeier: Prometheus He simply has no conscience whatsoever. Just like Kaley. Did he think for a second if one of his victims might be driven to selfhurt? Of course not. K.B. said something about suicide in her BBC interview. But like with Kaley, it’s always about them, never about their victims. I don,t want anybody to be harmed. But if somebody has to get harmed, i would always prefer to see the perpetrator harmed rather then the victim. And i won’t loose much sleep over it.

Surrogate King Charles: Looks like Taylor’s ‘Mister X’ blog is still working and the desperate twat’s accusing Paris of being a rapist now 🙄



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