Matt Taylor is a ‘Psychotic Child Abuser’

How dare you call me a Psychotic Child Abuser?

Show me one scrap of evidence that points to me being a ‘Psychotic Child Abuser’.

I am perfectly able as a parent to nurture two children to adulthood.

How dare you call my humour, “Complete Shite.”

My humour is unique in it’s nature because it is so disturbing and disgusting.

Its called satire and I believe I do a very good job at being satirical. And why shouldn’t I?

I grew up on the stable diet of the Mad Magazine, The Young One’s, Spitting Image and Ben Elton.

All my haters were creaming themselves stupid, thinking I’ll be in prison for Christmas!

Well I’m not! And the Vermin lost his bet.

But to call me a Psychotic Child Abuser is just pathetic. Closely followed by calling my humour, “complete shite.”

Its better than you could ever deliver!

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