Trouser Mouse is a Nonce

In a scathing Facebook live, later uploaded to Youtube, Niki Cooper has alleged known Hoaxtead troll Trouser Mouse, is a nonce for commenting that children can easily recover from sex with adults, if given the appropriate counselling. (Or words to those effect.)

Rightly pointing out a truth which is well known in the Truth community, that anyone connected with the Hoaxtead Research clique, are either paedophiles or at very least, paedophile protectors, Niki Cooper has expressed in plain English that whom ever is the real person, hiding behind the online identity of ‘Trouser Mouse,’ is a danger to children and must be reported to the appropriate authorities as a matter of urgency.

Believing that children can recover from having sex with adults, during their childhood, with a bit of counselling, is exactly the point of view of a paedophile.

Trouser Mouse has revealed himself/or herself to be a paedophile.

So it wasn’t at all surprising to see the first person to jump to the vermin defence, none other than Fanny Bones himself……

4 thoughts on “Trouser Mouse is a Nonce

  1. anyone that calls someone a n0nce when they’re not is projecting what they are themselves. the mouse trolls complaining that they have been called n0nce but did they give a fuck when they called others a n0nce? like ‘ell did they. all these people are sad sacks with too much time on their hands


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