Tom & Mickey Strike Again.

To suggest that I would waste my time and clone YouTube accounts of Tom and Mickey is laughable in the most extreme.

Do these cartoon freaks really think I’d risk my freedom and liberty in doing something as foolish and stupid as that?

They either know it isn’t me, and are saying it is me, to deliberately get me into trouble with the police, or they really are as thick as fuck and dumb as Mr Bean.

I personally don’t think they are thick as fuck, and sincerely believe they are intentionally doing it to win their bet, to see me thrown in prison.

After all its their Modus Operandi.

Click me

To bolster my claim that its themselves creating these cloned accounts and blaming it on innocent parties, with the intention of involving the plloce, you only need to look around for their other victims.

These people are genuinely mad!

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