Jon Wedger Gives His Best Interview Ever!

Click me to watch the interview with Shaun Attwood

Jon Wedger is back in business and he’s never been in such fine form before.

In a marathon 4 hour plus interview with Shaun Attwood, police whistle-blower Jon Wedger has given his best interview to date, silencing all his critics once and for all.

Brutally honest and from the heart, Wedger has proved himself to be the leading crusader against child abuse, blowing the whistle on how the police cover up child abuse cases.

Probably the most trolled man in the UK, Wedger has shown an inner strength which is an inspiration to anyone currently involved in the Truth Community, or those considering to get involved.

Covering subjects other commentators dare not discuss, Wedger delivered an assured performance, his first since stepping away from the public glare, following his sabotaged charity walk a few months ago.

Shaun Attwood’s first podcast in 2021, and with the spirit of Wild-Man looking down, both Attwood and Wedger delivered a record breaking podcast, watched by over 1500 viewers.

For more information on Jon Wedger, check out his website by clicking on the link below.

Jon Wedger Foundation

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