Niki Cooper & Sharon Gale at War.

Gale v’s Cooper – Its War!

Watch this space- The feud between Niki Cooper and Sharon Gale is intensifying. Its all-out war now. And Sharon Gale is not going to let this on go, “no bloody way.”

“If these idiots think this is over they have no idea, this has just begun.”

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Niki Cooper
Sharon Gale

The feud between them started after Cooper made claims against Gale that she murdered her baby daughter Charlotte, calling her a “baby killer,” citing the 32 fractures to her head, 20 breaks to her ribs and 12 to her legs, which her baby daughter was said to have received prior to her death in 2001.

Suffering from PTSD, and being spoon feed yogurt for the last week by her abusive boyfriend in Turkey, Gale has reported Cooper to the police and is currently considering taking civil action against her.

Cooper remains defiant but has apologised for calling her a “baby killer.”

Click on the link below to listen to Gale’s story in her own words, on the Richie Allen Show.

More to follow – Watch this space…

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