Chris E is a thick Cunt!

Whoever Chris E is, he (or she) is a thick cunt.

Here he/she is alleging Cali Diamond’s Smelly Minge YouTube account is mine!

What a thick cunt!

Spreading unfounded, malicious and untrue accusations based on what?

Let’s find out…

After being bored stupid with a paragraph of irrelevant bullshit, we are left none-the-wiser!

Here we have him/her admitting to using a proxy to hid his/her own identity, by calling myself, Andy Devine and Angela Power-Disney ‘idiots,’ for not using one!

Unlike the complete and utter thick cunt Chris E; Andy, Angela and myself, don’t feel the need to hide behind fake sock puppet accounts to engage with the online community.

Next we have the thick cunt take another pop at us.

LMFAO at being accused of having low IQ, when the thick cunt has accused me of creating a fake Cali Diamond account based on JACK-SHIT!

The only cunt on the Internet with a low IQ is Chris, ‘fucking,’ E…..

And this thick cuntish fool-duggery doesn’t stop there…….

He/she then bores the fuck out of us again, going on about the finer details of getting around the law, by doing one thing or another, all the while lambasting genuine critical thinkers, as “idiots,” who believe in “mental conspiracy theorys.”

Evidentially the thick cunt spent too many hours at school smoking the wacky-baccy behind the school bike shed, because he/she would otherwise have known that the pural of ‘theory,’ is spelt with ‘ies,’ rather than with just a ‘y’.

He/she really is a thick cunt!

Then after being congratulated on doing such a good job at identifying the account holder as myself, he/she then back peddles, and throws doubt on his/her own conclusion.

Or maybe the whole thing was just another pathetic and amateurish ploy by the Hoaxtead Troll community to get me locked up!

But the thick cunt has yet still more to say!

I don’t need to comment on the above bullshit, except to say, whoever this arsehole is hiding behind the Chris E label, he (or she) really is a THICK CUNT!

10 thoughts on “Chris E is a thick Cunt!

  1. Its their modus operadi to accuse others of doing what they do themselves. Chris E types like Plisko who was accused by a female youtuber of hacking her PC and getting access to her Facebook,Twitter and other social media accounts a while back when he and Mouse were harassing her. If its her real profile pic the highlighted commentator looks like a nice young girl who is sadly being led down the wrong wickedly garden path by mousey,SG and cohorts.


    1. Spot on Dusty. Thanks for sharing this. The more people wake up to these vile cunts the better….


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