Trouser Mouse is accused of starting a MAP network.

In a damning YouTube video uploaded by a fake socket puppet account holder, using the name, ‘Cali Diamond’s Smelly Minge;’ the rodent otherwise known as ‘Trouser Mouse,’ has been accused of being a member of the MAP (Minor Attracted Person) paedophile community.

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“Alleged paedophile and troll Trouser Mouse has started up a MAP network to offer support and friendship to other paedophiles.

MAP stands for Minor Attracted Person.

Trouser Mouse has a long history of trolling survivors of child sex abuse and those campaigning for them.

Trouser Mouse had said in the past that once a girl bleeds she can bred, he also stated that children can easily get over sex with adults with the right counselling.

Trouser Mouse also works closely with Drummer Man who is thought to be the female troll Lady Sparkle, who was found guilty of abusing youths with learning difficulties.”

Who is behind the ‘Cali Diamond Smelly Minge’ account?

The thick cunt Chris E, thinks its me!

Read all about it by clicking here.

Trouser Mouse is a Nonce, click here to read more.

Mind you, this isn’t the second or third time Trouser Mouse has been accused of being a paedophile.

Mickey Mouse fails to refute claims that he’s a paedophile!

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Come to think of it, (and its only my personal opinion), but this Trouser Mouse is beginning to sound more and more like Grobnob…..

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