Where’s Sharon?

Concerns are growing for the well being of the Truth Movement’s latest sensation, Sharon Gale.

Following in the footsteps of Danielle Le Verite and Angela Power-Disney, Sharon was last heard from a few days ago, promising she’d post an update to let us all know her latest news and views.

Read more: Its War – Gales v’s Cooper.

Its been left to her best friend, Kerry Duff to reassure her ever growing army of fans and supporters that she’s OK.

Latest News: “I am broken,” says Sharon Gale.

“Dig up my daughter- Really – I will fucking kill you.”

3 thoughts on “Where’s Sharon?

  1. “She is not in danger,himself is not a danger or threat to her.” Not exactly the 100% safety guaranteed impression I got from SG herself when watching her ask if he will beat her up or drag her around the room again. What gets me is that these are the same supporters that fawn all over sharon with supportive comments and then scream blue bloody murder at so called trolls for asking questions which to them is interpreted as hostile bullying behavior towards her and yet have any of these protective online warrior ladies like Kerry challenged the boyfriend over the validity of what was said on that live stream yet ? I’m betting they haven’t but if they genuinely care about her they really should cause as the old saying goes “a drunken man speaks a sober mans mind”.


    1. You are always spot on with your appraisals of the situation.
      I would love to see you on YouTube.


      1. No thanks though kind of you to say but You Tubes a nut house where the very worst long term patients like mouse and his crew actually believe their staff members maintaining law and order through their constant bullying of other youtubers.lol:) Ive just watched abit of Sharon’s latest video where Nikki’s camp are apparently planning to exhume her baby ??? WTF!


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