That Pesky Mouse!!!!

It never ceases to amaze me, the places vermin manage to poke their noses into unwanted business.

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Take for example the vile rodent, more affectionately known as Trouser Mouse.

Here I was commenting on a YouTube video about reptilian aliens, when the following comment was posted.

Ha ha. I find it very very very funny that a creepy piece of vermin like Trouser Mouse, (who harasses women on a near hourly basis, the latest of which is the beautiful and intelligence Samantha Baldwin), should imply that I have a creepy habit of harassing women.

Its all projection don’t-cha know!

To deflect attention from their own creepy harassing behaviour, they accuse other innocent parties of being what they themselves are guilty of being.

Which makes all the more sense, that its Trouser Mouse who calls me a stalker and paedophile the most!

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Trouser Mouse pokes his nose up everywhere!

Let’s get this straight! Paris begged Andy Devine to be allowed to donate money. Devine reluctantly agreed and said that if Paris was so desperate to make amends for his disgusting behaviour at that time, that he should cross his palm with silver (or words to that effect.)

And that is exactly what Paris did.

1. The King’s Bench is NOT a scam.

2. Paris was not “taken in,” he begged to be brought in.

3. Paris didn’t lost some money, he willingly gave two coins of silver.

4. He unreasonably asked for it back, knowing it had already been spent.

5. Paris launched unprovoked attacks on a number of people, including myself, Andy Devine, Kaley Freeman, John Wanoa, Frank McElheron, Edward Ellis, Neelu Berry and CM Gutmann.

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