Daily Thoughts #1

Satirism is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.

What is the significance of the woods?

Here we have Linden Warden responding to his 01 Feb 2021 appearance on The Wasp Show, during which he let sipped his paedophile thoughts towards his daughter, as she started secondary school.

He sickeningly agreed with the host, that the thought of other teenage boys trying to fuck their teenage daughters, was a fear that kept them awake at night, preventing them from sleeping.

Apply some critical thinking.

Only fathers who have sexually abused their daughters, would worry about their daughters going to Secondary school.

A paedophile father would naturally worry that once his daughter goes to secondary school and goes through puberty and sex education, that what happened to her as a child would come out.

I’m a father of a teenage girl, and uncle to two young female adults, and I’ve never given one thought to their sex lives and what they get up to with the boyfriend’s.

Fanny Paedo complains, “I see Matt Taylor is on a proper rampage lool.”

Haha, a “Proper Rampage,” in the paedo mind of Danny Jones is;

1. Danny Jones is a Racist

2. Danny Jones word by word forsenically examined

3. Danny Jones is a Paedophile

4. Is Danny Jones a Paedophile?

5. Let’s talk more about Danny Jones

OK, perhaps, “proper rampage,” are the correct words to use!

“Think he has broken his bail conditions lol”

If you think I have broken any bail conditions, ring up Sussex Police and tell them. I’m sure they would love to hear from the famed HoaxPolice Investigator and fake police officer.


Tell them exactly what bail conditions I’ve broken. Feel free. Fill your boots. I want you to. Do it now!

“Taylor is going downhill fast and thats the quickest route to court.”

Bring it on Vermin.

“We will do all we can to help speed him in the direction.”

Oh goodie. Another malicious complaint against me by some cunt on the Internet xxx

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