My response to Danny Jone’s response.

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Watch my video in response to Fanny Bone’s pitiful response to being called out as a paedo, hiding in plain site.

Danny Jones has failed to address his belittling of child abuse by calling it “satanic kiddy fiddling.’

He has failed to address his over the top cry for 25 year plus prison sentences, plus extras such as castration, for perpetrators of child abuse.

“We must stample it out,” Danny Jones said.

He has failed to address why he loses sleep worrying about his daughters sex life.

Very Creepy!

He has failed to say why reporting child abuse to your MP, is the answer to combating child abuse in the UK.

Why if it is so “widespread,” and is “everywhere,” throughout society does he act so over the top discussing it?

Danny Jones first called me a “Convicted Paedophile,” long before I even knew his name.

Being called a paedophile isn’t nice at all, and it effects other people too.

Spare a thought of what I’ve had to endure over the past 3-4 years, with arseholes like you, AJ, Grobnob, and the rest of your merry vermin, calling me a paedophile.

You are just like the Hypocrisy Queen. More than happy to dish it out in bucket loads, but a pathetic weak bitch, once only a cup full of KARMA is thrown back at you.

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