Grobnob warns me over Sharon Gale

Chris Brindle, middle-aged, sad, depressed and alone, has warned me to “watch it, ” for “harassing women, ” (meaning Sharon Gale), that I’ll “get pulled again,” and “be sent down.”

Does Chris Brindle know something I don’t know?

Click me to watch me

I’m not stalking anyone! Let alone Sharon Gale.

Sharon Gale is a YouTube sensation who splashed on the UK’s online Truth Movement scene ranting and raving that satanic ritual abuse is all bullshit and Jeanette Archer’s true life story of being a victim of satanic ritual abuse throughout childhood, is all lies.

She calls Jon Wedger a scammer, liar and fraud.

And she gloats over other’s misfortune. For example at Wilfred Wong, calling him a child trafficker, rather than the child safety crusader, he actually is.

We are all entitled to our opinion, but people like Chris Brindle and Sharon Gale seem to think their opinion is more entitled than others.

Sharon Gale protected by her three boyfriends

But not one of them is brave enough to rescue her from ‘Himself’, who is clearly holding Sharon hostage and beating her black and blue.

Sharon Gale comments on the Truth Movement, and as editor of Guerrilla Democracy News, which reports on the comings and goings of the Truth Movement, I report on the Truth Movement too.

Sharon Gale has made a splash, which is the reason she’s been mentioned.

To suggest I’m going to be “pulled,” by the police for blogging about Sharon Gale is ridiculous, and shows Chris Brindle to be obsessed with Sharon Gale, willing to defend her honour, regardless of the Turkish hustler currently beating up her up and renting her out for a S&M evenings.

“You’ll be sent down.”

It hasn’t happened and it isn’t likely to ever happen…. Accept it and move on….

2 thoughts on “Grobnob warns me over Sharon Gale

  1. Leave her alone Matt! So what if he has to keep her in check like his other two now and then shes very happy with the arrangement with Himself. Anymore from you and Grob’s warning will happen and soon.


    1. Oh look its fake danny with a nasty comment designed to throw more fuel on the fire which was strangely predicted by mouse and co in his morning live stream which minutes later he pulled:) They also discussed starting an all out war with nikki,tee,barb and yourself and then this afternoon Sharon comes out of hibernation to attack barbs kids on her own channel no less. Wars on !


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