Danny Jones doesn’t “Grasp It.”

Here we have Danny Jones defending his comments about “losing sleep,” over the sex life of his daughter at secondary school, by lecturing to me that until my daughter starts going clubbing etc, I will “then be able to understand,” but “until then you won’t grasp it.”

Bullshit. I understand it now! And never once have I worried about my teenage daughter and the company she keeps, because she has been brought up a bright, educated and confident person, who I have full trust in exploring her own sexuality and love life, without any concern or worry from me.

I’ve also got friends, colleagues and family members who have also got teenage daughters, who they’ve watched fall in love and start relationships with their chosen partners.

Neither have they lost sleep about their daughter’s love lives.

Is it because we bring up our daughters differently to how Danny Jones and The Wasp bring up their daughters?

An abusive father would worry about their daughters starting secondary school and starting relationships independent of their fathers.

Listening to The Wasp and Danny Jones on The Wasp show on 01 February 2021, felt like listening to two paedophiles discussing their fears and worries of their daughters starting secondary school, having a relationship, and the fear and worry of their own paedophile abuse coming to light.

It was uncomfortable listening.

Plus demeaning Child-Abuse, by calling it “satanic kiddy fiddling,” and the over the top call for paedophiles to be given 25 year plus prison sentences, plus castration.

Without touching on his agreement that the only way to combat child abuse is to write a letter to your local MP, Danny Jones has raised pertinent and valid questions about his sexuality, by revealing a paedophilic side to him, which he otherwise hides, by pointing his finger to other innocent parties, and calling them paedophiles.

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