John Wanoa Exclusive – Coming Soon.

John Wanoa came to England with the intention of staying 6 months, to launch his Moai Tidal energy office in London.

A fruitution of a lifetime’s work, commitment and dedication to his lawful and royal right to claim his position on the Queen Victoria Trust Fund, dethroning the fake Windsor monarch, Elizabeth Windsor.

John Wanoa drugged last year

Sabotaged by the satanic Hoaxtead Research community, only now is John Wanoa recovering from the nightmare hell he’s been through over the last year and a half.

Leading the charge was Jo-ann Sollis, who is on record having called New Zealand police in tears, saying how she feared John Wanoa would kill the Queen if he was allowed entry into England.

Everyone who called John Wanoa a scammer must be ashamed of themselves.

Destroying a legimate business man from launching a multi-billion $€£¥ company.

Refused entry into the country, because he couldn’t show the funds to cover his costs; Wanoa was unceremoniously turned around and sent back to Hong Kong, even though David Ellis (and others, Frank McElheron included) were waiting at the airport as sponsors of him for the next 6 months.

John Wanoa was stopped entry into the UK based on nothing more than the malicious complaints the Hoaxtead Research community made to both UK and New Zealand border authorities and police about John Wanoa.

Now for the first time John Wanoa is ready to tell his story.

Read it exclusively at Guerrilla Democracy News.

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