I’ve been radicalised…..

Since getting involved with the Truth Movement from 2012, having started my Guerrilla Democracy News blog, I have been radicalised beyond my worse nightmares.

I’m a victim of The Truth, and its left me a broken, scarred and mentally ill man….

Oh how I wish I never watched RichPlanet TV or read Christopher D Spivey….

If I hadn’t I’d be none-the-wiser about the real story of King Arthur; I’d be none-the-wiser about false flag events and I’d be none-the-wiser about satanism!

I would never have met John Wanoa and Andy Devine (not that I have met them yet,) I would never have met John Paterson, David Ellis, Frank McElheron, Neelu Berry, Edward Ellis and so many more!

My life would be very different today, if I had just watched Coronation Street and Eastenders instead of researching conspiracy theories on the Internet.

Read more: I hate being a Conspiracy Theorist.

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