Public Apology to Nathaniel Harris….

My most sincere apologies to Nathaniel Harris, for mistaking him for the satanic weasel James Hind.

I am sorry!

All videos in which I posted showing Nathaniel’s image, pertaining to be James Hind, have been removed from the internet.

14 thoughts on “Public Apology to Nathaniel Harris….

  1. WTF? Why would you have thought I am James Hind? You realise I’ve been campaigning for 10 years to have the case regarding the Batley cult reopened? Why would I have been doing that if I was a paedo-Satanist? WHY?

    Thanks for the apology, I guess. I have to say, though – I have already suffered more than most people could survive. Now I could have people out to kill me thanks to this misunderstanding – in addition to the paedo-ring.

    What do you intend to do in way of repairing this damage?


    1. Thank you for leaving your comment. I’ve done all I can to correct my error.
      I apologised and amended the blog and video, which mentioned you.
      You found out about this months after the event, and I’m interested to know what damage my blog has done to you?


      1. As I said – you put my face as identifying a Satanic paedophile. I realise this was an error and no further action will be taken. Those evil c*nts are such a wind up it is hard not to get emotional and make mistakes.


      2. I am, however, interested in why you connected my image to James Hind? Were you misdirected by someone? How did this happen? If you read my own blog you will see I am also targeted online by these paedophile protecting psychopaths.


      3. It was purely my mistake. I made a grave error of judgement and I have no excuse, or reason to have mistaken you for Hind.
        I am familiar with your videos, and how you are currently a target of Hind, as too I am.


      4. At least you are mature enough to admit your mistake and apologise. Your graphics are brilliant, by the way. That you have artistic talent in itself proof that you are not the person these scum say you are. It is better not to reply to the fuckwits in any way if you want to take legal action, though.. as I am sure you have discovered. Thanks for your prompt reply. I’m only cross at the paedos – no hard feeling m8. x

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      5. Its a bit worse for me, as the person behind the Hind account abused a child in my family. The child was the unidentified 6 year old spoken of in the disclosures from the girls whose bravery put Batley in jail.. they wanted to defend that child but police failed yet again and they were returned to the ring. This is all so depressing.


  2. Hi Matt,
    well done apologizing and explaining how the error was made.
    You have once again shown you are worthy of The Golden Ticket of Credibility,
    but prone to errors once and a while.
    All the best.


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