About Paris!

What do you get when you add the T of Truth to Paris?


And that’s a fact. It isn’t bullying, it isn’t victimisation and it isn’t anything else with ‘ism’ attached at the end of it.

Add the letter T to Paris, and you get Rapist. (OK, you have to juggle the letters around but you still get rapist.)

Paris has got a black man’s heart
Paris is only worth £20
Click me to watch me

I can’t remember specifically when I first heard about Paris. I suppose it was back in 2019, when the so called ‘King’s Bench’ was in full swing.

Paris was part of the group and was a regular contributor to the daily Zoom meetings which we were all enjoying.

I think it all started to unravel after Paris reported from a protest outside from where Carol Woods was being held against her will, under some Mental Health bullshit.

Or was it after Paris was refused visiting rights to John Paterson? I’m not too sure.

Either way, without having had any personal or online interactions with Paris, I was shocked and horrified to hear him start threatening to reveal where my kids lived.

Calling we a “cunt,” “fat bastard,” “scammer,” and a whole plethora of nasty names.

Paris threatens Taylor – Watch the full 3 hours

Watch more: Paris threatens Taylor

But out of nowhere Paris started broadcasting Facebook lives during which he was slating me, as a “scammer”, “paedophile”, “pervert”, “thief” – all kinds of bullshit and false accusations.

On top of which he was threatening to dox my children, if I never returned two of his phones, which I had acquired via CM, aka Clarissa Gutmann, a mutal friend.

The point I want to make is that everything I’ve said about Paris is in reaction to what she said about me.

How would you feel about someone threatening to reveal where your children live?

I have never called her a ‘Rapist’, but only pointed out that if you add ‘T’ to Paris, you get the word Rapist. FACT!

Talking about FACTS, I actually remember it being Paris who called me a rapist first.

Thus I’ve got every right to imply she is a rapist, having been called a rapist by her.

These freaks simply cannot take what they dish out.

I stand by what I’ve said:

I believe Paris has a black man’s heart. A black heart as in cruel, mean, hurtful, abusive and controlling.

A man’s heart; as in she’ll never be a lady.

Watch more: Giving Paris a dose of her own medicine.

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