Why does Sharon Gale hate me?

For someone who’s never met me, spoken to me, interacted with me online or fucked me with a strap on, I find it very strange that Sharon Gale hates me with such passion.

Read more: Publicly Humiliated by Sharon Gale.

What have I done to her except post a video in reaction to the vileness she sprouted against my friends, (in particular Neelu Berry.)

Click me to watch me

I used to watch with disgust when she pissed on Jeanette Archers parade. Totally discrediting an SRA survivor, by calling her “a liar, charlatan and cheat.”

It was hard to watch, but I kept my mouth shut, because Jeanette Archer wasn’t someone I knew on a personal level, and could clearly handle herself, by simply rising above Gale’s vicious vileness.

While Neelu Berry can also look after herself and rise about Gale’s vile bullshit, I felt compelled to throw in my pennies worth, because Neelu is a friend, and I hate vile cunts bad mouthing my friends, no matter who they are.

Now of-course, I doubt Gale would have even watched my video about her. She is such a narcassist wanna-be cult leader, I doubt she wastes any of her precious time on anything that contradicts the image of herself she polishes in her mind.

So the only logical explanation as to why she hates me with such a passion, having never watched anything I’ve posted about her, having never met online or at any sex parties; is that she’s formed her opinion of me, based on what she’s been told by AJ, Trouser Mouse, Danny (Four Pumps and a Squirt) Jones, Grobnob and Hind.

Under her own admission, she’s a “Wanker Magnet.”

AJ and Hind are out of shot!

When is the poor girl going to realise she’s being taken for a ride by these wankers who swarm around her like flies to a turd?

Hasn’t anyone told her that AJ has a conviction for animal abuse? That he flies drones over primary school playgrounds and is rumoured to rape his dog?

AJ of the Lashbrook Family Exposed
Click me to watch me

Wake up Gale before its too late!

I’m sure the copious blog posts I’ve published about her have nothing to do with it too.

After all, I’m an “insignificant nobody” she pays no attention to.


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