Matt Taylor Reported Again!

The Brighton Beast is loose!


Sad pathetic loser Matt Taylor has been reported to Sussex Police for allegedly wishing death upon German national, Tom Niedermeier, aka Walter Niedermeier.

Having spent the last few months caring for his elderly parents in the Alps, Neidermeier posted a message to Taylor on his YouTube channel:

Concern has been growing in the last few months as to the where-abouts of Tom, who is a regularly contributor on the popular Fruitcake Muncher’s Club YouTube channel, ran by Hounslow based musician, Richard Dougall.

Arch rival and nemesis, Matt Taylor was quick to take advantage of the news which his response.

To which Richard Dougall was quick to take advantage of and report to Facebook.

To ensure there was no ambiguity, Taylor again posted a message which set in stone, exactly how he felt towards Tom Niedermeier’s disappearance.

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