“Please stay off YouTube”

Yeah right! As if I’m really going to stay off YouTube!

I mean what fucking planet does Joanne Kard live on? And what gives her the right to politely ask me to “stay off YouTube?”

YouTube is the biggest video platform in the world, used by billions of people with billions of video uploads per day, and she wants me to “stay off” it.

Yeah right!

I mean, fucking hell! Is my content so diabolical that I deserve never to be allowed on YouTube again?

It isn’t! And she knows it.

Of-course it all goes back to one or all, of three things.

Joanne Kard either:

1. Sees me as a threat!

2. Is jealous of me!

3. Wishes she could do what I do!

And seeing from her YouTube channel that she has never uploaded a video, since creating her channel 7 months ago, I bet she wishes she had the confidence to upload her Truth for the world to see.

So no Joanne Kard, you fucking knob-head, I will not be staying off YouTube, thank you very much!

I’m simply too brilliant, creative and opinionated to remain silent!

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