Has Muttley Reported me for Harassment?

Evident from the screen shot above, sourced from Muttley’s Twitter account, he has contacted Sussex Police, requesting they DM him.

But why? Surely it cannot be in connection with the innocently made connection between the resemblance of him, and Jonathan King, the famous DJ and entertainer of yesteryear?

Read more: Muttley demands an apology from Matt Taylor.

Muttley v Taylor

One thought on “Has Muttley Reported me for Harassment?

  1. Muttley is a f u c king hypocrite. I don’t trust him. He is up Ann Drogyne’s a s s. How do you align yourself with receipts verified pathological liar, troll, bigot & Puddick & Attwood operative who has burned many bridges with his harassment of people online.

    I want Brian Harvey to publicly humiliate Sindona Ann Terry Drogyne Taglioni on April 24th. Then discard the dumbass Mexican cunt using him.


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