Gale/Cooper Interview Coming Soon.

Following on from the successful interview between once arch critics Lou Dickens and Sharon Gale, moves are afoot for a sensational interview between two arch rivals, Sharon Gale and Niki Cooper.

Following the very public break up between Niki Cooper and Tee Jenson, following the intervention of ex East 17 singer, Brian Harvey, Gale has held out an olive branch to Cooper calling for “an honest and open chat.”

Whether Cooper accepts the offer is yet to be seen, with many spectators, (myself included), skeptical it will ever happen.

Who knows, if it does and its as successful as the Dicken’s interview, maybe we’ll be seeing Gale interviewing Jeanette Archer and Jon Wedger too!

6 thoughts on “Gale/Cooper Interview Coming Soon.

  1. SG was like shit off a shovel. Why would she want to chat with NC. So she can find out the nitty gritty on What happened.
    In my oppinion She’s a shill, a Walter mitty. It’s all set up and they are working off a script.
    Why would anyone want to talk to someone who has called them a murderer? Well they wouldn’t would they cause its all a staged pantomime and the accusations and abuse don’t mean anything. It’s just part of their job.
    They have all gone quiet now because they don’t know what’s going to happen next.
    No one is letting subscribers know what’s going on either?
    As I stated previously SG decided she wasn’t going to do youtube for a while but within hours had made a request to NC about a one to one chat on youtube and made a further 2 videos in which her last one she was palatic drunk.
    What a load of horse shite.
    It’s like this.,
    I’m not going to be doing youtube now however just before I go I need to make some insults about APD and Tee just to see me over.
    What a disgusting individual she is.
    All that crying that she’s had to go to work. Lazy cow welcome to the world of workers.
    I think she is still in the job she’s been in all the time working as a handler and in the same group as all them she’s argued with.
    Come on Matt give us the low down on what’s going on.


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