Who are you calling a “gormless dead shit” LMFAO!

Oh I wonder who could ‘Ghost of Sam‘ be?

Definitely not some thick fat cunt from Bavaria, that’s for sure.

“Matt Taylor remains a convicted criminal breaching his suppression orders who WILL go to jail.”

Ha ha ha ha, fucking ha. I love it.

What’s a ‘suppression order’? Let’s look up what a ‘suppression order’ is, because I’m sure interested to know!

Wow, Ghost of Sam, or rather, that thick fat cunt from Bavaria, as I like to call him, reckons I am publishing either evidence or information which goes against the interests of justice!

Wow. I mean wow! I would love to see what I’ve been publishing which goes against the interests of justice!

“Who WILL go to jail.”

Oh that old chest nut again. The thick fat cunt from Bavaria has been saying I’ll be going to jail for years now!

But hey, I’m still here sitting on my back side, itching my balls and making a fool of myself on YouTube.

“Wait until they hear he’s a nonce and a rock spider.”

Oh wow, what an insult! I’m so upset. Being accused of something which I’m not!

It’s all about projection with these thick sick cunts. So you can bet your mortgage that whenever they call someone a nonce, it’s an acknowledgement that they themselves are the nonce.

Aidan Lashbrook does it all the time.

But hey hoo. This is the price us YouTube stars have to pay, being much loved and admired YouTube sensations.

People like the thick fat cunt from Bavaria hate people like me, because they can never do what we do.

They are jealous because they could never put their faces on camera and give the world their truth, as I and many others do.

They haven’t got the balls. For one reason or another, they simply haven’t got the balls to do what we do.

Mind you, if you were unfortunate enough to be born with the good looks of Aidan Lashbrook, it makes perfect sense why they don’t.

Aidan Lashbrook

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