One thought on “Concerns Grow for Sharon Gale

  1. Look when will everyone come to realise she’s a freak with no morals. As far back as I can remember she has been on TV pissed up and talking shite and spewing lies and Rubbish. Ask yourself who else would get away with this.
    I mean it was only two weeks ago it was alleged that she had held a knife to her little girls throat when she was pissed up. That child is in care now so would you actually carry on behaving like this? Would you not be trying to prove to social services that you were trying to be responsible and a better person?
    It’s all a load of bullshit.
    Anyone else would be hung drawn and quartered.
    As for the filthy disgusting thing that she encourages on her lives is that talk actually allowed anywhere? Can a man/thing actually speak about women and the sexual stuff he does over them. I can’t really put into words how depraved I feel these people are.
    However they still have people who support them.
    The video has dissapeared again this morning.
    Yazoo and apple juice lmfao.


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