One thought on “Muttley on Cali Diamond

  1. I had the misfortune to live with this woman, Cali, Jen Pixie, Jenny Anne Brierly in full. I realised quite soon in she was emotionally disturbed. A liar and fantasist. A manipulator of everyone around her. All the while lying about everything and everyone around her in order to gain sympathy. A real piece of shit. Painting good people as shits and herself as the victim. She was voluntarily and happily a prostitute for a decade before I knew her and when I knew her. She was most definitely not trafficked at any point in her life when I knew her and when anyone else I knew who lived with her going back the last ten years. The trafficking story appeared when she killed someone in the accident. She does this every time the shit hits the fan. Start screaming and blaming others and saying she’s the victim. She’s a genuinely black souled cunt, who would sell her own son’s life down the river to save herself. And she did do that. I hope she gets sh****d in prison and d**s screaming for mercy she will never be allowed. Pure poison. Don’t believe a fu**ing word that comes out of its hole, friends. X


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