Muttley on MTTV!

“Matthew, you have been told many times not to mention me or bring me into your hatred. Your harassment of me is illegal. Your malicious comms is to. You agreed in a email dated 4 April to stop.”

Read more: Muttley Demands an Apology from Matt Taylor

Welcome to Matt Taylor’s Troll Show featuring Muttley the Dog!
Watch Muttley’s video in full – Click me to watch me

Muttley on Cali Diamond!


One thought on “Muttley on MTTV!

  1. Good Morning, Gaslighting 101 Muttley. He started off implying you were dogging, you mention a throwaway comment he looks like Jonathan King, many people have said the same even worse. But he’s only taken offence at you because he sees you as an easy target. He comes on YOUR livestream, says he is going but then comes back again and again and again until you block him and now I’ve just watched another (2nd hateful) video from this guy about you. Did he fancy you and you knocked him back? He tells everyone how brilliant he is, obviously got self-esteem problems, if he was sure of who he was they’d be no need.


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