Thanks for all your support!

It’s been fantastic getting back into action and broadcasting my Matt Taylor TV Breakfast Show, everyday from 8am to 9am.

(9am on Saturdays, because everyone deserves a lay in on the weekend!)

A massive thanks to my secret benefactor who made it possible. I am forever in your debt.

It’s great being back in front of the camera and delivering my unique brand of crazy zany 🤪 content.

Original zany crazy 🤪 content you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet!

It was such a blow to my dream of fame and fortune, that during 2019 my show was cruelly sabotaged by the seizure of my computer equipment by Sussex Police.

The sabogate continued once I got my computer equipment back, after which my YouTube channel was targeted by the Hoaxtead/Fruitcake Munchers community, where it was eventually dumped from YouTube’s platform.

It’s been an uphill struggle ever since, but I’m glad I’ve kept going because the reward of delivering original zany crazy 🤪 content to an audience, brings me so much happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction.

After only one week, the viewing figures show its been a worthwhile venture and that the audience are reacting favourably to the content being delivered.

In the first week alone, Matt Taylor TV delivered 100 hours of original content, with over a 1000 views!

While most people shy away from fame and fortune, I actively seek and embrace it.

The only reason I broadcast MTTV is to achieve fame and fortune. Its the overriding reason and my motivation why I do it.

A pleasant and rewarding sideline to my channel’s success has been the community and friendships formed as a result.

I could have never guessed that I’d have the fortune of making acquaintance with my Number One Sunscriber Sleepdawn Morgan.

Nor would I have ever guessed I’d have the good fortune to meet Nadia Marshall. Mrs 0, Sam Livingstone and none other than the Ace Investigator, the ever popular Danny Jones aka Linden Warden.

It’s been a pleasure and I look forward to more success with Matt Taylor TV (MTTV)

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