My Right of Reply.

There is a misconception being perpetrated in our pathetic corner of the internet, that if the contents of this blog was made known to Sussex Police, I would be arrested and thrown into jail.

Bullshit! And if anyone subscribes to that bullshit; then they are fucking idiots and they need their heads examined.

Let’s get some FACTS straight.

I am NOT subject to any Bail Conditions.

The only restrictions I am bound to, is in relation to a court case, of which is none of your fucking business.

I’ve been commentating on the players and movers who have stuck their heads above the parapets, of our pathetic corner of the internet since 2012.

Check out Guerrilla Democracy News if you don’t believe me.

It’s been mentioned that I am obsessed with a certain functioning alcoholic called Sharon Gale.

This isn’t the first time someone has accused me of being obsessed with them.

In fact if my memory serves me correctly, Sharon Gale had this to say about me, only a few nights ago….

“Hello Matt Taylor. Matt Taylor, oh fucking love Sharon Gale, I fucking want her. Knob her up the backside. Oh I’m fucking Matt Taylor.”

Let’s get another thing straight.

I’ve been happily in love with my magical imaginary girlfriend since 2016, and am not interested with anyone else.

I am in love with my magical imaginary girlfriend, and I am committed to sharing our futures together.

I don’t harbour any sexual fantasies towards Sharon Gale, and I certainly don’t want to “knob her up the backside.”

I’ve simply recorded Sharon Gale when she mentions me, of which I have every right to do, without being called “obsessive” and a “stalker” for doing so.

Sharon Gale claims I’ve sent her numerous messages via email and Facebook.

I have not. I have never sent her any emails or Facebook messages.

Chris Brindle, aka Grobnob, has admitted on camera to impersonating me and sending people messages pretending to be me.

Click here, if you don’t believe me.

Quite frankly, you are all fucking idiots.

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