Grobnob Loses another YouTube Channel!

It would appear that Chris Brindle, (otherwise known as Grobnob The Troll), has lost one of his most prominent YouTube channels……

Taken off air, (for violating the basic standards of common human decency,) Brindle was playing footage of Matt Taylor being porn bombed, which lead to his own YouTube channel being terminated, following a complaint made by Brindle himself, and other players of the inner circle of the Hoaxtead Research community.

Chris Brindle caught masterbating while waiting to appear on The Sharon Gale Show!

Read more: Chris Brindle is a Autoerotic Asphyxia Wanker!

Brindle v’s Taylor!

Jones and Brindle on Taylor!

Brindle admits to being a satanic cult member!

Chris Brindle in a gasmask

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