I’m a Blogger, not a Stalker!

Brindle complains that I’ve blogged about his adult conversation with Sharon Gale, concerning fellatio in a public toilet.

What Brindle decides to omit from mentioning, is that he held their conversation in public, and as such, invites criticism, accountability and comment in doing so.

I am a blogger, not a stalker!

I’ve been accused of being “obsessed and fixated,” with at least four different people, both male and female, and I can categorically state with certainty and conviction, that I am not obsessed and fixated with anyone else, except my magical imaginary girlfriend.

Exposing the Hoaxtead Trolls

The blog chronicles the comings and goings of the Hoaxtead Research community.

People mentioned on the blog include:

Ann Drogyne

Angela Power-Disney

John Paterson

Andy Devine

Shellie Mote

David Simpson

Alan Mitchell

Chris Brindle

Danny Jones

The Wasp

Jeanette Archer

And many others (who cannot be named for legal and personal reasons.)

Exposing The Hoaxtead Trolls doesn’t target one individual, but instead reports on the personalities who are making news in the UK’s Truth Movement.

It’s Satire!

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