Oh No I haven’t- Oh Yes You Have!

Chris Brindle, (also known as Grobnob The FuckWit), keeps saying that I’ve got three convictions for stalking!

No I haven’t.

The first time I was arrested for allegedly stalking and harassing a public figure was in 2017, where after no charges were brought against me, because there wasn’t enough evidence to charge me.

The public servant in question, then used public funds to take out a civil Injunction against me, stopping me from reporting on the person in public.

Contrary to what the ‘FuckWit’ says, I have never pleaded guilty to harassment or stalking.

I was again arrested on the eve of the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, for allegedly making a malicious video, (6 months previously) of which a year later all charges were dropped, again due to a lack of evidence.

So any bullshit from the ‘FuckWit’ that I’ve got multiply convictions for harassment and stalking is 100% bullshit and lies.

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