5 thoughts on ““He hates his mother!”

  1. Unbelievable how this women Nads can go around calling these people C@@ts behind their backs yet now she’s blowing them kisses. She is doing this publicly with no care for anyone she has hurt along the way. She goes from one channel to the other, changing her mind like the wind


    1. Thanks for leaving your comment, though in Nad’s defence, she did once say to me, that whatever she said elsewhere was only talk, and that she would always consider me a friend!
      It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and if it means Nad has to bad talk me, in order to stop the trolls from bullying her, then Nad is welcome to bad talk me all she wants!


      1. I’m glad you bothered, and no doubt you are right, I prefer to delude myself that Nads is my friend, rather than a sly bitch stabbing a knife into my back.


  2. She has certainly jumped ships

    She seems to like abusers and people that play mind games, lacks emotional intelligence and unable to grasp things like reality, social undercurrents, or patterns, Caulk Blockers take it upon themselves to run their mouths about people and events that they have no idea about or point of reference to discuss in a credible manner. She’s attacked herself to a very mean narcissist person, it will only be her downfall


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