Good-Bye & Farewell

I sincerely endeavour to stop posting anymore on Exposing the Hoaxtead Trolls.

Used primarily as a storage page to save all the comments made about me by Hoaxtead Research, (namely ((in my opinion)), Karen Irving, Richard Dougal and others, ((some names I know, but many more names I don’t.))

It has been my space to answer the allegations, jibes, insults and lies said about me.

Moving forward, I will learn to entirely ignore the comments said about me, rather than forever screen-shotting them, and posting them on my blogs!

While I have enjoyed the challenge of keeping abreast of what is being said about me, (no matter how bad the lie or smear it was), I must now be using the time spent on something more productive instead.

I do have the option of deleting this blog, and after careful consideration have decided not to, but to instead leave this blog as a body of work, as entertainment and education to others, who may or may not fall into the insidious Web of Hoaxtead Research.

Goodbye and Farewell dear Trolls, its been emotional……

Catch up with me at

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