Hoaxtead are (Wrong!)

Karen Irving, aka El Coyote, aka Hoaxtead Research, is factually incorrect (Wrong) for stating that I was convicted and sentenced for “Stalking”.

I have never been convicted or sentenced for “stalking”.

Keeping her eyes on Hoaxtead!

3 thoughts on “Hoaxtead are (Wrong!)

  1. All the good people know Matthew, this woman’s blog is full of errors and lies. I’m particularly disturbed at Shellie Mote’s remarks about you. Where does She get her crap from? Nasty.


    1. Thank you for your comment Julie. How dare Shellie Mote say I’m a danger to women. How very damn dare she?
      She knows nothing about me, and has formed her opinion of me, on the lies of others who hate me.


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