Muttley on MTTV!

“Matthew, you have been told many times not to mention me or bring me into your hatred. Your harassment of me is illegal. Your malicious comms is to. You agreed in a email dated 4 April to stop.”

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Welcome to Matt Taylor’s Troll Show featuring Muttley the Dog!
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Muttley on Cali Diamond!


Who’s Jack Shite?

There’s a new prick on the Fruitcake Muncher’s block.

Jack Shite aka Jack Smith.

I first heard from him after he called me “vile!!!”

After laying down my 10 minute challenge, of putting your face to camera to either educate or entertain us for 10 minutes, Jack Shite wrote;

“Why would I want to challenge a cretin like you laugh….. Your a joke online nothing big lol.”

I’m such “a joke online, andnothing big,” that he took the time to make a video about me.

Click here to watch it.

It was such a “Great new video”, Daddy Shite was the first to congratulate his son.

Isn’t it telling that both father and son like to hide in the shadows.

“Laugh, you have no idea who or what I am.”

No shit Sherlock! Of course I don’t know who you are while you hide behind a fake name and lurk in the shadows!

One thing I know for sure though!

You are one creepy arsehole!

Like father like son!
It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, that the creep is talking to himself!

Dougall does it all the time!

Mind you, I’m not the only one who thinks Jack Shite and John Shite are one of the same.

Schizophrenia is epidemic in today’s society, and with the advent of the Internet, is becoming more and more problematic!

Fun with the Fruitcake Munchers!

I was having a right laugh commenting on the Fruitcake Muncher’s YouTube channel today, until the chief Fruitcake Muncher Richard Dougall, finished work and spoilt all the fun.

“Lies, lies, all lies!”

I’ve never had any criminal convictions for stalking, and nor was I dishonourable discharged from the Army for drug-dealing.

That Richard Dougall is a filthy liar.

It all started with a witty comment from Dougall at 7am, publicising my latest YouTube video, before he went to work!

Thingy v Angie, Round 2 🥊🥊 🍿

I had a right laugh, enjoying banter with Nurse Sue, Prometheus, Vanguard Supreme and Jack Smith.

Nurse Sue played a right laugh on me, sprouting some bullshit about doxxing her or something!

She even reported me to Sussex Police, which was rather amusing!

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Oh how we laughed 😅

Reminding me of The Mutt, who once demanded I give him an apology, for comparing his appearance to the pop supremo, Jonathan King, at one point during the day, she even made a similar demand that I must remove a video within the hour.

I asked her on numerous occasions to clarify what video she was referring to, but alas she didn’t answer me.

I could only conclude she meant this one.

Who’s Nurse Sue? And who really gives a shit!

I even challenged them take my 10 Minute Challenge of putting their face to camera and either educating or entertaining us for 10 minutes; but of course none of them had the balls to accept my challenge!

Mind you, Vanguard Supreme got all serious on me, and said she couldn’t accept my challenge, because it would reveal herself and her family to her abuser.

Serious Shit!

And of course I would never want anyone to accept my “childish challenge,” if it meant anyone, and their families, were put in the line of fire.

But other than that, I had a right laugh hanging out with the Fruitcake Munchers!

Just a shame Dougall finished work and spoilt all the fun!

It’s pretty spiteful that he should make a nasty and totally untrue claim that I wee’d in my kitchen?

But hey, that’s Dougall for you. A nasty piece of shit, who likes nothing better than to spread lies about you!

Fruitcake Muncher Triggered
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Will you take Matt Taylor’s 10 Minute Challenge?

Have you got the guts to put your face to camera and either inform or entertainment us for 10 minutes?

Watch Matt Taylor’s 10 minutes of Blasphemy!

Many people won’t be able to because they are gormless keyboard cowards who are either too freakishly ugly (like Aidan of the Fuckwit Family, ) or simply too retarded to put a sentence together without the help of an Ai bitch to help them!

Take my 10 minute challenge and prove me wrong!

The Bavarian Troll Targets Brighton Probation Officer.

The fat Bavarian knob-head cunt, otherwise known as The Bavarian Troll to the Illuminati, has identified a new target to stalk and harass – none other than my Probation Officer Nurse Hatchett.

If there are any doubters, sitting on the fence, this should convince you that the real stalkers and harasses, are the very ones who scream at others, accusing them of being stalkers and harasses.

No one screams it loudest than the fat Bavarian knob-head, The Bavarian Troll.

The Bavarian Troll at work

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Is it just me, or is there something really disturbing about Chris Brindle?

We all know the old saying – ‘Many a true word is spoken in jest.’

This is particularly true with reference to the Autoerotic Asphyxia wanker Chris Brindle, who we know as Grobnob The Troll.

His obsession with slags, Jimmy Savile and myself, Matt Taylor, is very worrying. Worrying to such the extent that I believe he is a serious danger to his community, and especially a danger to women and children.

You only need to listen to his disturbing impersonation of Jimmy Savile during the video linked below, to get a flavour of his disturbing and sick state of mind.

Click me to watch me!

Hiding in Plain Sight

In my opinion, Brindle is vocalising his paedophile perversions by impersonating Jimmy Savile.

He’s hiding his true nature in plain sight.

If ever I said the same things as he says in public, I would be cruxified by the Truth Movement, but when Brindle says it, its excused as harmless fun, shits and giggles.

As the above comment from Richard ‘Lance’ Dougall, (best known as Fruitcake Muncher Club), demonstrates, the blame is being put on me, while all I’m doing in commenting on what is broadcast in the public domain.

Did I ask Swiston, Brindle and Nurse Sue to discuss my masturbating/sex habits in public?

Click me to watch me!

While Sharon Swiston is happy to viciously attack Jeanette Archer and Angela Power-Disney, I am harassed and intimidated with complaints to the police, for attacking them.

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Fooled, stupid or just plain obsessed with me?

I am seen as the easy target and as such, the prime target of the Hoaxtead Research Trolling community.

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Prancealot’s Projection!

Now this is an interesting comment left by Prancealot!

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Richard Dougall from Hounslow has created more sock puppet accounts than anyone I’ve ever known.

You could go so far to say that Richard Dougall, aka Lance, Lancealot – Prancelot, is as prolific at making sock puppet accounts, as Jimmy Savile was fucking corpses!

Prancelot has form blaming me for his actions, as he just did by accusing me of being ‘Its curtains for you Rocky.’

It’s all Projection don’t you know!

Above is an example of Prancealot leaving comments as ‘Matt Taylor,’ and ‘FastDriver 2020.’

Prancealot is MAD don’t you know!

Who are Hoaxtead Research?

You will often hear me reference ‘Hoaxtead Research,’ but who are Hoaxtead Research?

For me, Hoaxtead Research is a blog written by Karen Irving. (It was initially started by Scarlet Scoop- whoever the fuck that is,) but as far as I’m concerned, Hoaxtead Research was a blog, written by Karen Irving to bully and harass anyone and everyone who thought differently to her and her minions.

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The Hoaxtead Research Community.

The Hoaxtead Research Community means everyone who comments, supports and contributes to the Hoaxtead Research blog.

The big hitters in the Hoaxtead Research community include Richard (Lance) Dougall, Sheva Burton, James Hinds and other individuals hiding behind anonymous names such as Perplexed Bystander and An Owl called Sage.

As far as I’m concerned they are all 50-60 plus years of age, mentally insane and inherently evil and mean spirited.

Oh, and ofcourse, how could I forget Tom Niedermeier.

Now Tom Niedermeier is mystery because according to Sussex Police they are adamant whoever it is, its a pseudonym.

“I am satisfied that the name used T NIEDERMEIER is a pseudonym. “

Says a PC from Sussex Police……

I personally don’t give a flying fuck who it is. After all, whoever it is, is nothing more than a sad and pathetic individual who does nothing more than troll, abuse and terrorise innocent people for their own evil and narfarious ends!

The Bavarian Monster as I affectionately call it, was no doubt abused as a child and as such, has grown up to be an abuser too.

Poor Soul.

Below is a tiny selection of the comments I recieve on a daily basis from the Hoaxtead Research Community, (who in all likelihood is just Lancealot, the Prancealot!)

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Whoever these weirdos are, of which I really don’t give a flying fuck, I am flattered that they consider me such an important person to devote so much time upon.

Remember Trolls troll, because of one, or of three things!

1. They consider you a threat!

2. They are jealous of you!

3. They admire you, because they can’t do what you do!

The Fruitcake Muncher’s Club have lost all credibility.

Following the disappearance of Tom Niedermeier aka The Bavarian Monster, The Fruitcake Munchers Club run by Hounslow based musician Richard Dougall, has lost all credibility, significance and importance.

There was a time I’d check daily for updates, news and views, but now-a-days, I hardly remember them at all.

Where’s Tom?

Did you know that The Fruitcake Muncher is in fact Richard Dougall, from Hounslow, born 3 April 1968?

Sock Puppet Bullshit

The thing about sock puppet YouTube accounts is that you don’t know who they are!!!!!

Is it a him or a she? Is it a ten year old boy or girl. An Ai bot, or a soldier from the 77th Internet Brigade?

Is it a close family member or a stranger you’ve never met? Is it a neighbour, a back stabbing friend or a nasty individual intent on destroying your life and landing your arse in jail?

Yesterday I asked the individual behind the ‘Drummer Man,’ sock puppet account to either confirm or deny being Lady Sparkle? (As accused of being so by another individual hiding behind the sock puppet account of ‘Cali Diamond’s Smelly Minge.’)

Read more here.

(Which in itself raises the question of whether these sock puppet accounts are an individual, or many dividuals sharing one account?)

Of course Drummer Man denied being either Lady Sparkle or Trouser Mouse, or for that matter anyone else he’s been publicly accused of being.

Though we will never know!

And then of-course there’s Trouser Mouse, of whom I asked the question of their real identity, only to be told that my mates Babs and JP know, because he was sitting behind them at the Royal Court’s of Justice in London, at the same time I was being sentenced for a crime, of which I maintain my innocence!

Now if that’s not CREEPY, I don’t know what is?

How about T NEIDERMIER? The one sock puppet account that has brought me personally the most alarm, distress and fear?

I’m not the only one who believes its a pseudonym, being used to hid the identity of someone who doesn’t want to be revealed.

And thats the crux of all this sock puppet account bullshit. The arseholes who hide behind their sock puppet accounts are doing so to hide their identities because they don’t want the world knowing its them who are doing such evil and vile bullshit on the Internet.

If they’ve got nothing to hide, they would reveal themselves. The fact they hide their real identities, proves they have something to hide.

As one meerkat is know would say, “simples!”

Known Sock Puppet Accounts Revealed:

Grobnob – Chris Brindle

Unlisted – Adam Lashbrook

FCM – Richard Dougall

Trouser Mouse – Michelle Bingham

Please feel free to add to the list……

Matt Taylor is a ‘Psychotic Child Abuser’

How dare you call me a Psychotic Child Abuser?

Show me one scrap of evidence that points to me being a ‘Psychotic Child Abuser’.

I am perfectly able as a parent to nurture two children to adulthood.

How dare you call my humour, “Complete Shite.”

My humour is unique in it’s nature because it is so disturbing and disgusting.

Its called satire and I believe I do a very good job at being satirical. And why shouldn’t I?

I grew up on the stable diet of the Mad Magazine, The Young One’s, Spitting Image and Ben Elton.

All my haters were creaming themselves stupid, thinking I’ll be in prison for Christmas!

Well I’m not! And the Vermin lost his bet.

But to call me a Psychotic Child Abuser is just pathetic. Closely followed by calling my humour, “complete shite.”

Its better than you could ever deliver!