Chris Brindle Spreading Lies….

Chris Brindle aka Grobnob the Smelly Dick, is again spreading lies about me, by saying I have three convictions for harassment.

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Do you know he’s got three convictions for harassment.

He’s been found guilty three times in court of harassing people and making their lives hell.

Matt is a dangerous and horrible individual.

Matt is poison. He really is.”

Lies, lies, all lies……

I wish Chris Brindle Stops Lying.

I see Chris Brindle, also known as Grobnob The Fuckwit-Dimwit, is falsely claiming CP was found on my computer.


No CP has ever been found on any of my computers, and I don’t have any convictions that have anything to do with children.

Dim-witted fuckwit Chris Brindle is a vile piece of shit, who is spreading misinformation and lies, to detract the viewer from the real culprit of Satan’s work.

Grobnob Loses another YouTube Channel!

It would appear that Chris Brindle, (otherwise known as Grobnob The Troll), has lost one of his most prominent YouTube channels……

Taken off air, (for violating the basic standards of common human decency,) Brindle was playing footage of Matt Taylor being porn bombed, which lead to his own YouTube channel being terminated, following a complaint made by Brindle himself, and other players of the inner circle of the Hoaxtead Research community.

Chris Brindle caught masterbating while waiting to appear on The Sharon Gale Show!

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Brindle v’s Taylor!

Jones and Brindle on Taylor!

Brindle admits to being a satanic cult member!

Chris Brindle in a gasmask

David Simpson would rather Troll, than care for his dying wife.

Steptoe lookalike David Simpson has revealed he would rather troll innocent victims of police corruption, and flirt with fellow internet trolls, than devote his time, effort and attention to his terminally ill and dying wife.

David Simpson

During a live YouTube event hosted by the terminally intoxicated Sharon Gale, Steptoe lookalike David Simpson, revealed that his 40-year-old wife was receiving palliative treatment for a cancer growth on her neck.

Having boasted of posting a trolling harassment video based on Matt Taylor, he said he “trolls people as a diversionary tactic,” rather than care for his dying wife.

Simpson has been criticised on numerous occasions for publicly flirting with Sharon Gale, while ignoring his wife after she brings his meals in for him.

Jumping on the band wagon of a developing trend in the UK’s Truth Movement to discredit Matt Taylor, and sabotage the continuing success of the Matt Taylor TV shows, David Simpson has shown himself to be a slimey lowlife scumbag, following in the footsteps of troll extraordinaire Grobnob, both desperate online perverts, chasing the dream of getting into Sharon Gale’s knickers.

Grobnob has recently revealed his perverted fantasy of flashing his penis, to Angela Power-Disney, in a court of law.

To which Sharon Gale volunteered to “take one for the team,” by going down on her knees in the bathroom, to give him a blow-job, to achieve the desired erection, to successfully flash his penis.

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Is it just me, or is there something really disturbing about Chris Brindle?

We all know the old saying – ‘Many a true word is spoken in jest.’

This is particularly true with reference to the Autoerotic Asphyxia wanker Chris Brindle, who we know as Grobnob The Troll.

His obsession with slags, Jimmy Savile and myself, Matt Taylor, is very worrying. Worrying to such the extent that I believe he is a serious danger to his community, and especially a danger to women and children.

You only need to listen to his disturbing impersonation of Jimmy Savile during the video linked below, to get a flavour of his disturbing and sick state of mind.

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Hiding in Plain Sight

In my opinion, Brindle is vocalising his paedophile perversions by impersonating Jimmy Savile.

He’s hiding his true nature in plain sight.

If ever I said the same things as he says in public, I would be cruxified by the Truth Movement, but when Brindle says it, its excused as harmless fun, shits and giggles.

As the above comment from Richard ‘Lance’ Dougall, (best known as Fruitcake Muncher Club), demonstrates, the blame is being put on me, while all I’m doing in commenting on what is broadcast in the public domain.

Did I ask Swiston, Brindle and Nurse Sue to discuss my masturbating/sex habits in public?

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While Sharon Swiston is happy to viciously attack Jeanette Archer and Angela Power-Disney, I am harassed and intimidated with complaints to the police, for attacking them.

Read more: Sharon Swiston Publically Humilates Matt Taylor.

Fooled, stupid or just plain obsessed with me?

I am seen as the easy target and as such, the prime target of the Hoaxtead Research Trolling community.

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Grobnob in Self Denial

Autoerotic Asphyxia Wanker Chris Brindle, otherwise known as Grobnob to you and I, continues to deny he said, “I can’t wait to fuck you,” to Ms Swinston while wanking in a gas mask.

Instead he wants us to believe he said, “I can’t wear this fucker,” referring to his gas mask.

Grobnob in his gasmask

You Decide!

Did he say, “I can’t wear this fucker,” or did he say, “I can’t wait to fuck you”?

I specifically heard him say:

Please leave your answer in the comments!

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Listen to Grobnob discuss his favourite sexual positions.

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Lucky Ms Swinston!

Chris Brindle aka Grobnob is a Autoerotic Asphyxia Wanker!

I once knew a guy in the army who used to wank with his gas-mask on. He said it intensified his orgasm.

Grobnob in a gas mask

This explains Chris Brindle’s behaviour over this Easter Holiday weekend.

He was evidently wearing his gas-mask while wanking over Ms Swinston, and didn’t think he’d be heard when he said, “I can’t wait to fuck you.”

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In a futile attempt to cover-up his perverse behaviour he has since claimed differently, after already admitting he had!

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Chris Brindle has a gasmask addiction

The Truth Movement isn’t what it used to be!

I remember when I first jumped into the Truth Movement with both feet.

Back then YouTube was new, and ‘Going Live,’ was unheard of.

All we had back then was blogs, uploading to YouTube, Facebook and forums to exchange information and debate the news of the day.

So while a lot has remained the same, a lot has changed.

Back then David Icke was started up The People’s TV. Richplanet TV was on terrestrial TV, Ian R Crane was a fat piggy, Christopher D Spivey was smashing it, while Tom Cahill was the thorn in the side of all the top dogs, and the beautiful Danielle La Verite, was wooing us all with her stunning good looks and stories of being a secret MK super soldier.

Oh, those were the days!

Nowadays we have Danny Jones, Sharon Gale, The Mouse, Niki Cooper, AJ and Grobnob!

Hey, not all is lost. On the plus side we have John Wanoa, Dr Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Andy Devine and more tarot card readers than you can count on one hand!

Christopher D Spivey is clinging on with his finger nails. Ian R Crane is a shadow of himself, Tom Cahill has disappeared, along with Danielle La Verite, Greg Hallett and so many more who’s names escape me.

Where’s the Drama?

The only drama we get now is watching Sharon Gale getting pissed live on YouTube, and watching through fingers across our eyes, as to whether her boyfriend will either beat her up, or fuck her over the kitchen table!

There is no one we can depend on anymore. Back then we could operate without fear of being copyrighted or mass trolled by organised troll rings.

The leading organised troll ring operating at the moment are the satanic Hoaxtead Research Community.

They’ve sucked out all the fun from the Truth Movement by maliciously mass reporting everyone, resulting in them getting 3 month Facebook bans, losing their YouTube channels, and resulting in the cops banging at your door.

The horror stories of the last few years, include the tragedies of John Wanoa being denied entry into the UK, and the resulting mental health fraud against him, which saw him committed to mental institution in New Zealand, which nearly killed him; and of-course, we still have the People’s Champion, John Paterson, locked up in a mental health ward in Chichester, awaiting his trial in April 2021.


A lot has changed, since looking back with fondness to 2014, when I caused a storm at Ian R Crane’s Truth Conference.

Read more: Chasing a storm at the AV5 Truth Movement

I haven’t even mentioned the Q movement, the Trump years and Covid-19.

The world has changed immensely since those heady romantic days of discovering everything is a lie, and everything reported to us on TV is bullshit, designed to control and deceive.

Where’s Bill Maloney? Have no fear, we’ve got Jon Wedger instead!

While many have fallen to the wayside, new heroes and heroines are always rising to the top to savour their 15 minutes of fame.

With more features and options being made available to the amateur blogger, across the Internet, there has never been a better time to jump on board and get involved.

Shaun Attwood did so, and just look how successful he is now!

I miss Sam the blogger, Tom Cahill, Richard D Hall, Secure Team 10 and Bill Maloney.

I continue to watch Ben Emlyn Jones, UK Column News and James Corbett.

I’m thrilled to have discovered Britain’s Hidden History, Simon Parkes, Teal Swan, Gina Maria Colvin Hill, Jeanette Archer and many more whose names I can’t remember to mention.

A big shout out to my mates, Angela Power-Disney, Neelu Berry, Babs, Andy Devine, Dave Witcher, Jamie Bennett and of-course the shining star of them all, the awesomely wonderful, Cassie Sunshine.

So while I look back with sadness and fondness to the ones who have slipped away from the limelight, the spirit of the Truth Movement is being kept alive with the new blood joining the Truth Movement everyday.

Let’s just take a moment to remember all those who won’t be making a comeback.

Rest in Peace dear Guy Taylor, Patrick Cullinane, John Harris, Gordon Bowden and Ginger, my cat….

Leave a message, and tell us what you like best, or hate worse, about the Truth Movement?

Grobnob warns me over Sharon Gale

Chris Brindle, middle-aged, sad, depressed and alone, has warned me to “watch it, ” for “harassing women, ” (meaning Sharon Gale), that I’ll “get pulled again,” and “be sent down.”

Does Chris Brindle know something I don’t know?

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I’m not stalking anyone! Let alone Sharon Gale.

Sharon Gale is a YouTube sensation who splashed on the UK’s online Truth Movement scene ranting and raving that satanic ritual abuse is all bullshit and Jeanette Archer’s true life story of being a victim of satanic ritual abuse throughout childhood, is all lies.

She calls Jon Wedger a scammer, liar and fraud.

And she gloats over other’s misfortune. For example at Wilfred Wong, calling him a child trafficker, rather than the child safety crusader, he actually is.

We are all entitled to our opinion, but people like Chris Brindle and Sharon Gale seem to think their opinion is more entitled than others.

Sharon Gale protected by her three boyfriends

But not one of them is brave enough to rescue her from ‘Himself’, who is clearly holding Sharon hostage and beating her black and blue.

Sharon Gale comments on the Truth Movement, and as editor of Guerrilla Democracy News, which reports on the comings and goings of the Truth Movement, I report on the Truth Movement too.

Sharon Gale has made a splash, which is the reason she’s been mentioned.

To suggest I’m going to be “pulled,” by the police for blogging about Sharon Gale is ridiculous, and shows Chris Brindle to be obsessed with Sharon Gale, willing to defend her honour, regardless of the Turkish hustler currently beating up her up and renting her out for a S&M evenings.

“You’ll be sent down.”

It hasn’t happened and it isn’t likely to ever happen…. Accept it and move on….

Sock Puppet Bullshit

The thing about sock puppet YouTube accounts is that you don’t know who they are!!!!!

Is it a him or a she? Is it a ten year old boy or girl. An Ai bot, or a soldier from the 77th Internet Brigade?

Is it a close family member or a stranger you’ve never met? Is it a neighbour, a back stabbing friend or a nasty individual intent on destroying your life and landing your arse in jail?

Yesterday I asked the individual behind the ‘Drummer Man,’ sock puppet account to either confirm or deny being Lady Sparkle? (As accused of being so by another individual hiding behind the sock puppet account of ‘Cali Diamond’s Smelly Minge.’)

Read more here.

(Which in itself raises the question of whether these sock puppet accounts are an individual, or many dividuals sharing one account?)

Of course Drummer Man denied being either Lady Sparkle or Trouser Mouse, or for that matter anyone else he’s been publicly accused of being.

Though we will never know!

And then of-course there’s Trouser Mouse, of whom I asked the question of their real identity, only to be told that my mates Babs and JP know, because he was sitting behind them at the Royal Court’s of Justice in London, at the same time I was being sentenced for a crime, of which I maintain my innocence!

Now if that’s not CREEPY, I don’t know what is?

How about T NEIDERMIER? The one sock puppet account that has brought me personally the most alarm, distress and fear?

I’m not the only one who believes its a pseudonym, being used to hid the identity of someone who doesn’t want to be revealed.

And thats the crux of all this sock puppet account bullshit. The arseholes who hide behind their sock puppet accounts are doing so to hide their identities because they don’t want the world knowing its them who are doing such evil and vile bullshit on the Internet.

If they’ve got nothing to hide, they would reveal themselves. The fact they hide their real identities, proves they have something to hide.

As one meerkat is know would say, “simples!”

Known Sock Puppet Accounts Revealed:

Grobnob – Chris Brindle

Unlisted – Adam Lashbrook

FCM – Richard Dougall

Trouser Mouse – Michelle Bingham

Please feel free to add to the list……

Trouser Mouse is accused of starting a MAP network.

In a damning YouTube video uploaded by a fake socket puppet account holder, using the name, ‘Cali Diamond’s Smelly Minge;’ the rodent otherwise known as ‘Trouser Mouse,’ has been accused of being a member of the MAP (Minor Attracted Person) paedophile community.

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“Alleged paedophile and troll Trouser Mouse has started up a MAP network to offer support and friendship to other paedophiles.

MAP stands for Minor Attracted Person.

Trouser Mouse has a long history of trolling survivors of child sex abuse and those campaigning for them.

Trouser Mouse had said in the past that once a girl bleeds she can bred, he also stated that children can easily get over sex with adults with the right counselling.

Trouser Mouse also works closely with Drummer Man who is thought to be the female troll Lady Sparkle, who was found guilty of abusing youths with learning difficulties.”

Who is behind the ‘Cali Diamond Smelly Minge’ account?

The thick cunt Chris E, thinks its me!

Read all about it by clicking here.

Trouser Mouse is a Nonce, click here to read more.

Mind you, this isn’t the second or third time Trouser Mouse has been accused of being a paedophile.

Mickey Mouse fails to refute claims that he’s a paedophile!

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Come to think of it, (and its only my personal opinion), but this Trouser Mouse is beginning to sound more and more like Grobnob…..