Fanny Bones threatens to Report me Again!

Under fire from the Dream Team, (led by security expert Brian Hurle,) and the dynamic duo of Den Tarragon and Kaley Einav; Fanny Bones – real name Linden Warden, has retaliated by threatening to report me to a higher authority, alleging harassment.

As his message left for me via WordPress shows:

“When are you going to take this BS down.”

Referring to a blog in which I call him a scammer, fraudster, psychopath and liar, Fanny Bones asks me when I am going to take the BS (Bullshit) down.

In my opinion Fanny Bones is a scammer, because he unfairly and falsely called John Wanoa, Andy Devine and myself scammers.

I stand by my belief that Fanny Bones is a scammer! 100%.

A Fraudster! Damn Right. Selling himself as an ace Investigator, whilst wearing an Ann Summer policeman’s hat! The guy is a freak!

Psyopath! Definitely. The way he has wished me in jail, with totally disregard to the harm that will inflict on my children.

Its child abuse! In my opinion.

And he is definitely a liar. He lies, lies and lies. He’s a scammer, fraudster, psychopath and liar in my opinion.

“Do I really have to Contact you Case officer to Show harassment?”


Clearly butt hurt from the negative attention he’s receiving from the Dream Team and the dynamic due of Tarragon and Einav, coward bully-boy makes himself feel better by harassing and intimidating me!

Thomas Niedermeier makes more false allegations.

German based Thomas Niedermeier continues to make false allegations against me; this time alluding that I am behind the sock puppet account of Freddy.

I am NOT Freddy

According to Sussex Police Thomas Niedermeier is a pseudonym.

Thomas Niedermeier has vowed to bring me justice, having alleged I called him a satanist and paedophile, and put his family in grave danger.

I categorically state I have neve called Thomas Niedermeier a satanist or paedophile, and I have never done anything to put his family in grave danger.

In my opinion, Thomas Niedermeier is a twisted and dangerous fantasist who has and continues to ruin and imped on life, mental health and well being.

He is the same as self confessed satanist James Hind, who also continues to wage a campaign of revenge against me, for a false perception that I have harmed innocent people.

Chris Brindle Spreading Lies….

Chris Brindle aka Grobnob the Smelly Dick, is again spreading lies about me, by saying I have three convictions for harassment.

Click me to watch me


Do you know he’s got three convictions for harassment.

He’s been found guilty three times in court of harassing people and making their lives hell.

Matt is a dangerous and horrible individual.

Matt is poison. He really is.”

Lies, lies, all lies……

There’s something about Ann!

What is Ann referring to when she said, “He did not know where that line was,” while mentioning a line between criticising something or someone and out and out bullying?

If ever I had a chance of a private conversation with Ann, I would ask her sincerely, what she thinks I’ve done that equates to bullying?

I would ask her for the specific example of me bullying someone!

Innocently commenting that Muttley looks like Jonathan King is not bullying in my eyes.

Demanding an public apology is bullying in my opinion. And Muttley showed himself to be a bully by demanding that of me, and then going onto report me to Sussex Police for harassment, stalking, homophobic and transexual hate crimes.

My Right of Reply.

There is a misconception being perpetrated in our pathetic corner of the internet, that if the contents of this blog was made known to Sussex Police, I would be arrested and thrown into jail.

Bullshit! And if anyone subscribes to that bullshit; then they are fucking idiots and they need their heads examined.

Let’s get some FACTS straight.

I am NOT subject to any Bail Conditions.

The only restrictions I am bound to, is in relation to a court case, of which is none of your fucking business.

I’ve been commentating on the players and movers who have stuck their heads above the parapets, of our pathetic corner of the internet since 2012.

Check out Guerrilla Democracy News if you don’t believe me.

It’s been mentioned that I am obsessed with a certain functioning alcoholic called Sharon Gale.

This isn’t the first time someone has accused me of being obsessed with them.

In fact if my memory serves me correctly, Sharon Gale had this to say about me, only a few nights ago….

“Hello Matt Taylor. Matt Taylor, oh fucking love Sharon Gale, I fucking want her. Knob her up the backside. Oh I’m fucking Matt Taylor.”

Let’s get another thing straight.

I’ve been happily in love with my magical imaginary girlfriend since 2016, and am not interested with anyone else.

I am in love with my magical imaginary girlfriend, and I am committed to sharing our futures together.

I don’t harbour any sexual fantasies towards Sharon Gale, and I certainly don’t want to “knob her up the backside.”

I’ve simply recorded Sharon Gale when she mentions me, of which I have every right to do, without being called “obsessive” and a “stalker” for doing so.

Sharon Gale claims I’ve sent her numerous messages via email and Facebook.

I have not. I have never sent her any emails or Facebook messages.

Chris Brindle, aka Grobnob, has admitted on camera to impersonating me and sending people messages pretending to be me.

Click here, if you don’t believe me.

Quite frankly, you are all fucking idiots.

I am a victim of police corruption.

I am a victim of police corruption and I’m unable to tell you my story due to court restrictions and other orders placed upon me preventing me from telling my side of the story.

But yet people in the Truth Movement bring up stuff from the past, which I am unable to give my side of the story to.

For example, I once made a video clip acknowledging Sussex Police found two photographs of alleged CP in my possession.

I’m unable to tell you the back ground or context to my story, except that because Sussex Police didn’t have the evidence to charge me with an offence I cannot discuss, they tried to fit me up with the possession of CP.

It was allegeded that two pictures of CP, one of a picture of a Simpson cartoon orgy, and two, a category C picture depicting a woman and teenager naked on a bed, was found on a disc, which had a sticker on it, with my name and address.

For three years Sussex Police and their lawyers gaslite me into believing two pictures of CP were found in my possession, and that the best thing I could do to prevent myself from going to prison, was to admit the charges and admit I was a paedophile.

Of course I didn’t, because I am not a paedophile and I have never downloaded CP in my life.

One three occasions I went to bed, knowing that in the morning I had to attend a Jury Court Trial, in which anything other than a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict would be unacceptable.

On three occasions when I presented myself to be judged by my peers, the Judges adjourned the trial, kicking the proverbial can down the road.

On the last night before I was to appear at court, with the prospect of defending myself against the worse allegations any man or father could be accused of, I recorded a heart felt and honest account of the circumstances which brought me to that moment in time.

Ever since, my enemies and detractors, have isolated one sentence from a 15 minute monologue, and out of context, have used it against me ever since.

When the can could no longer be kicked down the road for any longer, the police lawyers were left with no alternative but to collapse the trial against me.

Because there was no CP found in my possession!

But it doesn’t stop arse hole cunts like Den Tarragan bringing the clip, out of context, back into the public domain.

Den Tarragon aka Ric/Rik Tarragon

Perhaps it had something to do with this?

For the record, the above comment was not made by me, but by a fake cloned account, probably Dick Dougall, or Tom Niedermeier, pretending to be me, with the intention of causing conflict. 🤔

Why is Den Tarragon threatening to put that clip back out into the public domain.

Is it because of the following comment?

For the record, the above comment was not made by me, but by a fake cloned account, probably Dick Dougall, or Tom Niedermeier, pretending to be me, with the intention of causing conflict. 🤔

I have never said or mentioned anything about Den Tarragon, except from a few years ago, when all this bullshit of me being a paedophile first came out, and after Den Tarragon declared to the world that I was a “Convicted Paedophile.”

I simply repeated back to him, the very words he said to me.

I will say it again, I haven’t mentioned anything about Den Tarragon for years, but heard him today on a YouTube video declare his intention of playing a clip, out of context, said years ago, having been gaslite by Sussex Police to believe two pictures of CP were found on a disc, found in my possession.

So if you want a fight Den, you have got a fight!

I will defend myself against any and every allegation that I am a paedophile and any and every allegation that I’ve ever downloaded CP.

Thanks for all your support!

It’s been fantastic getting back into action and broadcasting my Matt Taylor TV Breakfast Show, everyday from 8am to 9am.

(9am on Saturdays, because everyone deserves a lay in on the weekend!)

A massive thanks to my secret benefactor who made it possible. I am forever in your debt.

It’s great being back in front of the camera and delivering my unique brand of crazy zany 🤪 content.

Original zany crazy 🤪 content you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet!

It was such a blow to my dream of fame and fortune, that during 2019 my show was cruelly sabotaged by the seizure of my computer equipment by Sussex Police.

The sabogate continued once I got my computer equipment back, after which my YouTube channel was targeted by the Hoaxtead/Fruitcake Munchers community, where it was eventually dumped from YouTube’s platform.

It’s been an uphill struggle ever since, but I’m glad I’ve kept going because the reward of delivering original zany crazy 🤪 content to an audience, brings me so much happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction.

After only one week, the viewing figures show its been a worthwhile venture and that the audience are reacting favourably to the content being delivered.

In the first week alone, Matt Taylor TV delivered 100 hours of original content, with over a 1000 views!

While most people shy away from fame and fortune, I actively seek and embrace it.

The only reason I broadcast MTTV is to achieve fame and fortune. Its the overriding reason and my motivation why I do it.

A pleasant and rewarding sideline to my channel’s success has been the community and friendships formed as a result.

I could have never guessed that I’d have the fortune of making acquaintance with my Number One Sunscriber Sleepdawn Morgan.

Nor would I have ever guessed I’d have the good fortune to meet Nadia Marshall. Mrs 0, Sam Livingstone and none other than the Ace Investigator, the ever popular Danny Jones aka Linden Warden.

It’s been a pleasure and I look forward to more success with Matt Taylor TV (MTTV)

Fun with the Fruitcake Munchers!

I was having a right laugh commenting on the Fruitcake Muncher’s YouTube channel today, until the chief Fruitcake Muncher Richard Dougall, finished work and spoilt all the fun.

“Lies, lies, all lies!”

I’ve never had any criminal convictions for stalking, and nor was I dishonourable discharged from the Army for drug-dealing.

That Richard Dougall is a filthy liar.

It all started with a witty comment from Dougall at 7am, publicising my latest YouTube video, before he went to work!

Thingy v Angie, Round 2 🥊🥊 🍿

I had a right laugh, enjoying banter with Nurse Sue, Prometheus, Vanguard Supreme and Jack Smith.

Nurse Sue played a right laugh on me, sprouting some bullshit about doxxing her or something!

She even reported me to Sussex Police, which was rather amusing!

Read more: Nurse Sue reports Matt Taylor to Sussex Police!

Oh how we laughed 😅

Reminding me of The Mutt, who once demanded I give him an apology, for comparing his appearance to the pop supremo, Jonathan King, at one point during the day, she even made a similar demand that I must remove a video within the hour.

I asked her on numerous occasions to clarify what video she was referring to, but alas she didn’t answer me.

I could only conclude she meant this one.

Who’s Nurse Sue? And who really gives a shit!

I even challenged them take my 10 Minute Challenge of putting their face to camera and either educating or entertaining us for 10 minutes; but of course none of them had the balls to accept my challenge!

Mind you, Vanguard Supreme got all serious on me, and said she couldn’t accept my challenge, because it would reveal herself and her family to her abuser.

Serious Shit!

And of course I would never want anyone to accept my “childish challenge,” if it meant anyone, and their families, were put in the line of fire.

But other than that, I had a right laugh hanging out with the Fruitcake Munchers!

Just a shame Dougall finished work and spoilt all the fun!

It’s pretty spiteful that he should make a nasty and totally untrue claim that I wee’d in my kitchen?

But hey, that’s Dougall for you. A nasty piece of shit, who likes nothing better than to spread lies about you!

Fruitcake Muncher Triggered
Click me to watch me!

Read more: Fruitcake Muncher Triggered!

Has Muttley Reported me for Harassment?

Evident from the screen shot above, sourced from Muttley’s Twitter account, he has contacted Sussex Police, requesting they DM him.

But why? Surely it cannot be in connection with the innocently made connection between the resemblance of him, and Jonathan King, the famous DJ and entertainer of yesteryear?

Read more: Muttley demands an apology from Matt Taylor.

Muttley v Taylor

Liars, Frauds and Snowflakes!

OMG – You can’t say boo to a goose nowadays without some snowflake complaining to the police that they feel violated being booed at, because they were abused by a goose during childhood!

Most of them are liars anyway!

Most of them are sad single men who spend their lives wanking to high Heaven, all the while pretending their better halves are next door waiting for them in the bedroom.

Take that autistic twat from Brighton, who reckons his girlfriend is 7of9 from Star Trek!

It’s all the rage nowadays to have been abused as a child. If you weren’t abused as a child, you have no right to complain of being trolled!

And God forbid you are compared to anyone who is remotely connected to child abuse! All Hell breaks loose!

As a kid at school I was mercilessly bullied and compared to a variety of different personalities.

Johnny Mathis, Muhammad Ali and Maradona chief amongst them.

The snowflake liars of today would be running to the police for being compared to Maradona!

Not only did he knock England out of the 1986 Football Word Cup with his ‘Hand of God’ goal, but most of the complaining snowflakes would be crying to the police that they were abused a kids by their football coaches, and now being compared to Maradona as adults, brings back suppressed and forgotten childhood traumas!

Hey, I get compared to Barry from Eastenders all the time!

Wasn’t his character a dirty wife beating paedophile? Fuck knows – there are so many liars, frauds and snowflakes bumming around the Truth Movement, no one knows the truth anymore!

It’s like those sad attention seeking narcissists who are so desperate for attention, they make up their own false flag events to channel traffic to bolster their social media count.

You can hear them now, “Don’t worry everyone. My Telegram account at ‘TelegramNaraccisticBullyBoy’ hasn’t been hacked. It’s OK, it’s still here, no need to worry and go and check it out follow, like, subscribe and share!”

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I’m Autistic – And that’s the Truth!

Autistic people may act in a different way to other people

Autistic people may:

  • find it hard to communicate and interact with other people
  • find it hard to understand how other people think or feel
  • find things like bright lights or loud noises overwhelming, stressful or uncomfortable
  • get anxious or upset about unfamiliar situations and social events
  • take longer to understand information
  • do or think the same things over and over

Autism is not an illness

Being autistic does not mean you have an illness or disease. It means your brain works in a different way from other people.

It’s something you’re born with or first appears when you’re very young.

If you’re autistic, you’re autistic your whole life.

Autism is not a medical condition with treatments or a “cure”. But some people need support to help them with certain things.

Autistic people can live a full life

Being autistic does not have to stop you having a good life.

Like everyone, autistic people have things they’re good at as well as things they struggle with.

Being autistic does not mean you can never make friends, have relationships or get a job. But you might need extra help with these things.

Autism is different for everyone

Autism is a spectrum. This means everybody with autism is different.

Some autistic people need little or no support. Others may need help from a parent or carer every day.

Some people use other names for autism

There are other names for autism used by some people, such as:

  • autism spectrum disorder (ASD) – the medical name for autism
  • autism spectrum condition (ASC) – used instead of ASD by some people
  • Asperger’s (or Asperger syndrome) – used by some people to describe autistic people with average or above average intelligence

It’s not clear what causes autism

Nobody knows what causes autism, or if it has a cause.

It can affect people in the same family. So it may sometimes be passed on to a child by their parents.

Autism is not caused by:

  • bad parenting
  • vaccines, such as the MMR vaccine
  • diet
  • an infection you can spread to other people

Autistic people can have any level of intelligence

Some autistic people have average or above average intelligence.

Some autistic people have a learning disability. This means they may find it hard to look after themselves and need help with daily life.

Autistic people may have other conditions

Autistic people often have other conditions, like:

  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or dyslexia
  • anxiety or depression
  • epilepsy
  • illusions of grandeur

Is it just me, or is there something really disturbing about Chris Brindle?

We all know the old saying – ‘Many a true word is spoken in jest.’

This is particularly true with reference to the Autoerotic Asphyxia wanker Chris Brindle, who we know as Grobnob The Troll.

His obsession with slags, Jimmy Savile and myself, Matt Taylor, is very worrying. Worrying to such the extent that I believe he is a serious danger to his community, and especially a danger to women and children.

You only need to listen to his disturbing impersonation of Jimmy Savile during the video linked below, to get a flavour of his disturbing and sick state of mind.

Click me to watch me!

Hiding in Plain Sight

In my opinion, Brindle is vocalising his paedophile perversions by impersonating Jimmy Savile.

He’s hiding his true nature in plain sight.

If ever I said the same things as he says in public, I would be cruxified by the Truth Movement, but when Brindle says it, its excused as harmless fun, shits and giggles.

As the above comment from Richard ‘Lance’ Dougall, (best known as Fruitcake Muncher Club), demonstrates, the blame is being put on me, while all I’m doing in commenting on what is broadcast in the public domain.

Did I ask Swiston, Brindle and Nurse Sue to discuss my masturbating/sex habits in public?

Click me to watch me!

While Sharon Swiston is happy to viciously attack Jeanette Archer and Angela Power-Disney, I am harassed and intimidated with complaints to the police, for attacking them.

Read more: Sharon Swiston Publically Humilates Matt Taylor.

Fooled, stupid or just plain obsessed with me?

I am seen as the easy target and as such, the prime target of the Hoaxtead Research Trolling community.

Read more: Fruitcake Muncher Triggered!

Muttley Demands an Apology!

Narcissist bully boy Muttley wants an apology for being compared to Jonathan King!

“Our interesting fellow Matt Taylor announced in his YouTube video, 10 minutes of lots of different things, that he was the one who started the comparison between myself and Jonathan King, but couldn’t remember who Jonathan King was. Who the hell doesn’t know who that was?”

Where as what I exactly said in my Good Friday message was;

“I called him the love child of Jonathan King and I don’t mean anything in that, I just thought they looked alike.

I had forgotten all about that Jonathan King was a nasty paedophile. I mean everyone’s a nasty paedophile nowadays aren’t they. It’s just so crazy.”

As you can see for yourself, Muttley’s assertion that I didn’t know who Jonathan King was, differs to the reality, that I had forgotten he was a paedophile at the time of making the comparison, and as such wouldn’t have known Muttley would take offense, and have an adverse reaction to the comparison being made.

The only other person I know who made the comparison was Brian Harvey, from East 17 fame, who referred to Muttley as “Jonathan King’s After-birth.”

I am not aware that Brian Harvey has ever watched my YouTube channel, and would have come to his own comparison, due to the uncanny resemblance between Jonathan King and Muttley.

“Listen, Matthew, Matt, whatever! Do the right thing. On camera I want an apology for that, just an apology.”

Click me to watch Muttley’s video

“Do the right thing, apologise in a video and that’s it, everyone moves on from it.”

Evidently egged on by the Hoaxtead Research community, Muttley goes further and threatens me with possible police action, if I don’t comply.

“I don’t want to have to take it to the next level, I just want common human decency, all I want is an apology, a sincere one, not one thats sort of built into a jokey sort of thing, just a ‘Muttley I’m really sorry, I didn’t realise that was going to happen, I apologise.‘ Just give me that, that’s the end of the matter.”


Muttley can go and fuck himself!

Read more: Liars, Fraudsters and Snowflakes.

“Please stay off YouTube”

Yeah right! As if I’m really going to stay off YouTube!

I mean what fucking planet does Joanne Kard live on? And what gives her the right to politely ask me to “stay off YouTube?”

YouTube is the biggest video platform in the world, used by billions of people with billions of video uploads per day, and she wants me to “stay off” it.

Yeah right!

I mean, fucking hell! Is my content so diabolical that I deserve never to be allowed on YouTube again?

It isn’t! And she knows it.

Of-course it all goes back to one or all, of three things.

Joanne Kard either:

1. Sees me as a threat!

2. Is jealous of me!

3. Wishes she could do what I do!

And seeing from her YouTube channel that she has never uploaded a video, since creating her channel 7 months ago, I bet she wishes she had the confidence to upload her Truth for the world to see.

So no Joanne Kard, you fucking knob-head, I will not be staying off YouTube, thank you very much!

I’m simply too brilliant, creative and opinionated to remain silent!

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Publicly humiliated by Sharon Gale!

I was publicly humiliated last night during yet another cringe worthy Sharon Gale Live.

Lurking in the background, minding my own business, I heard with shock and horror my user name, ‘Fastdriver’ being mentioned.

“Oh God Fastdriver! I’m sure I got rid of him before but we can get rid of you again.”

Gale still hasn’t given me an apology for the last time it happened.

She should know better than anyone, the mischief these sock puppets do, having admitted herself that there are 4-5 sock puppet accounts of herself doing the rounds on YouTube.

Read more: Sharon Gale owes me an apology.

“I don’t want him, I do not want him, I don’t want him stalking me, I really don’t.”

Let me assure you Sharon Gale, I don’t want you too. And for the love of God, I’m not a stalker and haven’t stalked anyone in my life.

Having had the rejection slapped across my face, she softens the blow with a veiled compliment.

“He’s not an unintelligent man, I wish he’d use it the right way.”

Reading from the chatbox, she quotes, ‘Thanks for all the comments on my blog,’ replying, “good for you little man, good for you.”

“ARGH GOD! Why is he here? Goto Daddy Dragon’s channel, you’ll be alright there.”

And thats the irony of it all. I wasn’t there in the first place!

Citing a recent YouTube upload from a rising YouTube star, Jonathan King lookalike JL, Gale jumps in with both feet with a humiliating tirade against me, for a crime I did not commit.

“Yes Matt Taylor go away. No actually just ignore him completely because he wants his name said, he wants his name said.”

And now bringing Jonathan King look-a-like JL into the equation-

“He’ll put a little video up and he commented and said something about Matt Taylor is actually quite funny, and I mean, maybe he is, I don’t watch his stuff, but um, and then he wrote, “Oh well someone’s not going to be pleased about that,” and I wrote, “who me?”

Watch JL’s video – Click me to watch me

Clearly under the misconstrued belief that the Universe revolves around her, NO SHARON, I did not mean you.

I actually meant Chris E. But of-course, Gale thinks its all about her, so she would throw her penny’s worth in, when it wasn’t wanted.

“Couldn’t give a shit, you are nobody. I’ve got bigger fish to fry here and Matt Taylor isn’t one of them unless he goes like full on stalker like he has before, his convictions for stalking women.”

For someone who has been accused of killing her baby, and arguing what was said about her in the papers, you would have thought she, of all people, who know not to believe everything said about people from what they read in the newspapers.

So to set the record straight. I have never stalker anyone.

I was arrested for stalking a prominent Sussex based police chief, but there was insufficient evidence to charge me.

So what does that tell you?

All other stalking allegations against me have been dropped due to a lack of evidence.

So what does that tell you?

Undeterred, Gale continues;

“So unless he turns the Brighton Beast on me, then he really is pretty insignificant.”

For someone who is so “insignificant,” isn’t it telling that so many sock puppet accounts are made of me, and that I should be mentioned with such regularity on her show, and from her toxic poisonous lips.

“Um someow told me his channel gets like, his YouTube channel gets like 50-60 views on whatever chappy uploads.”

Watch my “Crappie Uploads” from last week.

Harsh, really harsh. Rubbing salt in my wounds of losing my first YouTube channel which had over 1500 subscribers, then my second channel with 320 subscribers, and now building up my third channel with 129 subscribers and counting.

“I don’t care, I don’t care about any of these people, unless he goes full on Brighton Beast and starts doing what he done to that copper but…..”

Interupted by the steady streams of comments in her chatbox, she berated her chatbox contributors for writing my name.

“Don’t keep writing his name, he loves it. Just ignore him, he was not here.”

Yes exactly Sharon, ignore me, I was not there, but that didn’t stop you publicly humiliating me as if I was!

Treating people in the manner that you want to be treated, I don’t care about you too.

I don’t watch you, because if you aren’t pissed, you aren’t worth watching.

You are a boring cunt, with a fake laugh, and fake friends who swamp about you like flies to a turd.

You are right Sharon, you are a “Wanker Magnet,” and the sight of Grobnob, Trouser Mouse, Danny (Four pumps and a squirt) Jones, James Hind and many more, proves the “Wanker Magnet” label you gave yourself is true.

Self proclaimed “Wanker Magnet,” surrounded by wankers. (Satanic weasel James Hind is out of shot)

Having falsely accused me of stalking a copper, a viewer asked- “What did he do to a cop?”

“Oh no because he’ll want this, he’ll be talking about him. Um put his name in, put ‘harassment and stalking’ in Google, um put his name in, ‘Brighton, harassment and stalking of Police Chief’ and it will all be there.”

Yes of-course, you must read everything written about me and believe it all to be true.

In the same vein and spirit, Google ‘Sharon Gale’ and ‘baby death.’

How on Earth did a baby suffer 32 fractures to her body from a vaccine?

It must be true if its written in the newspapers! As far as the Judge is concerned, the killer is still loose!

Click me to watch me


Sharon Gale – Stupid, fooled or just plain obsessed with me.

Matt Taylor’s Troll Show – Reaction to Sharon Gale’s Shit Show.

Sharon Gales Shit Show.

Ann Drogyne drops complaint against Sharon Gale.

Thanks for the free publicity.

Did Sharon Gale kill her baby?

Sharon Gale is back home and begging for money.

Sharon Gale suicide hell.

Sharon Gale responds to Barbs O’hare.

Sharon Gale trolls Jeanette Archer.

Sharon Gale jumps on the bandwagon.

Sharon Gale in the Urban Dictionary.

“I am broken,” says Sharon Gale.

Sharon Gale owes me an apology!

“Oh God, get rid of Matt Taylor. Good bye Matt, you are a trouble maker. Not like you, goodbye. I’m not tolerating any bullshit today. I’m not in the mood, not in the mood at all for that prick-a-roo, um care in the community fails again. Failing all round at the moment, its fucking failed me [laugh, laugh, laugh.]”

“Yeah see you Matt you cunt, oh she said it!”

“Who am I to be embarrassed, I just called Matt Taylor a cunt, hay-hoo.”

“I don’t want these weirdos sniffing round me, I’ve never been part of a cliche, I’ve managed to get rid of them all, I don’t need new ones, I don’t need new ones turning up like Matt Taylor, its like I’m a wanker magnet, arghh!”

“Honestly, I’m like a fucking wanker magnet!”

Sharon the Wanker Magnet, surrounded by wankers! (James Hind is out of shot)

Read more: Sharon Gale gets it wrong!

“I’m going to give my liver a rest for a month or two, to pay off my credit card bills!”

Sharon Gale – Pissed again!

Thanks for the free publicity!

Sharon Gale – Wanker Magnet

Self confessed ‘Wanker Magnet,’ and SRA denier Sharon Gale, was fooled today during her 2 hour plus YouTube live first by a user name, ‘Matty Taylor,’ whom she immediately dumped from the chatroom thinking it was me, and secondly, by a second ‘Matt Taylor’ account, that was actually pretending to be me.

Poor Matty Taylor… This isn’t the first time this has happened to him.

Read more: Sheva Burton targets the wrong Matt Taylor

In the same way Sharon Gale blasts her arch enemy Niki Cooper for automatically assuming anyone with the ‘Gale’ surname must be related to her, she makes a fool of herself by assuming anyone with the surname, ‘Taylor’, must be me too!

Taylor’ is amongst the most common British surnames in British society, as is ‘Matthew,’ a common first name.

“Yeah, see you Matt, you cunt!”

A victim of numerous cloned YouTube accounts, the usual wanker’s whom Gale attracts, namely Grobnob, Jones and The Mouse, were more than happy to let her think the sock puppets were me, knowing full well they weren’t.

In this screenshot below, posted on the ‘Madeline’s Advocate’ channel’s, ‘Ian Puddington the Puddin’ upload, you can see an example of someone who has cloned my now defunct YouTube account, to carry on posting defamatory and malicious comments to people across the net.

As I am always keen to tell anyone when I see this happening.

No wonder my name precedes me and that I have such a bad reputation!

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Self confessed ‘Wanker Magnet,’ surrounded by wankers, Mouse, Bones and Grobnob! (Hind is out of shot!)

I’ve been radicalised…..

Since getting involved with the Truth Movement from 2012, having started my Guerrilla Democracy News blog, I have been radicalised beyond my worse nightmares.

I’m a victim of The Truth, and its left me a broken, scarred and mentally ill man….

Oh how I wish I never watched RichPlanet TV or read Christopher D Spivey….

If I hadn’t I’d be none-the-wiser about the real story of King Arthur; I’d be none-the-wiser about false flag events and I’d be none-the-wiser about satanism!

I would never have met John Wanoa and Andy Devine (not that I have met them yet,) I would never have met John Paterson, David Ellis, Frank McElheron, Neelu Berry, Edward Ellis and so many more!

My life would be very different today, if I had just watched Coronation Street and Eastenders instead of researching conspiracy theories on the Internet.

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The Truth Movement isn’t what it used to be!

I remember when I first jumped into the Truth Movement with both feet.

Back then YouTube was new, and ‘Going Live,’ was unheard of.

All we had back then was blogs, uploading to YouTube, Facebook and forums to exchange information and debate the news of the day.

So while a lot has remained the same, a lot has changed.

Back then David Icke was started up The People’s TV. Richplanet TV was on terrestrial TV, Ian R Crane was a fat piggy, Christopher D Spivey was smashing it, while Tom Cahill was the thorn in the side of all the top dogs, and the beautiful Danielle La Verite, was wooing us all with her stunning good looks and stories of being a secret MK super soldier.

Oh, those were the days!

Nowadays we have Danny Jones, Sharon Gale, The Mouse, Niki Cooper, AJ and Grobnob!

Hey, not all is lost. On the plus side we have John Wanoa, Dr Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Andy Devine and more tarot card readers than you can count on one hand!

Christopher D Spivey is clinging on with his finger nails. Ian R Crane is a shadow of himself, Tom Cahill has disappeared, along with Danielle La Verite, Greg Hallett and so many more who’s names escape me.

Where’s the Drama?

The only drama we get now is watching Sharon Gale getting pissed live on YouTube, and watching through fingers across our eyes, as to whether her boyfriend will either beat her up, or fuck her over the kitchen table!

There is no one we can depend on anymore. Back then we could operate without fear of being copyrighted or mass trolled by organised troll rings.

The leading organised troll ring operating at the moment are the satanic Hoaxtead Research Community.

They’ve sucked out all the fun from the Truth Movement by maliciously mass reporting everyone, resulting in them getting 3 month Facebook bans, losing their YouTube channels, and resulting in the cops banging at your door.

The horror stories of the last few years, include the tragedies of John Wanoa being denied entry into the UK, and the resulting mental health fraud against him, which saw him committed to mental institution in New Zealand, which nearly killed him; and of-course, we still have the People’s Champion, John Paterson, locked up in a mental health ward in Chichester, awaiting his trial in April 2021.


A lot has changed, since looking back with fondness to 2014, when I caused a storm at Ian R Crane’s Truth Conference.

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I haven’t even mentioned the Q movement, the Trump years and Covid-19.

The world has changed immensely since those heady romantic days of discovering everything is a lie, and everything reported to us on TV is bullshit, designed to control and deceive.

Where’s Bill Maloney? Have no fear, we’ve got Jon Wedger instead!

While many have fallen to the wayside, new heroes and heroines are always rising to the top to savour their 15 minutes of fame.

With more features and options being made available to the amateur blogger, across the Internet, there has never been a better time to jump on board and get involved.

Shaun Attwood did so, and just look how successful he is now!

I miss Sam the blogger, Tom Cahill, Richard D Hall, Secure Team 10 and Bill Maloney.

I continue to watch Ben Emlyn Jones, UK Column News and James Corbett.

I’m thrilled to have discovered Britain’s Hidden History, Simon Parkes, Teal Swan, Gina Maria Colvin Hill, Jeanette Archer and many more whose names I can’t remember to mention.

A big shout out to my mates, Angela Power-Disney, Neelu Berry, Babs, Andy Devine, Dave Witcher, Jamie Bennett and of-course the shining star of them all, the awesomely wonderful, Cassie Sunshine.

So while I look back with sadness and fondness to the ones who have slipped away from the limelight, the spirit of the Truth Movement is being kept alive with the new blood joining the Truth Movement everyday.

Let’s just take a moment to remember all those who won’t be making a comeback.

Rest in Peace dear Guy Taylor, Patrick Cullinane, John Harris, Gordon Bowden and Ginger, my cat….

Leave a message, and tell us what you like best, or hate worse, about the Truth Movement?

What’s Wrong with Wilfred Wong?

I’ve been asked by Niki Cooper to prove Wilfred Wong spent 27 years protecting and safe-guarding children.

Other than his own testimony of doing so, I’ve got no evidence!

But then again, what evidence does anyone have that Wilfred Wong hasn’t been protecting and safe-guarding children?

Niki Cooper believes there is no excuse to abduct a child!

I agree to an extent. The extent being the child is in danger, and that an abduction is the only option left to saving the child from imminent danger.

I do not believe for a moment, that Wilfred Wong would intentionally be a part of an abduction, if he didn’t believe the child was in imminent danger of further abuse.


I’m more than happy to stand with Wilfred Wong.

I’ve never met the man, but what I’ve seen of him on YouTube has impressed me enough to dismiss all suggestions that he’s part of an organised paedophile ring that abducts children for their own sexual gratification.

I believe its an utterly ridiculous suggestion to believe Wilfred Wong is anything other than what he says he is.

To refer to Wilfred Wong as a “piece of shit,” and a “trained predator,” says more about Niki Cooper’s character than Wilfred Wong’s.

“Wilfred Wong is just a piece of shit, a trained predator.”

Claiming to be “shit hot researchers,” Niki Cooper (and her side-kick Tee), have already shown up their slopply investigative skills, by claiming North Thanet MP, Sir Roger Gale is Sharon Gale’s Father.

A simply check would have proved Sir Roger Gale is NOT Sharon Gale’s Father.

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Click me to goto Exposing the Hoaxtead Troll’s Facebook page.

Stayed tuned for more breaking news from the Hoaxtead Troll community.

Coming up next- Sharon Gale in Suicide Hell….

Cooper (Tee) v’s Gale (Mouse) Round Two!

Danny Jones wants a “chat”.

Having changed his mind about wishing me either to get “locked up” or “sectioned,” Danny Jones now wants a “chat.”

Read more: Sharon Gale jumps on the bandwagon.

He’s got a cheek to say that my claims against him are “totally untrue” and “unfounded,” when he and his merry band of cunts kicked of this war, by making “totally untrue” and “unfounded” claims that John Wanoa was a scammer!

Which they continue to claim today, even without any proof or evidence that anyone has ever been scammed by John Wanoa.

Join the UK Moai King William IV Party

Click me to watch an Unlisted video on Fastdriver 2020

He’s right though, I do have great writing and media skills!

But what he doesn’t appreciate is that I’ve nurtured those skills, by commentating on the Rat Shit Conspiracy World.

Back in 2012 when I sold myself as a freelance copywriter, I made a conscious decision to choose the Conspiracy World as my niche market.

It was about the same time I discovered Chris Spivey, and I found it fascinating that people could actual believe what this man was writing.

Read more: Christopher D Spivey

Again, the arrogance of this man knows no bounds.

The so called “totally untrue” and “unfounded” claims I’ve made against him, are based on his own words and testimony.

Just as he and his merry band of cunts have regurgitated a sound clip of my words, as proof I’M A PAEDOPHILE, here I am having done the same, but of course, (proving he’s a baby-arsed-snowflake), he calls foul and threatens to report me to Mr Policeman.

Lets look more deeply into the “totally untrue” and “unfounded,” claims I made against him.

Firstly, I claimed he belittled child abuse by joking about it, referring to it as “satanic kiddy fiddling.”

That is neither “totally untrue,” or “unfounded.” It actually happened. He actually said it in The Wasp Show on 01 February 2021.

He said it. Not me, nor anyone else.

He brought in the word “satanic” and he agreed that paedophilia (or rather- satanic kiddy fiddling – as he likes to call it,) was “everywhere,” and “widespread,” “common in all cultures and societies.”

Worth saying twice, I didn’t make this up! Its neither “totally untrue” or “unfounded”. He said this in conversation with The Wasp on 01 February 2021.

Having acknowledged that paedophila is “everywhere”, “widespread” and “common in all cultures and societies,” he then goes on to say that “satanic kiddy fiddlers,” should be “stampled” out, with 25 year plus prison sentences, with “extras,” which I can only guess means castration!

In previous YouTube comments he dares to lecture me on ‘critical thinking,’ when he himself calls for a widespread problem, be dealt with the harshest prison sentences ever, plus castration.

Read more: Time to move on with my life

Nothing I’ve said about him is thus far “totally untrue” or “unfounded”.

He himself says that the best way to combat child abuse (satanic kiddy fiddling,) is to tell the very paedophiles running the paedophile rings, namely, politicians!

Saying that is a slap in the face of all true anti child abuse crusaders, who have spent years trying to warn the public, that paedophiles operate in Parliament.

And then of-course, the most disturbing and worrying comment that he loses sleep at night, thinking about his daughters sex life.

He even has the nerve to defend himself, by again, throwing it back at me, dismissing me as inexperienced, foolish and stupid (incapable of critical thinking.)

Read more: Danny Jones doesn’t grasp it.

Listen up paedo- I will never lose sleep over who my kids end up growing up and falling in love with.

I do not grasp both their fears over their daughters going to secondary school, and all the randy teenage boys wanting to have sex with them.

But if he trolling me then he ain’t trying others.”

Oh who could he possibly mean? Not Sharon Gale by any chance?

This is the very same Sharon Gale who broadcasts disturbing YouTube lives, while totally pissed and incoherent in mind, body and spirit.

The very same Sharon Gale who has mercilessly trolled Jeanette Archer, after she came out as a historic satanic child abuse victim.

A collection of Sharon Gale comments made during an upload about Jeanette Archer

“I hope he knows where the line is with me.”

Danny Jones crossed the line with me a long long time ago.

He crossed it by calling me a scammer, alongside with John Wanoa and Andy Devine.

He crossed it by calling me a paedophile.

And he crossed it by wishing me in prison.

That’s child abuse in my eyes, because the only people who would suffer if I went to jail, would be my kids.

And anyone wishing sadness and heartache on my kids, has crossed the line with me.

Searching for Alfred Brewer, from Vancouver Island, Canada

I was born a poor black child!

I’m searching for my father, Alfred Brewer, from Vancouver Island, Canada.

He met my mother Ruth Taylor, while working as an English teacher in Brighton UK, between 1970 and 1971.

He left when I was only 2 months old, to return home to care for his dying mother.

He choose his dying mother, over his new born son….

He’s most probably dead now, but there is a good chance he’s alive, with a family, sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters.

Check out my YouTube video by clicking on the link below.

I want my daddy!

The only memory I have of my father is a picture of him and his dog!

Keeping the Trolls in Suspense! Priceless!

Drummerman​: Devine and Taylor must suffer from Colour Blindness. as they were claiming that Paris’s hair was Purple

Just looking​: What’s happened to Matt the twatt wasn’t he with the peelers yesterday

McKenzies Devils​: No news yet. ​Maybe someone will pop in with some news on that.

Just looking​Banged up?: Hopefully

Drummerman​: Apparently he was according to some people. Bail hearing? I’ve heard nothing more since either

Taylor is still at large!

These Hoaxtard trolls really are a bunch of losers! Lets jump in and see what these retards have to say!

Scarlett Scoop
: Neelu’s starting to shit herself over her committal hearing on Thursday, lol:

Yeah right, “Shit herself!” Neelu Berry eats judges for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Meanwhile, Taylor was due his bail review today. Anyone heard anything?

Yeah right! Wouldn’t you like to know about my bail review today??? I was expecting to hear something by 5pm last Friday. Its the 19 February, and I still haven’t heard anything???

Chris E: No sign of him yet.

Scarlett Scoop: He’s put up two FB posts in the last 10 minutes: So he’s free, then. Fingers crossed that they’ve at least charged him, though 🤞

You can cross all the fingers you want, you retards. You cannot beat me. Of-course I’m fucking free. Why wouldn’t I be free? You lot certainly keep an eye on my on-line activity.

Its called “Stalking,” within 10 minutes of making a comment, the Hoaxtards have logged it, screenshot it and saved it.

Scarlett Scoop: Jesus Christ – another blog…?

That makes five by my reckoning 🙄 Here are the others:

No; there are always more:

And kudos to TN, who’s keeping pretty good tabs on his antics and reporting him as appropriate 👍Show

Congratulating Tom Never-man-enough-to-face-me, for stalking and grassing him up to everyone and his wife!

Scarlett Scoop is desperate for Tom Never-man-enough-to-face-me, to pay her attention.

Scarlett Scoop: He’s off to a flying start with that new blog, lol – his store is completely out of stock. On everything 😆

Tom Niedermeier: Surrogate King Charles Yep, seems he is still at large. I will continue to report him. Also Kaley will be reported tomorrow to the police for harassment. Look at her FB to see why. And always the same scheme. She demands proof, you provide it, she insults you for doing so, then ignores it completely and after running out of arguments, blames the “system” in the end, which is a) rigged and b) the reason why her life is such a failure. What a disgusting trolling parasite. Anyway, i won’t waste more time interacting with her. From now all resources will go into exposing and reporting her. Let’s see what happens next. 😄😄😄

Why will Tom Never-man-enough-to-face-me, continue to report me?

Vanguard Supreme: Surrogate King Charles I see he has a qtard in his comments blathering on about imminent mass arrests in America… Yes and I’ve been hearing that same statement for over two years 🤦‍♀️

Scarlett Scoop: @tniedermeier Don’t panic, mate – he might still have been charged, even if he wasn’t taken into custody. He must have been interviewed for a long time, judging by how late he was on here last night (2:30-ish am, really unusual for him). Also, you’ll notice that he hasn’t mentioned anything about it or Hampstead in general. I think if he’d been let off, he’d have been bragging about it all over the shop. Also, I wonder whether his need for a new blog might be because the cops have blocked his other ones, but that may just be wishful thinking on my part.

These stupid retarded Hoaxtard Trolls haven’t got a clue!

But isn’t it revealing that they keep a constant eye on my online activity, commenting how unusual its for me to be online at 2.30am???

Scarlett Scoop: @tniedermeier On the one occasion recently when she actually acknowledged the evidence I sent her – at her request (well, insistence!) – she reacted by calling me a stalker and vehemently denying that she’d asked for it 😆

Scarlett Scoop: @tniedermeier Meanwhile, I see Taylor’s still obsessing over you, lol:

Tom Niedermeier: Surrogate King Charles Yep, She did exactly the same with me yesterday on her FB. I predicted it before she did it. But that didn’t make a difference. Matt is uploading stuff to FB right now. 😂😂😂He really is obsessed. He even faked the police date stamp. I reported both today for harassing me. They are causing me alarm, uncontrolable laughter and irritated bowl syndrome.

Scarlett Scoop: @tniedermeier 😆🤦‍♂️😂

Prometheus: @tniedermeier 😆😂😆

What a grass, “I reported both today for harassing me.” He’s having a laugh!