Muttley on MTTV!

“Matthew, you have been told many times not to mention me or bring me into your hatred. Your harassment of me is illegal. Your malicious comms is to. You agreed in a email dated 4 April to stop.”

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Welcome to Matt Taylor’s Troll Show featuring Muttley the Dog!
Watch Muttley’s video in full – Click me to watch me

Muttley on Cali Diamond!


Who’s Jack Shite?

There’s a new prick on the Fruitcake Muncher’s block.

Jack Shite aka Jack Smith.

I first heard from him after he called me “vile!!!”

After laying down my 10 minute challenge, of putting your face to camera to either educate or entertain us for 10 minutes, Jack Shite wrote;

“Why would I want to challenge a cretin like you laugh….. Your a joke online nothing big lol.”

I’m such “a joke online, andnothing big,” that he took the time to make a video about me.

Click here to watch it.

It was such a “Great new video”, Daddy Shite was the first to congratulate his son.

Isn’t it telling that both father and son like to hide in the shadows.

“Laugh, you have no idea who or what I am.”

No shit Sherlock! Of course I don’t know who you are while you hide behind a fake name and lurk in the shadows!

One thing I know for sure though!

You are one creepy arsehole!

Like father like son!
It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, that the creep is talking to himself!

Dougall does it all the time!

Mind you, I’m not the only one who thinks Jack Shite and John Shite are one of the same.

Schizophrenia is epidemic in today’s society, and with the advent of the Internet, is becoming more and more problematic!

Fun with the Fruitcake Munchers!

I was having a right laugh commenting on the Fruitcake Muncher’s YouTube channel today, until the chief Fruitcake Muncher Richard Dougall, finished work and spoilt all the fun.

“Lies, lies, all lies!”

I’ve never had any criminal convictions for stalking, and nor was I dishonourable discharged from the Army for drug-dealing.

That Richard Dougall is a filthy liar.

It all started with a witty comment from Dougall at 7am, publicising my latest YouTube video, before he went to work!

Thingy v Angie, Round 2 🥊🥊 🍿

I had a right laugh, enjoying banter with Nurse Sue, Prometheus, Vanguard Supreme and Jack Smith.

Nurse Sue played a right laugh on me, sprouting some bullshit about doxxing her or something!

She even reported me to Sussex Police, which was rather amusing!

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Oh how we laughed 😅

Reminding me of The Mutt, who once demanded I give him an apology, for comparing his appearance to the pop supremo, Jonathan King, at one point during the day, she even made a similar demand that I must remove a video within the hour.

I asked her on numerous occasions to clarify what video she was referring to, but alas she didn’t answer me.

I could only conclude she meant this one.

Who’s Nurse Sue? And who really gives a shit!

I even challenged them take my 10 Minute Challenge of putting their face to camera and either educating or entertaining us for 10 minutes; but of course none of them had the balls to accept my challenge!

Mind you, Vanguard Supreme got all serious on me, and said she couldn’t accept my challenge, because it would reveal herself and her family to her abuser.

Serious Shit!

And of course I would never want anyone to accept my “childish challenge,” if it meant anyone, and their families, were put in the line of fire.

But other than that, I had a right laugh hanging out with the Fruitcake Munchers!

Just a shame Dougall finished work and spoilt all the fun!

It’s pretty spiteful that he should make a nasty and totally untrue claim that I wee’d in my kitchen?

But hey, that’s Dougall for you. A nasty piece of shit, who likes nothing better than to spread lies about you!

Fruitcake Muncher Triggered
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Will you take Matt Taylor’s 10 Minute Challenge?

Have you got the guts to put your face to camera and either inform or entertainment us for 10 minutes?

Watch Matt Taylor’s 10 minutes of Blasphemy!

Many people won’t be able to because they are gormless keyboard cowards who are either too freakishly ugly (like Aidan of the Fuckwit Family, ) or simply too retarded to put a sentence together without the help of an Ai bitch to help them!

Take my 10 minute challenge and prove me wrong!

Sharon Gale is a Pathological Liar!

Revealed in an explosive YouTube exclusive by citizen journalist Angela Power-Disney, Sharon Gale has been called a “pathological liar,” by an ex employee, and that her ex husband, Mark Latta, is accused of being a “stalker” and “rapist.”

Click me to watch me!

Contrary to the public image of a caring and sharing philanthropist being nurtured by Sharon Gale since crashing onto the UK’S Truth Movement, around this time last year, an email from an ex employee of Mark Latta and Sharon Gale, paints a very different and disturbing picture.

“I worked for Mark Latta from 2008 until 2009. I am a victim of one of his crimes, and he traumised me beyond belief.”

Sure to shatter the illusion which Gale has worked so hard to create over the last year, the following testimonial is surely the straw the breaks the camel’s back, and proves once and for all, that Sharon Gale is not the person she pretends to be.

Sharon Gale – Self confessed Wanker Magnet

The ex employee, whose name is being protected by Angela Power-Disney continues, “I became friends with Sharon to try and make sense of him [Mark Latta], bad idea. I have met her last husband a number of times.”

“I broke any contact with Sharon as she was too harmful and frankly traumatic for my mental health. I have so much of a horror story to tell you, that you could literally not make it up.”

“Her Swiston surname is her last married name. Her last ex husband is Martin Swiston, a professor engineer living in Bahrain. He is a very powerful man.”

“The videos of Turkey are his house he owns, that I think he still let’s Sharon holiday in. I have been there to stay myself. She had her daughter ________ with him, and the little girl, who when she was two used to call me aunty _______, was taken into care as the police were called on Sharon after a drunken night and Sharon held a knife to the little girl’s throat, when the police tried to gain access to the property.

Yes, you read that correctly, but just to make sure, I’ll repeat the most shocking line of the above paragraph.

“Sharon held a knife to the little girl’s throat.”

“I was stalked, drugged and raped in 2010 by Mark Latta.”

Mark Latta, now and then!

The unnamed ex employee of Mark Latta and Sharon Gale, who has sent Angela Power-Disney a email chronicling her abuse, claims to have befriended Sharon Gale to make sense of what happened her her.

Having confronted Sharon Gale about being stalked, drugged and raped by her ex husband, Gale is alleged to have answered, “You deserved it.”

“I was stalked, drugged and raped in 2010 by Mark Latta. I involved the police. The horror story you see online is just a scratch on the surface.”

In 2004, Mark Latta then aged 41, was accused of shaking his 10 week old daughter Charlotte in her bedroom while Sharon, then aged 29, and family sat down to Sunday lunch downstairs.

The baby later died from brain injuries in hospital. Medical staff discovered she had previously suffered 32 fractures to her ribs, arms and legs

Mr Justice Grigson stopped the trial and ordered the jury to return the not guilty verdict but told the court it was “beyond doubt” that Charlotte had been abused by someone.

He said it was possible Mr Latta, of Bishop’s Waltham in Hampshire, was responsible for his daughter’s injuries, but “there is absolutely no evidence”.

Hampshire police said afterwards they would not reopened the investigation into the infant’s death.

“That someone had abused Charlotte Latta is beyond doubt,” the judge told the jury.

“Whilst Mark Latta was one of those who could have inflicted these injuries there is absolutely no evidence that he did so. All the evidence is that he was a loving and caring father.”

Outside the court Mr Latta said he would not be celebrating the verdict.

“I could not have harmed my daughter in any way,” he said. “Charlotte’s untimely death is a tragedy. The second tragedy is being wrongly accused of her murder. Today a third tragedy has been averted, the possibility of a wrongful conviction.”

Now a successful businessman and a keen yachtsman, Sharon revealed in an interview with Shaun Attwood, that he was subsequently found guilty of murder in a family court.

Leaving the last word to the unnamed ex employee, she holds no punches in her condemnation of Sharon Gale.

“Her family hate her. She is a pathological liar. The only reason she talks into her laptop on her channel is because she’s incapable of gaining any relationship or friendship, and no one else in real life would have anything to do with her.”

Sharon Gale and Mark Latta have yet to comment on these shocking and damaging allegations.


Sharon Gale – Stupid, fooled or just plain obsessed with me.

Matt Taylor’s Troll Show – Reaction to Sharon Gale’s Shit Show.

Sharon Gales Shit Show.

Ann Drogyne drops complaint against Sharon Gale.

Thanks for the free publicity.

Did Sharon Gale kill her baby?

Sharon Gale is back home and begging for money.

Sharon Gale suicide hell.

Sharon Gale responds to Barbs O’hare.

Sharon Gale trolls Jeanette Archer.

Sharon Gale jumps on the bandwagon.

Sharon Gale in the Urban Dictionary.

“I am broken,” says Sharon Gale.

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What did Jeanette Archer do to Sharon Gale to focus her drunken attention on her?

I was once asked what did Sharon Gale do to me, for me to focus my allegedly, “Pervy attention,” on her?

Number one, I don’t focus any “pervert attention,” on her, and number two, my answer is that I like to comment on the comings and goings of the Truth Movement and Sharon Gale has a lot to say.

Not forgetting number three, that Sharon Gale has publicly humiliated me on more than one occasion.

Read more: Sharon Gale publicly humiliated me!

It’s with the above question in mind, that I ask, what has Jeanette Archer do to Sharon Gale to focus her drunken attention on her?

Click me to watch me!

In yet another drunken critique of Jeanette Archers broadcast on her Facebook platform (follow the link above to watch,) Sharon Gale once again proves her obsession with Archer, for the whole world to see.

Read more: Gale Trolls Archer.

What has Jeanette Archer ever done to Sharon Gale to be called a “monumental cunt,” “a big fat liar,” and an “absolute arsehole,” in public?

It really makes no sense to me why Gale harbours such extreme hate, jealousy and bitterness towards someone she’s never met.

Gale calls her a liar, for daring to tell her story of being a victim of satanic ritual abuse during her childhood, while running to the police complaining of harassment, if anyone calls into question her own story of her 10 week old daughter dying of a vaccine injection.

“You lying whore-bag!”

So I’ll again ask the same question asked of me, what has Archer ever done to Gale to warrant the constant and relentless abuse she dumps on her, whenever Archer proverbially pokes her head above the parapets?

“She is a fucking liar and a charlatan.”

It’s truly shocking and disturbing to watch Gale in action.

Gale is clearly a very disturbed individual with many skeletons in her closet, who drunkenly directs attention away from her own story, by throwing shit at others.

Projection Again!

We see it again and again in the Truth Movement.

It always the people who shout the loudest that other people are the liars, paedophiles and charlatans, who inevitably are exposed as the liars, paedophiles and charlatans.

Sharon Gale is a fully fledged member of the ‘Projection Army‘, whose other members include Aidan Lashbrook, Danny Jones, Richard Dougall (aka Fruitcake Muncher), Chris Brindle (aka Grobnob) and some thick fat useless cunt from Bavaria, whose name escapes me!

Sharon Gale needs professional psychological help!


Sharon Gale – Stupid, fooled or just plain obsessed with me.

Matt Taylor’s Troll Show – Reaction to Sharon Gale’s Shit Show.

Sharon Gales Shit Show.

Ann Drogyne drops complaint against Sharon Gale.

Thanks for the free publicity.

Did Sharon Gale kill her baby?

Sharon Gale is back home and begging for money.

Sharon Gale suicide hell.

Sharon Gale responds to Barbs O’hare.

Sharon Gale trolls Jeanette Archer.

Sharon Gale jumps on the bandwagon.

Sharon Gale in the Urban Dictionary.

“I am broken,” says Sharon Gale.

Read more: Gale/Cooper Interview – Coming Soon!

Who are you calling a “gormless dead shit” LMFAO!

Oh I wonder who could ‘Ghost of Sam‘ be?

Definitely not some thick fat cunt from Bavaria, that’s for sure.

“Matt Taylor remains a convicted criminal breaching his suppression orders who WILL go to jail.”

Ha ha ha ha, fucking ha. I love it.

What’s a ‘suppression order’? Let’s look up what a ‘suppression order’ is, because I’m sure interested to know!

Wow, Ghost of Sam, or rather, that thick fat cunt from Bavaria, as I like to call him, reckons I am publishing either evidence or information which goes against the interests of justice!

Wow. I mean wow! I would love to see what I’ve been publishing which goes against the interests of justice!

“Who WILL go to jail.”

Oh that old chest nut again. The thick fat cunt from Bavaria has been saying I’ll be going to jail for years now!

But hey, I’m still here sitting on my back side, itching my balls and making a fool of myself on YouTube.

“Wait until they hear he’s a nonce and a rock spider.”

Oh wow, what an insult! I’m so upset. Being accused of something which I’m not!

It’s all about projection with these thick sick cunts. So you can bet your mortgage that whenever they call someone a nonce, it’s an acknowledgement that they themselves are the nonce.

Aidan Lashbrook does it all the time.

But hey hoo. This is the price us YouTube stars have to pay, being much loved and admired YouTube sensations.

People like the thick fat cunt from Bavaria hate people like me, because they can never do what we do.

They are jealous because they could never put their faces on camera and give the world their truth, as I and many others do.

They haven’t got the balls. For one reason or another, they simply haven’t got the balls to do what we do.

Mind you, if you were unfortunate enough to be born with the good looks of Aidan Lashbrook, it makes perfect sense why they don’t.

Aidan Lashbrook

Is Gordon Bowden Dead?

Did Gordon Bowden fake his death to escape the scrutiny of conning Andy Devine out of £20,000?

After-all, no one has been to his funeral,  and Sussex Police continue to investigate a complaint of harassment he made against me in July 2019.

I could never understand the hero worship of both John Paterson and Andy Devine towards Gordon Bowden.

So what about Finchley Road?

Wow, you’ve shown how the corrupt elites funnel their money through fake company accounts!

So what?

Andy Devine in all his worldy wisdom, even handed £20,000 of his father’s inheritance to Gordon-the-Conman.

I remember looking at Paterson in disgust and loathing, whenever he started to hero worship the short fat cunt Gordon Bowden.

I remember back in the summer of July 2019, a horrible, false and damaging rumour was circulated about me that I was a convicted paedo.

I wasn’t impressed at all to listen to Gordon Bowden, repeat the rumour online and actively spread it.

I was so unimpressed that I rang him up and asked him what the fuck he’s up to.

I remember him hanging up on me, calling me a conman defrauding Companies House.

So I rang him up immediately afterwards to explain why my name was lodged with Companies House with one T and not two.

But the fat cunt blocked me and I couldn’t get through.

It was a year later that I learnt from Sussex Police that Gordon Bowden had made a complaint of harassment against me, following those phone calls, and that as of April 2020, Sussex Police were still investigating his complaint of harassment against me.

How can a police force actively investigate a complaint of harassment from a dead man?

Or perhaps, Gordon Bowden isn’t dead!

Perhaps he faked his death, to escape the criticism he was getting from conning Andy Devine out of £20,000?

Gordon Bowden and Jo-ann Sollis.

Jo-ann Sollis knows the truth. If anyone would have gone to Bowden’s funeral, Jo-ann Sollis would have gone.

Why hasn’t Jo-ann Sollis ever spoken about his funeral?

Gale/Cooper Interview Coming Soon.

Following on from the successful interview between once arch critics Lou Dickens and Sharon Gale, moves are afoot for a sensational interview between two arch rivals, Sharon Gale and Niki Cooper.

Following the very public break up between Niki Cooper and Tee Jenson, following the intervention of ex East 17 singer, Brian Harvey, Gale has held out an olive branch to Cooper calling for “an honest and open chat.”

Whether Cooper accepts the offer is yet to be seen, with many spectators, (myself included), skeptical it will ever happen.

Who knows, if it does and its as successful as the Dicken’s interview, maybe we’ll be seeing Gale interviewing Jeanette Archer and Jon Wedger too!

Has Muttley Reported me for Harassment?

Evident from the screen shot above, sourced from Muttley’s Twitter account, he has contacted Sussex Police, requesting they DM him.

But why? Surely it cannot be in connection with the innocently made connection between the resemblance of him, and Jonathan King, the famous DJ and entertainer of yesteryear?

Read more: Muttley demands an apology from Matt Taylor.

Muttley v Taylor

The Bavarian Troll Targets Brighton Probation Officer.

The fat Bavarian knob-head cunt, otherwise known as The Bavarian Troll to the Illuminati, has identified a new target to stalk and harass – none other than my Probation Officer Nurse Hatchett.

If there are any doubters, sitting on the fence, this should convince you that the real stalkers and harasses, are the very ones who scream at others, accusing them of being stalkers and harasses.

No one screams it loudest than the fat Bavarian knob-head, The Bavarian Troll.

The Bavarian Troll at work

Read more: The Bavarian Troll is Rattled….

Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy

Reviewed by Smitha Bhandari, MD on June 30, 2020

Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP) — or Munchausen by proxy — is a psychological disorder marked by attention-seeking behavior by a caregiver through those who are in their care.

MSP is a relatively rare behavioral disorder. It affects a primary caretaker, often the mother. The person with MSP gains attention by seeking medical help for exaggerated or made-up symptoms of a child in their care. As health care providers strive to identify what’s causing the child’s symptoms, the deliberate actions of the parent or caretaker can often make the symptoms worse.

The person with MSP does not seem to be motivated by a desire for any type of material gain. While health care providers are often unable to identify the specific cause of the child’s illness, they may not suspect the parent or caretaker of doing anything to harm the child. In fact the caregiver often appears to be very loving and caring and extremely distraught over their child’s illness.

People with MSP may create or exaggerate a child’s symptoms in several ways. They may simply lie about symptoms, alter tests (such as contaminating a urine sample), falsify medical records, or they may actually induce symptoms through various means, such as poisoning, suffocating, starving, and causing infection.ADVERTISEMENT

What Are the Symptoms of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy?

Certain characteristics are common in a person with MSP, including:

  • Is a parent or caregiver, usually a mother
  • May be a health care professional
  • Is very friendly and cooperative with the health care providers
  • Appears quite concerned (some may seem overly concerned) about their child
  • May suffer from Munchausen syndrome (a related disorder in which a person repeatedly acts as if they have a physical or mental illness when they are not really sick)

Other possible warning signs of MSP include:

  • The child has a history of many hospitalizations, often with a strange set of symptoms.
  • Worsening of the child’s symptoms generally is reported by the parent and is not witnessed by the hospital staff.
  • The child’s reported condition and symptoms do not agree with the results of tests.
  • There may be more than one unusual illness or death of children in the family.
  • The child’s condition improves in the hospital, but symptoms recur when the child returns home.
  • Blood in lab samples may not match the blood of the child.
  • There may be signs of chemicals in the child’s blood, stool, or urine.

What Causes Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy?

The exact cause of MSP is not known, but researchers are looking at the roles of biological and psychological factors in its development. Some theories suggest that a history of abuse or neglect as a child, or the early loss of a parent may be factors in its development. Some evidence suggests that major stress, such as marital problems, can trigger MSP.

How Common Is Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy?

There are no reliable statistics regarding the number of people in the U.S. who suffer from MSP, and it is difficult to assess how common the disorder is because many cases go undetected.

How Is Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy Diagnosed?

Diagnosing MSP is very difficult because of the dishonesty that is involved. Doctors must rule out any possible physical illness as the cause of the child’s symptoms before a diagnosis of MSP can be made.

If a physical cause of the symptoms is not found, a thorough review of the child’s medical history, as well as a review of the family history and the parent’s medical history (many have Munchausen syndrome themselves) may provide clues to suggest MSP. Remember, it is the adult, not the child, who is diagnosed with MSP.

Psychotherapy (a type of counseling) generally focuses on changing the thinking and behavior of the individual with the disorder (cognitive-behavioral therapy). The goal of therapy for MSP is to help the person identify the thoughts and feelings that are contributing to the behavior, and to learn to form relationships that are not associated with being ill.

What Is the Outlook for Victims of People With Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy?

This disorder can lead to serious short- and long-term complications, including continued abuse, multiple hospitalizations, and the death of the victim. (Research suggests that the death rate for victims of MSP is about 10%.) In some situations, a child victim of MSP learns to relate getting attention to being sick and develops Munchausen syndrome themselves.

What Is the Outlook for People With Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy?

In general, MSP is a very difficult disorder to treat and often requires years of therapy and support.

In addition, MSP is considered a form of child abuse, which is a criminal offense.

Can Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy Be Prevented?

There is no known way to prevent this disorder.

The Bavarian Monster’s Pathetic Attempt at Intimidation!

“I am satisfied that the name used T NIEDERMIER is a pseudonym,” says Sussex Police

Oh how I laugh at that sad pathetic fat cunt from Bavaria Germany, who continually tries to intimidate me with threats of arrest and incarceration.

You should have heard him a couple of years ago, playing the “big I am”, in front of his dumb fuck interns, hanging into his every word, thinking I’d be in jail by now, having to buy him a drink and suck his puny dick having lost their bet to him, that I’d end up in the slammer.

Even now, “Wonder what a Judge would think about it all.”

Ha ha ha, fucking ha. I wonder what a Judge would think about his stalking and harassment against me and many others over the last 4 years?

It always comes down to one or all three of these:

1. He sees me as a threat.

2. He’s jealous of me.

3. He wants to be me, because he can never do what I do.

The fat pathetic sad cunt would love to put himself in front of a camera and entertain his interns, but he hasn’t got the balls to do it.

His dick is so small he knows he’d be laughed out of the bedroom.

Forever hiding behind words. The classic sad pathetic keyboard warrior, happy to cause havoc via his keyboard and phone, but never man enough to put himself in front of the camera, and do what he critises other people for doing.

Oh how I laugh and laugh and laugh at his sad pathetic attempts at intimidation.

The fat pathetic cunt reprimanding one of his interns for not wearing a mask!

Liars, Frauds and Snowflakes!

OMG – You can’t say boo to a goose nowadays without some snowflake complaining to the police that they feel violated being booed at, because they were abused by a goose during childhood!

Most of them are liars anyway!

Most of them are sad single men who spend their lives wanking to high Heaven, all the while pretending their better halves are next door waiting for them in the bedroom.

Take that autistic twat from Brighton, who reckons his girlfriend is 7of9 from Star Trek!

It’s all the rage nowadays to have been abused as a child. If you weren’t abused as a child, you have no right to complain of being trolled!

And God forbid you are compared to anyone who is remotely connected to child abuse! All Hell breaks loose!

As a kid at school I was mercilessly bullied and compared to a variety of different personalities.

Johnny Mathis, Muhammad Ali and Maradona chief amongst them.

The snowflake liars of today would be running to the police for being compared to Maradona!

Not only did he knock England out of the 1986 Football Word Cup with his ‘Hand of God’ goal, but most of the complaining snowflakes would be crying to the police that they were abused a kids by their football coaches, and now being compared to Maradona as adults, brings back suppressed and forgotten childhood traumas!

Hey, I get compared to Barry from Eastenders all the time!

Wasn’t his character a dirty wife beating paedophile? Fuck knows – there are so many liars, frauds and snowflakes bumming around the Truth Movement, no one knows the truth anymore!

It’s like those sad attention seeking narcissists who are so desperate for attention, they make up their own false flag events to channel traffic to bolster their social media count.

You can hear them now, “Don’t worry everyone. My Telegram account at ‘TelegramNaraccisticBullyBoy’ hasn’t been hacked. It’s OK, it’s still here, no need to worry and go and check it out follow, like, subscribe and share!”

Though while you are there, check out my other blogs –

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I’m Autistic – And that’s the Truth!

Autistic people may act in a different way to other people

Autistic people may:

  • find it hard to communicate and interact with other people
  • find it hard to understand how other people think or feel
  • find things like bright lights or loud noises overwhelming, stressful or uncomfortable
  • get anxious or upset about unfamiliar situations and social events
  • take longer to understand information
  • do or think the same things over and over

Autism is not an illness

Being autistic does not mean you have an illness or disease. It means your brain works in a different way from other people.

It’s something you’re born with or first appears when you’re very young.

If you’re autistic, you’re autistic your whole life.

Autism is not a medical condition with treatments or a “cure”. But some people need support to help them with certain things.

Autistic people can live a full life

Being autistic does not have to stop you having a good life.

Like everyone, autistic people have things they’re good at as well as things they struggle with.

Being autistic does not mean you can never make friends, have relationships or get a job. But you might need extra help with these things.

Autism is different for everyone

Autism is a spectrum. This means everybody with autism is different.

Some autistic people need little or no support. Others may need help from a parent or carer every day.

Some people use other names for autism

There are other names for autism used by some people, such as:

  • autism spectrum disorder (ASD) – the medical name for autism
  • autism spectrum condition (ASC) – used instead of ASD by some people
  • Asperger’s (or Asperger syndrome) – used by some people to describe autistic people with average or above average intelligence

It’s not clear what causes autism

Nobody knows what causes autism, or if it has a cause.

It can affect people in the same family. So it may sometimes be passed on to a child by their parents.

Autism is not caused by:

  • bad parenting
  • vaccines, such as the MMR vaccine
  • diet
  • an infection you can spread to other people

Autistic people can have any level of intelligence

Some autistic people have average or above average intelligence.

Some autistic people have a learning disability. This means they may find it hard to look after themselves and need help with daily life.

Autistic people may have other conditions

Autistic people often have other conditions, like:

  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or dyslexia
  • anxiety or depression
  • epilepsy
  • illusions of grandeur

Is it just me, or is there something really disturbing about Chris Brindle?

We all know the old saying – ‘Many a true word is spoken in jest.’

This is particularly true with reference to the Autoerotic Asphyxia wanker Chris Brindle, who we know as Grobnob The Troll.

His obsession with slags, Jimmy Savile and myself, Matt Taylor, is very worrying. Worrying to such the extent that I believe he is a serious danger to his community, and especially a danger to women and children.

You only need to listen to his disturbing impersonation of Jimmy Savile during the video linked below, to get a flavour of his disturbing and sick state of mind.

Click me to watch me!

Hiding in Plain Sight

In my opinion, Brindle is vocalising his paedophile perversions by impersonating Jimmy Savile.

He’s hiding his true nature in plain sight.

If ever I said the same things as he says in public, I would be cruxified by the Truth Movement, but when Brindle says it, its excused as harmless fun, shits and giggles.

As the above comment from Richard ‘Lance’ Dougall, (best known as Fruitcake Muncher Club), demonstrates, the blame is being put on me, while all I’m doing in commenting on what is broadcast in the public domain.

Did I ask Swiston, Brindle and Nurse Sue to discuss my masturbating/sex habits in public?

Click me to watch me!

While Sharon Swiston is happy to viciously attack Jeanette Archer and Angela Power-Disney, I am harassed and intimidated with complaints to the police, for attacking them.

Read more: Sharon Swiston Publically Humilates Matt Taylor.

Fooled, stupid or just plain obsessed with me?

I am seen as the easy target and as such, the prime target of the Hoaxtead Research Trolling community.

Read more: Fruitcake Muncher Triggered!

Grobnob in Self Denial

Autoerotic Asphyxia Wanker Chris Brindle, otherwise known as Grobnob to you and I, continues to deny he said, “I can’t wait to fuck you,” to Ms Swinston while wanking in a gas mask.

Instead he wants us to believe he said, “I can’t wear this fucker,” referring to his gas mask.

Grobnob in his gasmask

You Decide!

Did he say, “I can’t wear this fucker,” or did he say, “I can’t wait to fuck you”?

I specifically heard him say:

Please leave your answer in the comments!

Read more: Grobnob is Triggered!

Listen to Grobnob discuss his favourite sexual positions.

Click me to watch me!

Lucky Ms Swinston!

Chris Brindle aka Grobnob is a Autoerotic Asphyxia Wanker!

I once knew a guy in the army who used to wank with his gas-mask on. He said it intensified his orgasm.

Grobnob in a gas mask

This explains Chris Brindle’s behaviour over this Easter Holiday weekend.

He was evidently wearing his gas-mask while wanking over Ms Swinston, and didn’t think he’d be heard when he said, “I can’t wait to fuck you.”

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In a futile attempt to cover-up his perverse behaviour he has since claimed differently, after already admitting he had!

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Chris Brindle has a gasmask addiction

Muttley Demands an Apology!

Narcissist bully boy Muttley wants an apology for being compared to Jonathan King!

“Our interesting fellow Matt Taylor announced in his YouTube video, 10 minutes of lots of different things, that he was the one who started the comparison between myself and Jonathan King, but couldn’t remember who Jonathan King was. Who the hell doesn’t know who that was?”

Where as what I exactly said in my Good Friday message was;

“I called him the love child of Jonathan King and I don’t mean anything in that, I just thought they looked alike.

I had forgotten all about that Jonathan King was a nasty paedophile. I mean everyone’s a nasty paedophile nowadays aren’t they. It’s just so crazy.”

As you can see for yourself, Muttley’s assertion that I didn’t know who Jonathan King was, differs to the reality, that I had forgotten he was a paedophile at the time of making the comparison, and as such wouldn’t have known Muttley would take offense, and have an adverse reaction to the comparison being made.

The only other person I know who made the comparison was Brian Harvey, from East 17 fame, who referred to Muttley as “Jonathan King’s After-birth.”

I am not aware that Brian Harvey has ever watched my YouTube channel, and would have come to his own comparison, due to the uncanny resemblance between Jonathan King and Muttley.

“Listen, Matthew, Matt, whatever! Do the right thing. On camera I want an apology for that, just an apology.”

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“Do the right thing, apologise in a video and that’s it, everyone moves on from it.”

Evidently egged on by the Hoaxtead Research community, Muttley goes further and threatens me with possible police action, if I don’t comply.

“I don’t want to have to take it to the next level, I just want common human decency, all I want is an apology, a sincere one, not one thats sort of built into a jokey sort of thing, just a ‘Muttley I’m really sorry, I didn’t realise that was going to happen, I apologise.‘ Just give me that, that’s the end of the matter.”


Muttley can go and fuck himself!

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Prancealot’s Projection!

Now this is an interesting comment left by Prancealot!

Read more: Prancealot Trigger!

Richard Dougall from Hounslow has created more sock puppet accounts than anyone I’ve ever known.

You could go so far to say that Richard Dougall, aka Lance, Lancealot – Prancelot, is as prolific at making sock puppet accounts, as Jimmy Savile was fucking corpses!

Prancelot has form blaming me for his actions, as he just did by accusing me of being ‘Its curtains for you Rocky.’

It’s all Projection don’t you know!

Above is an example of Prancealot leaving comments as ‘Matt Taylor,’ and ‘FastDriver 2020.’

Prancealot is MAD don’t you know!

“Please stay off YouTube”

Yeah right! As if I’m really going to stay off YouTube!

I mean what fucking planet does Joanne Kard live on? And what gives her the right to politely ask me to “stay off YouTube?”

YouTube is the biggest video platform in the world, used by billions of people with billions of video uploads per day, and she wants me to “stay off” it.

Yeah right!

I mean, fucking hell! Is my content so diabolical that I deserve never to be allowed on YouTube again?

It isn’t! And she knows it.

Of-course it all goes back to one or all, of three things.

Joanne Kard either:

1. Sees me as a threat!

2. Is jealous of me!

3. Wishes she could do what I do!

And seeing from her YouTube channel that she has never uploaded a video, since creating her channel 7 months ago, I bet she wishes she had the confidence to upload her Truth for the world to see.

So no Joanne Kard, you fucking knob-head, I will not be staying off YouTube, thank you very much!

I’m simply too brilliant, creative and opinionated to remain silent!

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Karen Irving Denies all involvement in sabotaging Sharon Gale’s Charitable Foundation.

Having denied being El Coyote, before finally conceding she was, Karen Irving again denies any involvement in the sabotage of Sharon Gale setting up a charitable Foundation for autistic and vaccine damaged children.

“Um, nope. Never heard of it.”

Read more: Karen Irving accused of sabotaging Sharon Gale’s Charitable Foundation…

Who are Hoaxtead Research?

You will often hear me reference ‘Hoaxtead Research,’ but who are Hoaxtead Research?

For me, Hoaxtead Research is a blog written by Karen Irving. (It was initially started by Scarlet Scoop- whoever the fuck that is,) but as far as I’m concerned, Hoaxtead Research was a blog, written by Karen Irving to bully and harass anyone and everyone who thought differently to her and her minions.

Read more: Hoaxtead Research

The Hoaxtead Research Community.

The Hoaxtead Research Community means everyone who comments, supports and contributes to the Hoaxtead Research blog.

The big hitters in the Hoaxtead Research community include Richard (Lance) Dougall, Sheva Burton, James Hinds and other individuals hiding behind anonymous names such as Perplexed Bystander and An Owl called Sage.

As far as I’m concerned they are all 50-60 plus years of age, mentally insane and inherently evil and mean spirited.

Oh, and ofcourse, how could I forget Tom Niedermeier.

Now Tom Niedermeier is mystery because according to Sussex Police they are adamant whoever it is, its a pseudonym.

“I am satisfied that the name used T NIEDERMEIER is a pseudonym. “

Says a PC from Sussex Police……

I personally don’t give a flying fuck who it is. After all, whoever it is, is nothing more than a sad and pathetic individual who does nothing more than troll, abuse and terrorise innocent people for their own evil and narfarious ends!

The Bavarian Monster as I affectionately call it, was no doubt abused as a child and as such, has grown up to be an abuser too.

Poor Soul.

Below is a tiny selection of the comments I recieve on a daily basis from the Hoaxtead Research Community, (who in all likelihood is just Lancealot, the Prancealot!)

Read more: Walter Triggered

Whoever these weirdos are, of which I really don’t give a flying fuck, I am flattered that they consider me such an important person to devote so much time upon.

Remember Trolls troll, because of one, or of three things!

1. They consider you a threat!

2. They are jealous of you!

3. They admire you, because they can’t do what you do!

Karen Irving Sabotaged Sharon Gale’s Charitable Foundation.

The mystery has been solved as to why Sharon Gale hates Karen Irving.

“Oh, I fucking hate Karen Irving.”

While Karen Irving is left scratching her head as to why Sharon Gale hates her, Angela Power-Disney reveals why.

Having championed Sharon Gale in the past, the future seems very different as this latest bitch fight is set to explode in public.

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Sharon Gale v’s Angela Power-Disney

News from the UK’s Truth Movement…

Wannabe cult leader, liar and chief piss-taker Sharon Gale, is begging for donations from her fanbase to travel to Ireland to make a criminal complaint against the leading lady of the Truth Movement and MK-Ultra Mind Control survivor, Angela Power-Disney, to the Irish Garda (Police.)

Unsure of the grounds of her complaint, Gale made an emotional donation appeal at the end of an hour long YouTube live, during which she praised and championed a rather unsavoury individual called ‘Cobra King.’

“I’ve not even started with half of these fuckers. Um, I spoke with the Garda in Ireland and I’m allowed to travel to Ireland in May, exceptional circumstances, but I can’t afford to go. I’ve got these videos that APD which done about me, um and I have to do that in person over there, so I’m going to put my PayPal up there. If anyone wants to help me with that, I’m not e-begging, I just can’t afford to do it, I just can’t afford to do it, but I want them, I want every fucking one of those bastards.”

“Exceptional Circumstances”

Having abandoned all promises of rescuing her dog ‘Judy,’ from the streets of Izmir city in Turkey, Gale has instead turned her attention closer to home.

Feared to be possessed by a demonic sex spirit, Gale explained how she has recently been receiving death threats through her door, while her email box has been filled with rape pornography, pictures of dead babies, and other such nonsense.

“I’m sick of it. I’ll let you know what’s going on here. Um, the death threats are coming through my door again at the moment. My email, the one that you guys have, everyone has, is being filled with the worst porn and dead baby photos, and videos and autopsy and all sorts of nonsense, and so I’m addressing this and this has been going on prior to when I came back, so if this carries on someone is going to harm themselves. Its not going to be me, but it’s going to be the next victim.”

Comparing her victimhood to the 16th and 17th century Salem and Pendle Witch trials, Gale complained of police laziness and lack of resources to chronicle her alleged abuse, and called on her loyal supporters to do the hard work for her.

“The police have been on again to me today, not on at me, um they are lazy fuckers right, they are really lazy fuckers, um if you guys can help me, I’ve sent them all of the shit from the terrible two cunts, and the APD one’s, um but because its like three months of relentless shit, I can’t go through every fucking video because they are saying they don’t have the resources to go through every video. Um, now if any of you want to help me out here, and don’t feel you need to, can you email me and I can send you the downloads that I’ve got because I know all the Niki videos have been set as private. I’ve got them, I’ve downloaded them, but the Police want me to listen to something like 56 hours of their shit and time stamp all of it.”

“Um, I can’t do that, no way!”

Suspected of lying in Turkey following an alleged car crash, which left her with extensive injuries, including a damaged arse, cuts to her face and bruising to her upper arms, while her boyfriend, (alleged to be the driver) received no visible injuries; many people doubt this complaint, and are calling for proof of these events.

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Having approached Power-Disney for a comment in response to being reported to the Irish Garda, she replied that she was originally unaware of it, having unsubscribed from her YouTube channel, before touching on the irony of the situation.

“The irony is sublime. This and your apparently random attack on Marie Kayale PROVES to me you sold your soul. You already had a police warning for online hate crime and have a criminal record for assaulting police and a trail of dead or removed daughters.”

The following comments were publicly posted underneath Gale’s video, but were quickly deleted from public view.

Karen Irving, Queen-Bee of the Hoaxtead Research community

At Guerrilla Democracy News, we pride ourselves on bringing you news from across the Galaxy, and this includes sourcing information free from the dogma of religious indoctrination.

Having consulted the occult, via a Tarot card reading into Sharon Gale, we learnt from the mystery card, the Knight of Cups, that Sharon Gale, may well be a plant, and that her claim of reporting Power-Disney to the Garda, is nothing else but a provocation to incite a response, or as Power-Disney, admits herself, “she maybe deliberately baiting me.”

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This card indicates that Gale is a plant, a charlatan, a false prophet who is possessed by a vicious sex demon.

This explains the demonic snarl during her donation appeal, and the claims made by Cali Diamond and Barbs O’Hare, that she was a regular guest at sex parties organised by the Truth Movement’s leading podcaster, Shaun Attwood.

Sharon Gale was not approached for a comment, due to her public animosity towards the editor of Guerrilla Democracy News.

Read more: Sharon Gale publicly humiliates Matt Taylor.


Sharon Gale – Stupid, fooled or just plain obsessed with me.

Matt Taylor’s Troll Show – Reaction to Sharon Gale’s Shit Show.

Sharon Gales Shit Show.

Ann Drogyne drops complaint against Sharon Gale.

Thanks for the free publicity.

Did Sharon Gale kill her baby?

Sharon Gale is back home and begging for money.

Sharon Gale suicide hell.

Sharon Gale responds to Barbs O’hare.

Sharon Gale trolls Jeanette Archer.

Sharon Gale jumps on the bandwagon.

Sharon Gale in the Urban Dictionary.

“I am broken,” says Sharon Gale.

Niki Cooper and Tiara Jenson are also on Gale’s hit list.
Sharon Gale: Self confessed ‘Wanker Magnet’
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Sheva Burton Responds

The Wicked Horley Witch has finally responded to allegations made by Karen Jones, who having been interviewed by Angela Power-Disney, claimed:

Sheva Burton, real name Susan Melrose-

1. Was a prostitute

2. Abandoned her two sons with a neighbour, to go on a month long drinking fest.

3. Abandoned her sons at a McDonald’s during the Manchester riots of 2011.

4. Called her at 3am, in a drunked haze to berate Jones for a mean YouTube comment she made about the state of John Wanoa’s teeth.

5. That she wanted to make money by given talks about their child abuse pasts.

6. That’s she “groomed,” Karen Jones.

While the video has been taken down from YouTube, it is available via APD’s Bitchute account.

Matt Taylor Reported Again!

The Brighton Beast is loose!


Sad pathetic loser Matt Taylor has been reported to Sussex Police for allegedly wishing death upon German national, Tom Niedermeier, aka Walter Niedermeier.

Having spent the last few months caring for his elderly parents in the Alps, Neidermeier posted a message to Taylor on his YouTube channel:

Concern has been growing in the last few months as to the where-abouts of Tom, who is a regularly contributor on the popular Fruitcake Muncher’s Club YouTube channel, ran by Hounslow based musician, Richard Dougall.

Arch rival and nemesis, Matt Taylor was quick to take advantage of the news which his response.

To which Richard Dougall was quick to take advantage of and report to Facebook.

To ensure there was no ambiguity, Taylor again posted a message which set in stone, exactly how he felt towards Tom Niedermeier’s disappearance.

The Fruitcake Muncher’s Club have lost all credibility.

Following the disappearance of Tom Niedermeier aka The Bavarian Monster, The Fruitcake Munchers Club run by Hounslow based musician Richard Dougall, has lost all credibility, significance and importance.

There was a time I’d check daily for updates, news and views, but now-a-days, I hardly remember them at all.

Where’s Tom?

Did you know that The Fruitcake Muncher is in fact Richard Dougall, from Hounslow, born 3 April 1968?

Guerrilla Democracy News Special – Ex East 17 Singer Brian Harvey says he’s “a Dead Man.”

In a highly charged and emotional late night YouTube live, Brian Harvey, the ex lead singer of the highly successful 90’s boy band East 17, has said he’s a “Dead man,” following his investigation into phone hacking by the Murdoch newspaper empire.

Fearing for his life and an assassination attempt at any moment, Brian Harvey has been for years exposing a Truth Movement plot to set him up as the fall guy for a bigger sting operation, involving high profile paedophiles in government and attached to the Windsor Royal Family.

Read more at Guerrilla Democracy News.

The Paedophile Windsor Royal Family
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Why does Sharon Gale hate me?

For someone who’s never met me, spoken to me, interacted with me online or fucked me with a strap on, I find it very strange that Sharon Gale hates me with such passion.

Read more: Publicly Humiliated by Sharon Gale.

What have I done to her except post a video in reaction to the vileness she sprouted against my friends, (in particular Neelu Berry.)

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I used to watch with disgust when she pissed on Jeanette Archers parade. Totally discrediting an SRA survivor, by calling her “a liar, charlatan and cheat.”

It was hard to watch, but I kept my mouth shut, because Jeanette Archer wasn’t someone I knew on a personal level, and could clearly handle herself, by simply rising above Gale’s vicious vileness.

While Neelu Berry can also look after herself and rise about Gale’s vile bullshit, I felt compelled to throw in my pennies worth, because Neelu is a friend, and I hate vile cunts bad mouthing my friends, no matter who they are.

Now of-course, I doubt Gale would have even watched my video about her. She is such a narcassist wanna-be cult leader, I doubt she wastes any of her precious time on anything that contradicts the image of herself she polishes in her mind.

So the only logical explanation as to why she hates me with such a passion, having never watched anything I’ve posted about her, having never met online or at any sex parties; is that she’s formed her opinion of me, based on what she’s been told by AJ, Trouser Mouse, Danny (Four Pumps and a Squirt) Jones, Grobnob and Hind.

Under her own admission, she’s a “Wanker Magnet.”

AJ and Hind are out of shot!

When is the poor girl going to realise she’s being taken for a ride by these wankers who swarm around her like flies to a turd?

Hasn’t anyone told her that AJ has a conviction for animal abuse? That he flies drones over primary school playgrounds and is rumoured to rape his dog?

AJ of the Lashbrook Family Exposed
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Wake up Gale before its too late!

I’m sure the copious blog posts I’ve published about her have nothing to do with it too.

After all, I’m an “insignificant nobody” she pays no attention to.


Sharon Gale – Stupid, fooled or just plain obsessed with me.

Matt Taylor’s Troll Show – Reaction to Sharon Gale’s Shit Show.

Sharon Gales Shit Show.

Ann Drogyne drops complaint against Sharon Gale.

Thanks for the free publicity.

Did Sharon Gale kill her baby?

Sharon Gale is back home and begging for money.

Sharon Gale suicide hell.

Sharon Gale responds to Barbs O’hare.

Sharon Gale trolls Jeanette Archer.

Sharon Gale jumps on the bandwagon.

Sharon Gale in the Urban Dictionary.

“I am broken,” says Sharon Gale.

About Paris!

What do you get when you add the T of Truth to Paris?


And that’s a fact. It isn’t bullying, it isn’t victimisation and it isn’t anything else with ‘ism’ attached at the end of it.

Add the letter T to Paris, and you get Rapist. (OK, you have to juggle the letters around but you still get rapist.)

Paris has got a black man’s heart
Paris is only worth £20
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I can’t remember specifically when I first heard about Paris. I suppose it was back in 2019, when the so called ‘King’s Bench’ was in full swing.

Paris was part of the group and was a regular contributor to the daily Zoom meetings which we were all enjoying.

I think it all started to unravel after Paris reported from a protest outside from where Carol Woods was being held against her will, under some Mental Health bullshit.

Or was it after Paris was refused visiting rights to John Paterson? I’m not too sure.

Either way, without having had any personal or online interactions with Paris, I was shocked and horrified to hear him start threatening to reveal where my kids lived.

Calling we a “cunt,” “fat bastard,” “scammer,” and a whole plethora of nasty names.

Paris threatens Taylor – Watch the full 3 hours

Watch more: Paris threatens Taylor

But out of nowhere Paris started broadcasting Facebook lives during which he was slating me, as a “scammer”, “paedophile”, “pervert”, “thief” – all kinds of bullshit and false accusations.

On top of which he was threatening to dox my children, if I never returned two of his phones, which I had acquired via CM, aka Clarissa Gutmann, a mutal friend.

The point I want to make is that everything I’ve said about Paris is in reaction to what she said about me.

How would you feel about someone threatening to reveal where your children live?

I have never called her a ‘Rapist’, but only pointed out that if you add ‘T’ to Paris, you get the word Rapist. FACT!

Talking about FACTS, I actually remember it being Paris who called me a rapist first.

Thus I’ve got every right to imply she is a rapist, having been called a rapist by her.

These freaks simply cannot take what they dish out.

I stand by what I’ve said:

I believe Paris has a black man’s heart. A black heart as in cruel, mean, hurtful, abusive and controlling.

A man’s heart; as in she’ll never be a lady.

Watch more: Giving Paris a dose of her own medicine.

Publicly humiliated by Sharon Gale!

I was publicly humiliated last night during yet another cringe worthy Sharon Gale Live.

Lurking in the background, minding my own business, I heard with shock and horror my user name, ‘Fastdriver’ being mentioned.

“Oh God Fastdriver! I’m sure I got rid of him before but we can get rid of you again.”

Gale still hasn’t given me an apology for the last time it happened.

She should know better than anyone, the mischief these sock puppets do, having admitted herself that there are 4-5 sock puppet accounts of herself doing the rounds on YouTube.

Read more: Sharon Gale owes me an apology.

“I don’t want him, I do not want him, I don’t want him stalking me, I really don’t.”

Let me assure you Sharon Gale, I don’t want you too. And for the love of God, I’m not a stalker and haven’t stalked anyone in my life.

Having had the rejection slapped across my face, she softens the blow with a veiled compliment.

“He’s not an unintelligent man, I wish he’d use it the right way.”

Reading from the chatbox, she quotes, ‘Thanks for all the comments on my blog,’ replying, “good for you little man, good for you.”

“ARGH GOD! Why is he here? Goto Daddy Dragon’s channel, you’ll be alright there.”

And thats the irony of it all. I wasn’t there in the first place!

Citing a recent YouTube upload from a rising YouTube star, Jonathan King lookalike JL, Gale jumps in with both feet with a humiliating tirade against me, for a crime I did not commit.

“Yes Matt Taylor go away. No actually just ignore him completely because he wants his name said, he wants his name said.”

And now bringing Jonathan King look-a-like JL into the equation-

“He’ll put a little video up and he commented and said something about Matt Taylor is actually quite funny, and I mean, maybe he is, I don’t watch his stuff, but um, and then he wrote, “Oh well someone’s not going to be pleased about that,” and I wrote, “who me?”

Watch JL’s video – Click me to watch me

Clearly under the misconstrued belief that the Universe revolves around her, NO SHARON, I did not mean you.

I actually meant Chris E. But of-course, Gale thinks its all about her, so she would throw her penny’s worth in, when it wasn’t wanted.

“Couldn’t give a shit, you are nobody. I’ve got bigger fish to fry here and Matt Taylor isn’t one of them unless he goes like full on stalker like he has before, his convictions for stalking women.”

For someone who has been accused of killing her baby, and arguing what was said about her in the papers, you would have thought she, of all people, who know not to believe everything said about people from what they read in the newspapers.

So to set the record straight. I have never stalker anyone.

I was arrested for stalking a prominent Sussex based police chief, but there was insufficient evidence to charge me.

So what does that tell you?

All other stalking allegations against me have been dropped due to a lack of evidence.

So what does that tell you?

Undeterred, Gale continues;

“So unless he turns the Brighton Beast on me, then he really is pretty insignificant.”

For someone who is so “insignificant,” isn’t it telling that so many sock puppet accounts are made of me, and that I should be mentioned with such regularity on her show, and from her toxic poisonous lips.

“Um someow told me his channel gets like, his YouTube channel gets like 50-60 views on whatever chappy uploads.”

Watch my “Crappie Uploads” from last week.

Harsh, really harsh. Rubbing salt in my wounds of losing my first YouTube channel which had over 1500 subscribers, then my second channel with 320 subscribers, and now building up my third channel with 129 subscribers and counting.

“I don’t care, I don’t care about any of these people, unless he goes full on Brighton Beast and starts doing what he done to that copper but…..”

Interupted by the steady streams of comments in her chatbox, she berated her chatbox contributors for writing my name.

“Don’t keep writing his name, he loves it. Just ignore him, he was not here.”

Yes exactly Sharon, ignore me, I was not there, but that didn’t stop you publicly humiliating me as if I was!

Treating people in the manner that you want to be treated, I don’t care about you too.

I don’t watch you, because if you aren’t pissed, you aren’t worth watching.

You are a boring cunt, with a fake laugh, and fake friends who swamp about you like flies to a turd.

You are right Sharon, you are a “Wanker Magnet,” and the sight of Grobnob, Trouser Mouse, Danny (Four pumps and a squirt) Jones, James Hind and many more, proves the “Wanker Magnet” label you gave yourself is true.

Self proclaimed “Wanker Magnet,” surrounded by wankers. (Satanic weasel James Hind is out of shot)

Having falsely accused me of stalking a copper, a viewer asked- “What did he do to a cop?”

“Oh no because he’ll want this, he’ll be talking about him. Um put his name in, put ‘harassment and stalking’ in Google, um put his name in, ‘Brighton, harassment and stalking of Police Chief’ and it will all be there.”

Yes of-course, you must read everything written about me and believe it all to be true.

In the same vein and spirit, Google ‘Sharon Gale’ and ‘baby death.’

How on Earth did a baby suffer 32 fractures to her body from a vaccine?

It must be true if its written in the newspapers! As far as the Judge is concerned, the killer is still loose!

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Sharon Gale – Stupid, fooled or just plain obsessed with me.

Matt Taylor’s Troll Show – Reaction to Sharon Gale’s Shit Show.

Sharon Gales Shit Show.

Ann Drogyne drops complaint against Sharon Gale.

Thanks for the free publicity.

Did Sharon Gale kill her baby?

Sharon Gale is back home and begging for money.

Sharon Gale suicide hell.

Sharon Gale responds to Barbs O’hare.

Sharon Gale trolls Jeanette Archer.

Sharon Gale jumps on the bandwagon.

Sharon Gale in the Urban Dictionary.

“I am broken,” says Sharon Gale.

Sharon Gale – Stupid, Fooled or just plain Obsessed with me!

Read my words: I do not comment on any Sharon Gale Live YouTube shows.

I do not comment on any Sharon Gale Live YouTube shows.

She acknowledges that there are 4-5 cloned accounts of herself, but yet thinks any account named either Matty Taylor, Matt Taylor or Fastdriver2020 must be my real account.

Click me to watch me

Sharon Gale is either stupid, being fooled or is obsessed with me, that she can’t stop herself mentioning my name.

You would have thought she had learnt her lesson the last time it happened.

Read more: Sharon Gale owes me an apology.

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Sharon Gale’s Shit Show

Click me to watch me

Featuring Jeanette Archer, Brian Harvey, Ann Drogyne, Tiana Jenson, Chris Brindle aka Grobnob the Troll, Linden Warden aka Danny (Four pumps and a squirt) Jones, Trouser Mouse, thought to be Lady Sparkle, Richard Dougall aka The Fruitcake Munchers Club, Angela Power-Disney, Jon Wedger and many more…..

Check out Guerrilla Democracy News – Jon Wedger named as part of the Child X kidnap/rescue drama.

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Matt Taylor TV (MTTV)
Crazy, Zany, (Disturbing), and always Controversial…..

Sharon Gale owes me an apology.

Tale-Tell-Tit Hind, does it again!

Satanic weasle James Hind has grassed up SRA crusader Angela Power-Disney for naming Child X, during an hour and half YouTube broadcast.

Further wasting police time, reporting an offence which has no victim, Hind boasted of his actions with a Tweet, wallowing in the praise and favour of the Hoaxtead Research Community, who strife on reporting SRA whistleblowers to the authorities.

Following in the footsteps of SRA survivor Jeanette Archer, who was recently fined £320, having pleaded guilty at Mold Magistrates Court for naming Child X, (from the Wilfred Wong child rescue case, while reporting outside Mold Magistrates Court on 4 February 2021, (also reported to police by James Hind,)) Power-Disney is unlikely to face prosecution, because she didn’t intentionally name the child, and didn’t even realise she had done so, until SRA denier Sharon Gale publicised she had on her YouTube channel.

Read more: Travesty of Justice

With nothing better to do with his time, openly satanic James Hind has followed in the footsteps of Kayle Freeman and Ann Drogyne, who have both wasted valuable police time and resources, by making harassment complaints, only to withdraw them at later dates.

Read more: Ann Drogyne drops case against Sharon Gale

Read more: Kayle Freeman drops case against Paris Barrington

On a personal note – I hate grasses!

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Matt Taylor TV (MTTV)
Crazy, Zany, (Disturbing), and always Controversial…..

Ann Drogyne Drops Complaint against Sharon Gale

Intersex make-up supremo Ann Drogyne is the latest YouTuber to follow in the footsteps of fellow YouTuber Kayle Freeman, by withdrawing her harassment complaint.

Read more: Paris Barrington Harassment charge dropped.

Continuing the emerging trend of wasting police time, Drogyne has revealed she has withdrawn her harassment complaint against the recovering alcoholic Sharon Gale, following the behaviour of two other YouTubers, Niki Cooper and Tiana Jenson.

Paraphasing, Drogyne says she’s stopped her harassment complaint against Gale, so she can devote all her time harassing Niki Cooper and Tiana Jenson.

Gale has a history of harassment.

Read more: SRA denier Sharon Gale harasses SRA survivor Jeanette Archer.

Sharon Gale has since posted a YouTube video in which she thanks Drogyne, saying, “first things first, we know Ann Drogyne and I, have at least, not been friends, but today I want to say thank you to her. I’m not going to get into the reasons why, um, because I can’t;” while at the same time vowing to use the full force of the Law, in making her own harassment complaint against Niki Cooper and Tiana Jenson.

Niki Cooper

No doubt Sharon Gale will withdraw her harassment complaints in due course too.

Sharon Gale owes me an apology!

“Oh God, get rid of Matt Taylor. Good bye Matt, you are a trouble maker. Not like you, goodbye. I’m not tolerating any bullshit today. I’m not in the mood, not in the mood at all for that prick-a-roo, um care in the community fails again. Failing all round at the moment, its fucking failed me [laugh, laugh, laugh.]”

“Yeah see you Matt you cunt, oh she said it!”

“Who am I to be embarrassed, I just called Matt Taylor a cunt, hay-hoo.”

“I don’t want these weirdos sniffing round me, I’ve never been part of a cliche, I’ve managed to get rid of them all, I don’t need new ones, I don’t need new ones turning up like Matt Taylor, its like I’m a wanker magnet, arghh!”

“Honestly, I’m like a fucking wanker magnet!”

Sharon the Wanker Magnet, surrounded by wankers! (James Hind is out of shot)

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“I’m going to give my liver a rest for a month or two, to pay off my credit card bills!”

Sharon Gale – Pissed again!

Travesty of Justice….

I am genuinely shocked and horrified, that SRA survivor Jeanette Archer was fined as above, for naming Child X, the 8 year old boy at the centre of the Wilfred Wong rescue case.

Broadcasting live on Facebook to her Facebook friends, outside Mold Magistrates Court in North Wales, on February 4th 2021 covering Wilfred Wong’s child rescue case, Archer pleaded guilty to naming the boy, which was restricted from being named due to a Court Contempt order.

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I think its a travesty of justice because Archer has now been fined and given a criminal record, for an offence which had no victim.

Even with Child X named, no immediate harm or distress was caused because neither himself, or the majority of the public even knew about it.

Seen by a tiny sub-section of the Truth Movement, it mattered not that he was named, and was only brought to the attention of the authorities by super-grasses, ex prostitute Niki Cooper and proud satanist James Hind.

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A victim of trolling by Sharon Gale, Jeanette Archer has demonstrated remarkable self composure, decorum and aloftness, by rising above the vile and cruel trolling, and has conducted herself admirably in the face of a massive and sustained attack by the Hoaxtead Research community.

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Thanks for the free publicity!

Sharon Gale – Wanker Magnet

Self confessed ‘Wanker Magnet,’ and SRA denier Sharon Gale, was fooled today during her 2 hour plus YouTube live first by a user name, ‘Matty Taylor,’ whom she immediately dumped from the chatroom thinking it was me, and secondly, by a second ‘Matt Taylor’ account, that was actually pretending to be me.

Poor Matty Taylor… This isn’t the first time this has happened to him.

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In the same way Sharon Gale blasts her arch enemy Niki Cooper for automatically assuming anyone with the ‘Gale’ surname must be related to her, she makes a fool of herself by assuming anyone with the surname, ‘Taylor’, must be me too!

Taylor’ is amongst the most common British surnames in British society, as is ‘Matthew,’ a common first name.

“Yeah, see you Matt, you cunt!”

A victim of numerous cloned YouTube accounts, the usual wanker’s whom Gale attracts, namely Grobnob, Jones and The Mouse, were more than happy to let her think the sock puppets were me, knowing full well they weren’t.

In this screenshot below, posted on the ‘Madeline’s Advocate’ channel’s, ‘Ian Puddington the Puddin’ upload, you can see an example of someone who has cloned my now defunct YouTube account, to carry on posting defamatory and malicious comments to people across the net.

As I am always keen to tell anyone when I see this happening.

No wonder my name precedes me and that I have such a bad reputation!

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Self confessed ‘Wanker Magnet,’ surrounded by wankers, Mouse, Bones and Grobnob! (Hind is out of shot!)

I’ve been radicalised…..

Since getting involved with the Truth Movement from 2012, having started my Guerrilla Democracy News blog, I have been radicalised beyond my worse nightmares.

I’m a victim of The Truth, and its left me a broken, scarred and mentally ill man….

Oh how I wish I never watched RichPlanet TV or read Christopher D Spivey….

If I hadn’t I’d be none-the-wiser about the real story of King Arthur; I’d be none-the-wiser about false flag events and I’d be none-the-wiser about satanism!

I would never have met John Wanoa and Andy Devine (not that I have met them yet,) I would never have met John Paterson, David Ellis, Frank McElheron, Neelu Berry, Edward Ellis and so many more!

My life would be very different today, if I had just watched Coronation Street and Eastenders instead of researching conspiracy theories on the Internet.

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