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I hate Grasses –
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Latest news on the Wilfred Wong Story
I endorse the King Arthur Political Party!
Brian Harvey is Mad!
Dougall in Necro-Porn Shocker
Unmasking The Fruitcake Muncher
The Windsor Paedophile Family
Matt who?
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Sharon Gale is back home and begging for money!

Back home having caught a cold (Covid-19 Strain) from Heathrow Airport, Sharon Gale is back doing what she does best – debunking satanism, by showing us her favourite picture of her red human leather skin shoes, and indirectly begging for money, by telling us her credit cards have been “maxxed out!”

Donate to Sharon’s PayPal, by using the email address below:

And if you ever doubt why Sharon Gale deserves a donation to help clear her credit card bill, the answer is in the email address.

Charlotte’s Mum….. No pulling on the heart strings there then!

I know Chris E!

I bet Chris E is a sad old cunt who has nothing going for him in life.

A failed father, a failed lover and a failed superstar. Nothing has gone right for him in his life. Of course its all down to his own attitude, but he can never admit to his own failures and shortcomings, which is why he cyber bullies everyone else, from behind his mask of anonymousity!

Getting weak minded obedient puppies like Danny Jones to do this dirty work for him is typical of this sad, pathetic, loser who has nothing else in life to make him feel better about himself, than pissing on other people’s parade, and throwing his shit at their achievements.

Danny Jones is more than happy to jump when told, and make videos on his behalf, because he hasn’t got two brain cells to add together, to create his own content.

Danny Jones and Chris E are both as bad as each other. Sad, pathetic perverts who have nothing else in their lives, but to bully others.

Critical thinking the unwanted gift of freedom

Critical thinking is at the forefront of a free mind, freedom from false ideas and beliefs. Freedom to see deception and avoid getting trapped in a mental prison. Critical thinking saved my life but it wasn’t easy and yet I never gave up escaping the rabbit hole of which many people remain and many risk falling down.

Read more: Is this real.

John Wanoa Exclusive – Coming Soon.

John Wanoa came to England with the intention of staying 6 months, to launch his Moai Tidal energy office in London.

A fruitution of a lifetime’s work, commitment and dedication to his lawful and royal right to claim his position on the Queen Victoria Trust Fund, dethroning the fake Windsor monarch, Elizabeth Windsor.

John Wanoa drugged last year

Sabotaged by the satanic Hoaxtead Research community, only now is John Wanoa recovering from the nightmare hell he’s been through over the last year and a half.

Leading the charge was Jo-ann Sollis, who is on record having called New Zealand police in tears, saying how she feared John Wanoa would kill the Queen if he was allowed entry into England.

Everyone who called John Wanoa a scammer must be ashamed of themselves.

Destroying a legimate business man from launching a multi-billion $€£¥ company.

Refused entry into the country, because he couldn’t show the funds to cover his costs; Wanoa was unceremoniously turned around and sent back to Hong Kong, even though David Ellis (and others, Frank McElheron included) were waiting at the airport as sponsors of him for the next 6 months.

John Wanoa was stopped entry into the UK based on nothing more than the malicious complaints the Hoaxtead Research community made to both UK and New Zealand border authorities and police about John Wanoa.

Now for the first time John Wanoa is ready to tell his story.

Read it exclusively at Guerrilla Democracy News.

Chris E Controls Danny Jones

Watch this vile smelly Hoaxtead troll wave his insult in my face, desperate for my attention.

Read more:

Who is Chris E?

Chris E is a thick cunt

Then we see Danny Jones being told what to post by Chris E.

“Can you do a quick debunking video regarding devices latest live on YT where he insists The White House is for sale.”

Before specifying, “if you use his links he provides, it should only take 5 minutes.”

To which Danny Jones is happy to oblige with two thumbs up!

New Pieces of Art by Matt Taylor

Universal Monsters fans are going to be spoiled this year. Universal and Tongal are debuting the first pieces in a new art initiative focusing on all the classic monsters this year, starting with Wolfman, Frankenstein, and Dracula. The latter two are celebrating their 90th anniversaries this year, and expect them to get major focus because of it. Fans will be able to create their own monster at the Universal Monsters: Out of the Shadows site, and then the art will be judged on by a panel including Robert Kirkman, Andy, and Bárbara Muschietti, Crash McCreery, Tristan Eaton, and more. As part of this whole thing, three new pieces of art by Matt Taylor, Afua Richardson, and Yuko Shimizu can be found below. Go here for more info and to design your own monster!

Universal Monsters Art Initiative From Universal & Tongal Debuts

Anything Universal Monsters Is Welcome Here

“Beginning February 11th through March 4th, the initiative aims to discover visionary artists (open to U.S. residents only) to create an original character inspired by Universal’s classic cast of Monsters, including DraculaThe WolfmanFrankensteinBride of FrankensteinCreature from the Black LagoonThe MummyPhantom of the OperaHunchback of Notre Dame, and The Invisible Man. The winning artist will receive $10,000 and have their art recognized by an esteemed judging panel of filmmakers and industry creatives, including Robert Kirkman – of the award-winning comic turned TV series “The Walking Dead,” Andy and Bárbara Muschietti – director and producer (respectively) of the blockbuster horror films IT and IT CHAPTER TWO, Crash McCreery – legendary creature designer, Tristan Eaton – celebrated mural and fine artist who recently created a Monsters mural on the famed Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot, along with artists Afua Richardson, Matt Taylor, and Yuko Shimizu.

In celebration of this art initiative, Universal Monsters revealed a collaboration with three of the judges – Afua Richardson, Matt Taylor, and Yuko Shimizu – for reimagined artwork of Classic Monsters celebrating their iconic anniversaries in 2021: Dracula’s 90th (Richardson), Frankenstein’s 90th (Taylor) and The Wolfman’s 80th (Shimizu). This artwork, which serves as inspiration for the “Out of the Shadows” initiative, will be featured across consumer products launching later this year.”

Universal Monsters Art Initiative From Universal & Tongal Debuts
Wolfman by Yuko Shimizu

“This idea came to me first. It was my first time watching the film, and there is this mystical Eastern European dark feel to it. So, I was envisioning old Northern European Renaissance print type of look involving dark woods, which much of the story takes place. Usually, coming up with ideas is the hardest, but this came pretty easy to me. The actual work took longer; to get that engraving feel, each line needed to be carefully drawn. It took quite a lot of time, but I am really happy with the result and hope the viewers feel the same.”

Universal Monsters Art Initiative From Universal & Tongal Debuts
Dracula by Afua Richardson

“I’ve always seen a comparison between the Count and the gaslighting psychopath. They forfeit empathy, love, and self-sacrifice, surrendering to animalistic impulses using those around them as a resource to prolong their survival at the cost of everyone else’s. Count Dracula also brings to mind those in my life who were hidden enemies. The way he can cunningly convince someone, even as their life force slips away, that where they want to be is in the confines of his beautiful prison—what a beautiful, terrifying, lonely beast. And yet, you’ll always watch to see if there is a moment of reflection. Is there any humanity left in their veins? [Besides what they’ve pilfered out of someone’s aorta] I wanted to try to expose the beast that lives in the immortal predator. Whenever I create a composition, I chart out the dimensions and midpoints thru grids and diagonals. Along the way, this blood-red V made its way into the work as I outlined where I wanted to put all my focus. I thought I’d keep it to add a modern effect to a classic monster.”

Universal Monsters Art Initiative From Universal & Tongal Debuts
Frankenstein by Matt Taylor

“Frankenstein is a really special movie, and really not even a horror movie at all, but a warning on the consequences of playing God. The Creature has the mind of a newborn but is cursed with a body assembled in the form of a brute made from spare parts. I wanted the artwork to focus primarily on The Creature and his birth – the violence of his creation, with nods to all that happens after. I’ve looked at a lot of Frankenstein posters by some of the best artists in the game, and the image of The Creature being birthed by the lightning felt new to me. The skull, the grasping stitched hand, and the medical illustrations were all meant to speak to the macabre patchwork nature of creation; the windmill is such an iconic image in all of film that was no way I could leave it out; the image of The Bride a nod to what awaits The Creature just down the line. And then in the background, the face of The Creature itself, emerging from the chaos of the painting. I wanted him to have a somber expression – not aggressive or angry – The Creature isn’t the villain or a monster in any real way, but hopelessly misunderstood and unaware of his own strength. This might be my favorite poster I’ve painted – a mix of classic elements and contemporary framing and type – it all came together better than I could have imagined.”

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About Jeremy Konrad

Jeremy Konrad has written about collectibles and film for almost ten years. He has a deep and vast knowledge of both. He resides in Ohio with his family.


The :Andy:Devine Conspiracy



You’ve left this group

You can’t message or call this group, and you won’t see any updates.

BONES: U let him in lol

BELLEND: Thats fucken let andy know what i am doing


AJ: Need to be a bit more carful should have last docment thats needed in the moring should be rid of these dirty lowlifes very soon

AJ: who let that mug in here

BONES: His account is in here but not sure if he can see any of these messages

BELLEND: Aj danny is taylor in here?

BELLEND: Is matt taylor in here

BONES: How was court Matt ?

BELLEND: Hes going off every thing once i have the cetificate lol

AJ: i hear divvy is leaveing facebook as to many people are clocking on to his unhealthy intrest in children

BELLEND: On the death certificate there is a bit where you have to put the name of person who declared the death lol should i get legendo plisko put down lol

BELLEND: Lol we can look in to that once devine is deleted lol

JOHN: i heard matt was found sucking cock at out the back of tescos

BELLEND: Lol see matt taylors only been getting 1 to 5 viewers lol since we let him have a break

BELLEND: Yeah just need few more then i can register him dead kyyros will sort that doc out and bang we can close everything lol even if he makes new ones we can keep cliseing them lol with death cetificate lol

AJ: thats it we are on track we have one letter for each of them not many more needed

BELLEND: I told you this guy is a level above us

AJ: Cant thank him enouh i see you have been busy this past few days @John Doe’s i told you they Nuts

BELLEND: Kyros. Is a legend lol hes just told me when we get the death certificate we can send it to fb and youtube to close his accounts pmsl the guy is legend i never though of that lol

JOHN: its a shame wont be able o have a credit for i but it will have been worth it after all

JOHN: Will to start the ball rolling on have the rest picked up shoofly after

BELLEND: Lol doing it to wanoa and neelu or mate would be funny but too hard to do it in uk and no connections in newzeland wanoa would have a stroke if it was done to him

JOHN: it’s been a hard Graft put all will be worth it in the end we cant have these scumbags running around cause so much destruction

BELLEND: Lol this is a master peice everyone will be talking about this fior years aj lol

BELLEND: It has to be put down as a RTA on the form both died on scene then once he sends us the death certificate off them both whisk a copy to gov and boom job done lol andy will be on the migrant boats if he wants to come to uk lol

BELLEND: will be pissed cause her stuff will be closed aswell lol

BELLEND: He cant even press charges even if he finds out who done it cause greek courts hold no power here lol and the deaths registerd there and then sent to uk lol where everything will be canceled even if he holds a greek passport lol

JOHN: Heather may actually leave him this time, He has put her though stress that no caring partner would do it surprising that she has not booted him out yet

BELLEND: Dont worry he will be a real no body when hes got no passport and registerd dead lol

JOHN: Looks like Mr Devine has been issuing Threats again.

BELLEND: Ok keep them screens we just need few for andy and we got the ball rolling hes going to go off his head when every things shut and hes a man with no name pmsl

JOHN: Plisko iv just been sent a screen shot of one of Heathers letters you need to see this it’s very interesting

BELLEND: he is going to send pictures of any letter soon as we get about 3 diffrent bills or id we can  shut down utilities and get ball rolling on his passport going to be good time for andy soon lol

BELLEND: We got new member who is there and hes getting us realy good intel we are getting records of his house mail now

BELLEND: Danny i emailed you the drne footage of andys house

BELLEND: Once ee get a few of his bills we can the get a copy of a greece death cetificate and then send it to the home office and his passport is gone ni number drivers licence you name its all closed annd uts job done

BELLEND: Yyeah try get a weekly price. Dont want junk mail. Make sure its for heather aswell he might be useing her name to get ppost hopefuly it works out ok with getting picturs of there mail email me his email addy

JOHN: I got the email Plisko that footage is top quality that will make for a great video, heard back they should be able to sort out his mail

BELLEND: We got the drone footage only thing is heather is in the video sitting out side this guy is top class his drone gas a hd cam you can see heathers minge needs a shave its that good theres a few cats laying around aswell but hes got some video of in his window and door

BELLEND: We will update in a bit danny drone going to andys house

BONES: ???

BELLEND: We got a drone pilot now hes ready to go sent pay pal payment


BONES: drone over who?

BELLEND: Got a greek guy who will do it for €70 his drone has long range

BELLEND: order a drone fly overs ill start searching

AJ: i dont think flights cost that much im sure can i sure it was under a £100 last time i went over there

BELLEND: you want to see if we can book a local to fly and record andys  house

BELLEND: our budget has came in we got to split £1666.69p   what you want to do with it


BELLEND: i got in other day its crap load of rubbish on the site we are allways 2 steps ahead of them

AJ: is it posible that Heather has realized that divvy is a pedo and thats why shes so promiscuous at the bar

AJ: sound mate have to wonder is purple thumb their new code for ped0 group

BELLEND: AJ my mate got in the thumb`s emails we got the details of everyone pm me

AJ: Have Wayfairs solicitors been in contact with jesus yet i gave them his address and divvys address and both divvys phone numbers funny one seems to be matching my youtube account name un listed

BELLEND: the special naughty list one where its a select few who gets to see what andys got on his safe haven pc in greece

JOHN: Mathew are you on Mr. Divines email mailing list?

BELLEND: subliminal messages in that video matt is it trying to say kid pictues online  from your blog?

BELLEND: bit strange why matt makes a video with a baby on a laptop followed by  camera equipment

AJ: Matt do you know where you have been going wrong ? have the courts put you straight yet as to what you have been doing wrong

BELLEND: matt you had any kid porn pics from andrew devine or john paterson

JOHN: Mathew wont like that to many questions lets see if he is capable of answering them I’m sure there’s plenty more

AJ: what was that other name that was on divvys pasport as he said to the police at saint james park ? Why did Divvys post man call divvy mr o’neil and then why did divvy make up a cock an ball story about not having a post man when clearly one had been to his door

AJ: did you ever watch crusty making his documents with ink all over his hands i suppose i can’t say he ait a tryer . i will never forget the day that the penny nearly droped for divvy

AJ: do you remember crustys live from customs that was funny crusty proving his flag and scrape book are worthless crap

AJ: hay Matt did divvy catch herpys when he went for the roast

JOHN: Evening Mathew you starting to wake up yet

Aug 17, 2020, 4:35 PM TO Sep 2020

The Truth Movement isn’t what it used to be!

I remember when I first jumped into the Truth Movement with both feet.

Back then YouTube was new, and ‘Going Live,’ was unheard of.

All we had back then was blogs, uploading to YouTube, Facebook and forums to exchange information and debate the news of the day.

So while a lot has remained the same, a lot has changed.

Back then David Icke was started up The People’s TV. Richplanet TV was on terrestrial TV, Ian R Crane was a fat piggy, Christopher D Spivey was smashing it, while Tom Cahill was the thorn in the side of all the top dogs, and the beautiful Danielle La Verite, was wooing us all with her stunning good looks and stories of being a secret MK super soldier.

Oh, those were the days!

Nowadays we have Danny Jones, Sharon Gale, The Mouse, Niki Cooper, AJ and Grobnob!

Hey, not all is lost. On the plus side we have John Wanoa, Dr Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Andy Devine and more tarot card readers than you can count on one hand!

Christopher D Spivey is clinging on with his finger nails. Ian R Crane is a shadow of himself, Tom Cahill has disappeared, along with Danielle La Verite, Greg Hallett and so many more who’s names escape me.

Where’s the Drama?

The only drama we get now is watching Sharon Gale getting pissed live on YouTube, and watching through fingers across our eyes, as to whether her boyfriend will either beat her up, or fuck her over the kitchen table!

There is no one we can depend on anymore. Back then we could operate without fear of being copyrighted or mass trolled by organised troll rings.

The leading organised troll ring operating at the moment are the satanic Hoaxtead Research Community.

They’ve sucked out all the fun from the Truth Movement by maliciously mass reporting everyone, resulting in them getting 3 month Facebook bans, losing their YouTube channels, and resulting in the cops banging at your door.

The horror stories of the last few years, include the tragedies of John Wanoa being denied entry into the UK, and the resulting mental health fraud against him, which saw him committed to mental institution in New Zealand, which nearly killed him; and of-course, we still have the People’s Champion, John Paterson, locked up in a mental health ward in Chichester, awaiting his trial in April 2021.


A lot has changed, since looking back with fondness to 2014, when I caused a storm at Ian R Crane’s Truth Conference.

Read more: Chasing a storm at the AV5 Truth Movement

I haven’t even mentioned the Q movement, the Trump years and Covid-19.

The world has changed immensely since those heady romantic days of discovering everything is a lie, and everything reported to us on TV is bullshit, designed to control and deceive.

Where’s Bill Maloney? Have no fear, we’ve got Jon Wedger instead!

While many have fallen to the wayside, new heroes and heroines are always rising to the top to savour their 15 minutes of fame.

With more features and options being made available to the amateur blogger, across the Internet, there has never been a better time to jump on board and get involved.

Shaun Attwood did so, and just look how successful he is now!

I miss Sam the blogger, Tom Cahill, Richard D Hall, Secure Team 10 and Bill Maloney.

I continue to watch Ben Emlyn Jones, UK Column News and James Corbett.

I’m thrilled to have discovered Britain’s Hidden History, Simon Parkes, Teal Swan, Gina Maria Colvin Hill, Jeanette Archer and many more whose names I can’t remember to mention.

A big shout out to my mates, Angela Power-Disney, Neelu Berry, Babs, Andy Devine, Dave Witcher, Jamie Bennett and of-course the shining star of them all, the awesomely wonderful, Cassie Sunshine.

So while I look back with sadness and fondness to the ones who have slipped away from the limelight, the spirit of the Truth Movement is being kept alive with the new blood joining the Truth Movement everyday.

Let’s just take a moment to remember all those who won’t be making a comeback.

Rest in Peace dear Guy Taylor, Patrick Cullinane, John Harris, Gordon Bowden and Ginger, my cat….

Leave a message, and tell us what you like best, or hate worse, about the Truth Movement?

Danny Jones is Racist – Part Two

Click me to watch me

Danny Jones has continued to call me a scammer, involved with the so called ‘King’s Flag scam’, even though no victim has ever come forward to complain of being scammed.

Danny Jones jumped on the band wagon and accused me of being a paedophile, rubbing my words into my face.

Danny Jones wished me in prison, depriving a loving father from his loving kids.

Danny Jones continually accuses others of being all manner of things;




Its all projection.

I have every right to do unto him, as he does onto others.

“It proves he has no critical thinking. It shows his low intelligence, ignorance and lack of journalistic skills. He is an embarrassment and has proven himself to be a racist yet again!”

Brighton People

I need to VENT!!!!!!! Because I’m bloody fuming!!! 🤬😡🤬
Got back from Lidl today , where I don’t usually do my shopping, and to pick up a few things. I’m waiting in line and I dropped £20 note (yep that’s me trying to hold everything because I didn’t want a trolley). The lady in front of me picked it up. I thanked her and held my hand out, and she said, “The things found on earth are kept by the collector,” and walks away.
😡I was like “You’re joking” and I looked at the persons behind me standing in line, they couldn’t believe it either…. this can’t be real life right now, right?!
So I took a deep breath and I turned back towards the lady/thief/or whatever you wanna call her and as I approached her I said, “Do I look like I’m in the mood?! Let’s not play games. Go ahead and give me back my money.”
She had the nerve to ignore me completely and tried to walk away from me so of course, I left everything and followed her to the car park as I was calling the police (because of course somebody’s about to go to prison not sure who at this point though, her or me). She was almost running at this point to get away from me, which was the first sign of real intelligence 💡 this lady had shown. 😂 When she got to her car she put her bags on the ground trying to quickly get her boot open.
I was boiling at this point! I decided that her “finders keepers” rule just presented the perfect opportunity for a great teachable moment, so, I ran full speed ( probably not that fast), and grabbed her shopping bags, and headed to my car yelling, “The things found on earth are kept by the collector!”
I got in my car ignoring her every attempt to get my attention. I was outta line I’ll admit, but she was too. I was fuming 😡 but I had a sense of satisfaction at the same time. Obviously I have never took anything that wasn’t mine But anyway I get home and open the bags and what did I find?
3 packs of fillet steak
3 kgs of wild caught salmon
2 kgs of potatoes
A bottle of Vodka
I can’t help but think to myself… WOW! Not bad for £20😂😂😂.

What’s Wrong with Wilfred Wong?

I’ve been asked by Niki Cooper to prove Wilfred Wong spent 27 years protecting and safe-guarding children.

Other than his own testimony of doing so, I’ve got no evidence!

But then again, what evidence does anyone have that Wilfred Wong hasn’t been protecting and safe-guarding children?

Niki Cooper believes there is no excuse to abduct a child!

I agree to an extent. The extent being the child is in danger, and that an abduction is the only option left to saving the child from imminent danger.

I do not believe for a moment, that Wilfred Wong would intentionally be a part of an abduction, if he didn’t believe the child was in imminent danger of further abuse.


I’m more than happy to stand with Wilfred Wong.

I’ve never met the man, but what I’ve seen of him on YouTube has impressed me enough to dismiss all suggestions that he’s part of an organised paedophile ring that abducts children for their own sexual gratification.

I believe its an utterly ridiculous suggestion to believe Wilfred Wong is anything other than what he says he is.

To refer to Wilfred Wong as a “piece of shit,” and a “trained predator,” says more about Niki Cooper’s character than Wilfred Wong’s.

“Wilfred Wong is just a piece of shit, a trained predator.”

Claiming to be “shit hot researchers,” Niki Cooper (and her side-kick Tee), have already shown up their slopply investigative skills, by claiming North Thanet MP, Sir Roger Gale is Sharon Gale’s Father.

A simply check would have proved Sir Roger Gale is NOT Sharon Gale’s Father.

Read more: Breaking News- Sir Roger Gale is NOT Sharon Gale’s Father.

Click me to goto Exposing the Hoaxtead Troll’s Facebook page.

Stayed tuned for more breaking news from the Hoaxtead Troll community.

Coming up next- Sharon Gale in Suicide Hell….

Cooper (Tee) v’s Gale (Mouse) Round Two!

Who’s Lying? Gale or Archer?

In the clip above we hear Sharon Gale mention her alleged “car crash!”

But when ‘critical thinking’ is applied, taking into account that she has never told us what happened, and nor has her boyfriend shown any visible injuries caused by the crash; it appears more conclusive than ever, that Gale is lying about being in a car crash.

While in the clip above, we hear in disturbing and graphic detail, a horrific memory of Archer being lower into a well, full of dead and dying children, in which she recounts making eye contact with discarded babies and toddlers, barely clinging onto life.

Someone is lying.

Gale tells us that she’s been in a car accident with her boyfriend, leaving her with bruised arms, knocked about face and a painful arse.

She has never elaborated on what happened, and we have since seen her boyfriend with no visible injuries from the alleged car crash.

Verses Archer who has recounted in explicit detail and clarity, a horrific childhood experience of being lowered into a pit, which had dead babies bodies at the bottom, some of which she made eye contact with, as they clinged to life.

Who do you believe?

Sharon Gale Trolls Jeanette Archer

Sharon Gale gleefully joined in with the Hoaxtead trolls during The Mouse’s latest hate fest against satanic ritual abuse survivor, Jeanette Archer.
Willfully and with a disturbing satanic glee, the Hoaxtead Trolls, encouraged by Gale’s privileged position within their hordes, lambasted Archer as an attention seeking money grabber, for publicly telling her horrific true life story of satanic ritual abuse throughout her childhood.

I’m not a Paedophile Apologist?

I’m certainly not a paedophile apologist, but I have been falsely accused and vilified as a paedophile for the last 3-4 years.

But as to what length of prison sentence paedophiles should serve? I don’t know.

Is prison meant to rehabilitate or punish. Do we even need prisons? Are there alternative ways to deal with our societies most evil and depraved members?

I don’t believe in the death penalty because of the potential of innocent parties being killed, but if someone can be proved to have killed a child on 100% evidence, then death by hanging would be appropriate.

According to Hansard, The Minister of State for the Ministry of Justice, Rory Stewart said;

“Sexual offences perpetrated against children are horrific crimes and the impact of these can have a lasting impact on victims and their families.

Sentencing decisions are taken by our independent courts. They will take such decisions based on the full circumstances of the offence and offender, and consider the relevant sentencing guidelines.

The independent Sentencing Council has produced definitive guidelines on sexual offences.

There are a range of offences someone can be convicted of if they abuse a child.

Life imprisonment is available for the most serious offences, such as the rape of a child under the age of 13.

For certain child sexual abuse offences, extended determinate sentences can be imposed for the purposes of public protection.

There are no plans to increase maximum penalties available for child sexual abuse offences.

Average custodial sentences for sexual offences overall are increasing, and have gone up from 43 months in 2007 to just under 60 months in 2017.

The number of prisoners serving a custodial sentence for a sexual offence has nearly trebled, from 4,795 (in June 1998) to 13,580 (in 2018).”

So to answer your question… I think paedophile sentences are adequate as they are, but I’m also aware that paedophilia is so widespread, that police chiefs haven’t got the resources to investigate every paedophile allegation.

This is where the judicial system is failing our children.

I’m all for ending the war on drugs, and redirecting all the resources to combating child abuse.

I know better than most the devastating effect child abuse has on victim’s lives.

I’m a victim of child abuse myself, who was fortunate enough to endure only a fraction of the abuse my sister suffered.

And anyway, we aren’t talking about my opinion of what sentences paedophiles should get, we are talking about Danny Jone’s opinion. Because he choose to share his opinion in public, and in doing so, opened himself up to public scrutiny.

Read more: Danny Jones wants a “chat.”

Comment of the Week!

Many thanks to Dusty Binliner for his/her kind comment.

And special thanks for pointing out the viciousness of Chris E, who I have reported to Sussex Police.

I took particular alarm, distress and fear when he sent me the following message:

“Look on the bright side Matt, at least you’ll get 3 meals a day in jail, must be hard digging in bins behind the supermarket just to survive, K will meet a real man, kids get a new dad, a real one they can look up to. Its not all bad news. Might take K for a drink myself. Is she dating anyone ?”

Who on Earth could Chris E be?

I find it very comforting that the last person who threatened me is locked away in Chelmsford prison , crying himself to sleep on the vulnerable prisoner wing, threatening to kill himself..”

Danny Jones wants a “chat”.

Having changed his mind about wishing me either to get “locked up” or “sectioned,” Danny Jones now wants a “chat.”

Read more: Sharon Gale jumps on the bandwagon.

He’s got a cheek to say that my claims against him are “totally untrue” and “unfounded,” when he and his merry band of cunts kicked of this war, by making “totally untrue” and “unfounded” claims that John Wanoa was a scammer!

Which they continue to claim today, even without any proof or evidence that anyone has ever been scammed by John Wanoa.

Join the UK Moai King William IV Party

Click me to watch an Unlisted video on Fastdriver 2020

He’s right though, I do have great writing and media skills!

But what he doesn’t appreciate is that I’ve nurtured those skills, by commentating on the Rat Shit Conspiracy World.

Back in 2012 when I sold myself as a freelance copywriter, I made a conscious decision to choose the Conspiracy World as my niche market.

It was about the same time I discovered Chris Spivey, and I found it fascinating that people could actual believe what this man was writing.

Read more: Christopher D Spivey

Again, the arrogance of this man knows no bounds.

The so called “totally untrue” and “unfounded” claims I’ve made against him, are based on his own words and testimony.

Just as he and his merry band of cunts have regurgitated a sound clip of my words, as proof I’M A PAEDOPHILE, here I am having done the same, but of course, (proving he’s a baby-arsed-snowflake), he calls foul and threatens to report me to Mr Policeman.

Lets look more deeply into the “totally untrue” and “unfounded,” claims I made against him.

Firstly, I claimed he belittled child abuse by joking about it, referring to it as “satanic kiddy fiddling.”

That is neither “totally untrue,” or “unfounded.” It actually happened. He actually said it in The Wasp Show on 01 February 2021.

He said it. Not me, nor anyone else.

He brought in the word “satanic” and he agreed that paedophilia (or rather- satanic kiddy fiddling – as he likes to call it,) was “everywhere,” and “widespread,” “common in all cultures and societies.”

Worth saying twice, I didn’t make this up! Its neither “totally untrue” or “unfounded”. He said this in conversation with The Wasp on 01 February 2021.

Having acknowledged that paedophila is “everywhere”, “widespread” and “common in all cultures and societies,” he then goes on to say that “satanic kiddy fiddlers,” should be “stampled” out, with 25 year plus prison sentences, with “extras,” which I can only guess means castration!

In previous YouTube comments he dares to lecture me on ‘critical thinking,’ when he himself calls for a widespread problem, be dealt with the harshest prison sentences ever, plus castration.

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Nothing I’ve said about him is thus far “totally untrue” or “unfounded”.

He himself says that the best way to combat child abuse (satanic kiddy fiddling,) is to tell the very paedophiles running the paedophile rings, namely, politicians!

Saying that is a slap in the face of all true anti child abuse crusaders, who have spent years trying to warn the public, that paedophiles operate in Parliament.

And then of-course, the most disturbing and worrying comment that he loses sleep at night, thinking about his daughters sex life.

He even has the nerve to defend himself, by again, throwing it back at me, dismissing me as inexperienced, foolish and stupid (incapable of critical thinking.)

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Listen up paedo- I will never lose sleep over who my kids end up growing up and falling in love with.

I do not grasp both their fears over their daughters going to secondary school, and all the randy teenage boys wanting to have sex with them.

But if he trolling me then he ain’t trying others.”

Oh who could he possibly mean? Not Sharon Gale by any chance?

This is the very same Sharon Gale who broadcasts disturbing YouTube lives, while totally pissed and incoherent in mind, body and spirit.

The very same Sharon Gale who has mercilessly trolled Jeanette Archer, after she came out as a historic satanic child abuse victim.

A collection of Sharon Gale comments made during an upload about Jeanette Archer

“I hope he knows where the line is with me.”

Danny Jones crossed the line with me a long long time ago.

He crossed it by calling me a scammer, alongside with John Wanoa and Andy Devine.

He crossed it by calling me a paedophile.

And he crossed it by wishing me in prison.

That’s child abuse in my eyes, because the only people who would suffer if I went to jail, would be my kids.

And anyone wishing sadness and heartache on my kids, has crossed the line with me.

Time to move on with my life!

Danny Jones, real name Linden Warden, thinks its time I moved on with my life, get a job and start critical thinking.

Isn’t it arrogant of him to think I should listen to his advice of moving on with life, by getting a job and thinking critically?

If I had any advice for him, it would be stop worrying about me and worry about his own son more.

He must stop wasting his time on the Internet and provide the care for his son, which he isn’t providing today.

Hoax Police Danny Jones v’s Hoax Dr Charlie Ward

What’s the difference between Danny Jones going public with a fake name; (his real name is Linden Warden), and Charlie Ward, who has a Dr. prefix, with no doctor qualifications?

As I remember it, his son decided on his name and its stuck ever since.

Charlie Ward has never used his Dr. prefix to heal someone
But yet, Danny Jones uses a fake policeman’s hat to boost his credibility

This is another example of Danny Jones criticising someone else’s behaviour, when he himself, does the same!

Sharon Gale Responds to Barbs Ohare

It only took her over week to reply to Barbs Ohare’s damning video about her.

This is a small snippet of Ohare’s 22 minute video.

After calling Sharon out as a liar, fake and an attention seeker, referring to sex parties, strap-ons, and her involvement in her babies death, Sharon Gale has finally responded, by asking Barbs, “and where are your children?”

Danny Jones doesn’t “Grasp It.”

Here we have Danny Jones defending his comments about “losing sleep,” over the sex life of his daughter at secondary school, by lecturing to me that until my daughter starts going clubbing etc, I will “then be able to understand,” but “until then you won’t grasp it.”

Bullshit. I understand it now! And never once have I worried about my teenage daughter and the company she keeps, because she has been brought up a bright, educated and confident person, who I have full trust in exploring her own sexuality and love life, without any concern or worry from me.

I’ve also got friends, colleagues and family members who have also got teenage daughters, who they’ve watched fall in love and start relationships with their chosen partners.

Neither have they lost sleep about their daughter’s love lives.

Is it because we bring up our daughters differently to how Danny Jones and The Wasp bring up their daughters?

An abusive father would worry about their daughters starting secondary school and starting relationships independent of their fathers.

Listening to The Wasp and Danny Jones on The Wasp show on 01 February 2021, felt like listening to two paedophiles discussing their fears and worries of their daughters starting secondary school, having a relationship, and the fear and worry of their own paedophile abuse coming to light.

It was uncomfortable listening.

Plus demeaning Child-Abuse, by calling it “satanic kiddy fiddling,” and the over the top call for paedophiles to be given 25 year plus prison sentences, plus castration.

Without touching on his agreement that the only way to combat child abuse is to write a letter to your local MP, Danny Jones has raised pertinent and valid questions about his sexuality, by revealing a paedophilic side to him, which he otherwise hides, by pointing his finger to other innocent parties, and calling them paedophiles.

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Beware of Danny Jones
Hiding in plain sight!

Why would I say I’ve got child porn in my possession?

The only reason I’ve ever said I’ve got child porn in my possession, is because for three years Sussex Police told me they had found child porn in my possession.

I have never downloaded child porn or viewed it, and I’ve never seen any pictures from Sussex Police, depicting any child porn, alleged to have been found in my possession.

On three different occasions I went to sleep knowing the next day I would have to appear before 12 men and women of my peers, and face the worst allegations any man and father could ever be accused of committing.

And on each of those nights, I knew that only a NOT GUILTY verdict would do.

For three years I had this hanging over me. Whenever I went to a trial to face my destiny, I would have a Prosecution Lawyer try to convince me to plead guilty, and that I would get the help I need to deal with my alleged paedophila.

On each occasion I told them to jog on…

Yes, on the night before having to face a jury of my peers and defend myself against the worst crime any man or father could be accused of committing, I recorded and published a short video chronicling my state of mind and emotions.

Even though no evidence had ever been shown to me, I had three years worth of legal documentation and conversation allegeding two pictures deemed illegal were found in my possession.

I simply acknowledged the reality of my situation.

Child porn had been alleged to have been found in my possession and I had no idea how it got there.

After three years of kicking the can down the road, and unable to get me to confess to being a paedophile, who had downloaded child porn, the case against me was dismissed due to a lack of evidence.

I have yet to see the pictures which caused me three years of misery.

Thanks for asking!

Playing with the minds of the Vulnerable.

Its EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to mess with the mind of a vulnerable adult, who has already threatened to jump of Beachy Head.

ONE WOMAN VIGILANTE, my friend called Briony, does not know that the person she is replying to, is a vile dangerous troll, speaking to her via the fake cloned account of Annmarie Sarafield.

It demonstrates the lengths these trolls go to deceive, regardless of who they use to spread their lies.


Grobnob warns me over Sharon Gale

Chris Brindle, middle-aged, sad, depressed and alone, has warned me to “watch it, ” for “harassing women, ” (meaning Sharon Gale), that I’ll “get pulled again,” and “be sent down.”

Does Chris Brindle know something I don’t know?

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I’m not stalking anyone! Let alone Sharon Gale.

Sharon Gale is a YouTube sensation who splashed on the UK’s online Truth Movement scene ranting and raving that satanic ritual abuse is all bullshit and Jeanette Archer’s true life story of being a victim of satanic ritual abuse throughout childhood, is all lies.

She calls Jon Wedger a scammer, liar and fraud.

And she gloats over other’s misfortune. For example at Wilfred Wong, calling him a child trafficker, rather than the child safety crusader, he actually is.

We are all entitled to our opinion, but people like Chris Brindle and Sharon Gale seem to think their opinion is more entitled than others.

Sharon Gale protected by her three boyfriends

But not one of them is brave enough to rescue her from ‘Himself’, who is clearly holding Sharon hostage and beating her black and blue.

Sharon Gale comments on the Truth Movement, and as editor of Guerrilla Democracy News, which reports on the comings and goings of the Truth Movement, I report on the Truth Movement too.

Sharon Gale has made a splash, which is the reason she’s been mentioned.

To suggest I’m going to be “pulled,” by the police for blogging about Sharon Gale is ridiculous, and shows Chris Brindle to be obsessed with Sharon Gale, willing to defend her honour, regardless of the Turkish hustler currently beating up her up and renting her out for a S&M evenings.

“You’ll be sent down.”

It hasn’t happened and it isn’t likely to ever happen…. Accept it and move on….

My response to Danny Jone’s response.

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Watch my video in response to Fanny Bone’s pitiful response to being called out as a paedo, hiding in plain site.

Danny Jones has failed to address his belittling of child abuse by calling it “satanic kiddy fiddling.’

He has failed to address his over the top cry for 25 year plus prison sentences, plus extras such as castration, for perpetrators of child abuse.

“We must stample it out,” Danny Jones said.

He has failed to address why he loses sleep worrying about his daughters sex life.

Very Creepy!

He has failed to say why reporting child abuse to your MP, is the answer to combating child abuse in the UK.

Why if it is so “widespread,” and is “everywhere,” throughout society does he act so over the top discussing it?

Danny Jones first called me a “Convicted Paedophile,” long before I even knew his name.

Being called a paedophile isn’t nice at all, and it effects other people too.

Spare a thought of what I’ve had to endure over the past 3-4 years, with arseholes like you, AJ, Grobnob, and the rest of your merry vermin, calling me a paedophile.

You are just like the Hypocrisy Queen. More than happy to dish it out in bucket loads, but a pathetic weak bitch, once only a cup full of KARMA is thrown back at you.

My ‘Proper Rampage’ against Bones was purely unintentional.

I had no previous plans to blog about Fanny Bones, when I woke up a few mornings ago.

It just happened. It happened out of the blue.

My Proper Rampage against Fanny Bones.

1. Danny Jones is a Racist

2. Danny Jones word by word forsenically examined

3. Danny Jones is a Paedophile

4. Is Danny Jones a Paedophile?

5. Let’s talk more about Danny Jones

It all happened by accident. I was doing something, when something else happened, so I finished doing that and started something else instead, and before I knew it, I had exposed Danny Bones as a racist and paedophile.

Very strange!

More strange is that having done his Tarot card Reading, he’s the King of the World, on the cusp of global stardom.

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Have the police been yet?

Have you reported Matt Taylor to the police today?

According to Chris E, who I have never met, and who I know nothing about, urges the Hoaxtead community to email Sussex Police, as Andy’s videos are evidence that I am still stalking/harassing someone, albeit via a third party.

Here we have the vermin pledging to help me in the direction to court.

And then of course Fanny Bones banging on about bail conditions, and whether or not I’ve broken them.


Daily Thoughts #1

Satirism is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.

What is the significance of the woods?

Here we have Linden Warden responding to his 01 Feb 2021 appearance on The Wasp Show, during which he let sipped his paedophile thoughts towards his daughter, as she started secondary school.

He sickeningly agreed with the host, that the thought of other teenage boys trying to fuck their teenage daughters, was a fear that kept them awake at night, preventing them from sleeping.

Apply some critical thinking.

Only fathers who have sexually abused their daughters, would worry about their daughters going to Secondary school.

A paedophile father would naturally worry that once his daughter goes to secondary school and goes through puberty and sex education, that what happened to her as a child would come out.

I’m a father of a teenage girl, and uncle to two young female adults, and I’ve never given one thought to their sex lives and what they get up to with the boyfriend’s.

Fanny Paedo complains, “I see Matt Taylor is on a proper rampage lool.”

Haha, a “Proper Rampage,” in the paedo mind of Danny Jones is;

1. Danny Jones is a Racist

2. Danny Jones word by word forsenically examined

3. Danny Jones is a Paedophile

4. Is Danny Jones a Paedophile?

5. Let’s talk more about Danny Jones

OK, perhaps, “proper rampage,” are the correct words to use!

“Think he has broken his bail conditions lol”

If you think I have broken any bail conditions, ring up Sussex Police and tell them. I’m sure they would love to hear from the famed HoaxPolice Investigator and fake police officer.


Tell them exactly what bail conditions I’ve broken. Feel free. Fill your boots. I want you to. Do it now!

“Taylor is going downhill fast and thats the quickest route to court.”

Bring it on Vermin.

“We will do all we can to help speed him in the direction.”

Oh goodie. Another malicious complaint against me by some cunt on the Internet xxx

OK, I Lied!

On the day I gained 100 subscribers on my third YouTube channel and 100 views on my blog, and in the spirit of coming clean I’m not Grobnob, I’m now confessing to have lied this morning when I said I’m not doing much except sitting on my bed.

Read more: I am not doing much.

I half lied. I am sitting on my bed, but I am doing a lot. Indeed much more than much, I’m working away with the Spirit Animal of my son, a Honey Badger.

Today I broke the Guerrilla Democracy News Exclusive that Sir Roger Gale is NOT Sharon Gale’s Father, as alleged by ex prostitute and amateur detective Niki Cooper.

I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved with Guerrilla Democracy News.

I’ve been its editor in chief since 2012, and since then have published 1000’s of articles, 1000’s of videos, and made millions of fans.

Guerrilla Democracy News has been very successful.

I resolve myself of sin.

I’m a Holy Man now dedicated to leading a Holy lifestyle.

Its been a very productive day.

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My opinion on Sharon Gale? Thanks for asking!

There is nothing more I enjoy in life than giving my opinion, so many thanks for asking.

I personally think you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that Sharon Gale is being eaten up from inside, with either guilt, fear or shame over an event which happened 20 years ago.

I didn’t include pain because time eases pain. There is something even worse chipping away at her soul, and I don’t believe it has anything to do with viewing counts.

Don’t get me wrong. Viewing counts is a factor. It certainly is for me. Blogging about Sharon Gale is sure to bring in the views. In fact I’m more than happy to admit the driving factor in covering the Sharon Gale saga is purely for the views.

Take for example the video below that will soon pass the 1000 mark. Its my most viewed upload on my YouTube channel.

Click me to watch me

But for Sharon, I don’t get the impression its about the views. There is something more sinister going on behind the scenes.

And that’s her denunciation of SRA.

In my humble opinion, the only reason she’s as popular as she is, is because she’s pissing on anyone who claims SRA is a real and present danger to our children, and society at large.

You only need to look at her main victims; Jeanette Archer, Samantha Baldwin, Jon Wedger and Wilfred Wong.

(Whats the common demoninator?)

She’s a convenient idiot, who has come along and found her niche in the Truth Movement by slagging off anyone who claims to be a victim of the worst crime, imaginable to the public.

That was the reason she caught my attention in the first place.

Defaming Jeanette Archer, and pissing on her story of childhood satanic ritual abuse, by denigrating her story as lies.

Here we have an individual throwing scorn at others, calling them liars, cheats and frauds, but crying foul and acting the abused and terrified victim, when the tables are turned and the same is done to her.

I’ve got no sympathy for her. She deserves everything she gets, because she projects the same hate upon others.

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So no, I don’t think its about the views in Sharon Gale’s case; I think its more about certain anti-SRA crusaders, such as Fanny Bones, Grobnob, Trouser Mouse and the larger Hoaxtead Research community, putting her on a pedestal as a convenient idiot, used to discredit the existence and threat of Satanic Ritual Abuse. (Which in itself is just a cover for ABUSE!)

Read more: Let’s talk about SRA

We are all entitled to our opinion, and many thanks for asking for mine.

Thank you for your support X

About Sharon Gale! I told you so…

I take no pleasure in gloating, but I saw straight through Sharon Gale’s sickly sweet facade on the first occasion I set eyes on her.

She took too much delight in cruelly rubbishing the stories of Jeanette Archer, Neelu Berry and Jon Wedger, to name but a few.

That smug look of superiority, sneering down her nose to anyone and everyone who dared believe SRA is a real and present danger to our children.

Now look at what people are saying about her.

Watch Barbs Ohare talk about Sharon Gale

Read more: “I am broken.”

Read more: My opinion on Sharon Gale? Thanks for asking!

Fanny Bones admits to being a Stalker, Harasser and Liar…..

Failed investigator and fake police officer Fanny Bones, has indirectly admitted to being a stalker, harasser and liar, by failing to amend his comprehensive list of things he claims NOT to be!

On his ‘About me’ page of his WordPress blog, Fanny Bones is a Prick, he boasts:

I am NOT a ;

Having added ‘paedo,’ to his comprehensive list of what he claims he isn’t, he reveals his true nature by failing to include stalker, harasser and liar.

Click me to watch me!

Read more: Fanny Bones admits to being a paedophile.

That Pesky Mouse!!!!

It never ceases to amaze me, the places vermin manage to poke their noses into unwanted business.

Click me

Take for example the vile rodent, more affectionately known as Trouser Mouse.

Here I was commenting on a YouTube video about reptilian aliens, when the following comment was posted.

Ha ha. I find it very very very funny that a creepy piece of vermin like Trouser Mouse, (who harasses women on a near hourly basis, the latest of which is the beautiful and intelligence Samantha Baldwin), should imply that I have a creepy habit of harassing women.

Its all projection don’t-cha know!

To deflect attention from their own creepy harassing behaviour, they accuse other innocent parties of being what they themselves are guilty of being.

Which makes all the more sense, that its Trouser Mouse who calls me a stalker and paedophile the most!

Read more: Trouser Mouse is accused of start a MAP network

Read more: Trouser Mouse fails to refute claims he’s a paedophile

Read more: Trouser Mouse is a nonce

Trouser Mouse pokes his nose up everywhere!

Let’s get this straight! Paris begged Andy Devine to be allowed to donate money. Devine reluctantly agreed and said that if Paris was so desperate to make amends for his disgusting behaviour at that time, that he should cross his palm with silver (or words to that effect.)

And that is exactly what Paris did.

1. The King’s Bench is NOT a scam.

2. Paris was not “taken in,” he begged to be brought in.

3. Paris didn’t lost some money, he willingly gave two coins of silver.

4. He unreasonably asked for it back, knowing it had already been spent.

5. Paris launched unprovoked attacks on a number of people, including myself, Andy Devine, Kaley Freeman, John Wanoa, Frank McElheron, Edward Ellis, Neelu Berry and CM Gutmann.

Read more: The Truth about Paris’s Phones

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I’m a lady (now suck my dick)