AJ The Bully!

OMG, I’ve just been on the ‘Its just live’ panel, where the title of the discussion was whether ‘Jesus Was Crucified?’

Funnily enough I’ve just finished reading a book on that very same subject, Where Jesus is Buried, by Wilson and Blackett, compiled by K.Ross Broadstock.

Sadly a person who I know to be Aiden Lashbrook, aka AJ aka unlisted aka Lucifer, jumped on and did what he also does when I stick my head above the parapet.

He called me a PAEDOPHILE!

Aiden Lashbrook (AJ) is just mean!

Mean spirited Aiden Lashbrook (of the Fuckwit-Dimwit Family,) pissed on Taylor’s 50th birthday parade last night, by claiming Taylor had written his four 50th Birthday cards, to himself.

Oh wot a meanie!

“That says more about him than it does about me!”

Aiden Lashbrook

AJ is petrified of appearing in public, because of his hideous gollim like looks, features, stance and demeanour.

According to news reports, not only is AJ a risk to children, but he’s also a risk to animals too.