Muttley Owes ME an Apology!

As my Number#1 Subscriber Sleepdawn Morgan says, “As far as I am aware it was What is the Truth and Brian Harvey who made that statement, because when Matt said it, I thought to myself that’s exactly what Truth ie and BH were saying the other night.”

I expect he won’t demand an apology from Brian Harvey and What is Truth? For the same reason Sharon Gale won’t target Brian Harvey; namely that their thousands of supporters and subscribers would hound them off YouTube.

As a commentator called Julie, said in a message, “He’s only taken offence at you because he sees you as an easy target.

Now on top of all this, Muttley is now accusing me of being homophobic towards him!

Just who the fuck does this canine Fuckwit thinks he is? 🤔

This pitiful excuse for a canine hashtagged my name alongside the hashtag, #Dogging, while sitting in a carpark witnessing dogging outside of his car’s front window.

Then he expects me to DM or look at my email, of which I have and seen no email from him.

I wrote him an email on 14/4/2021 asking him to either confirm or deny whether he had reported me to Sussex Police for harassment, to which he hasn’t answered, and here we have him ordering me to either DM him or check my email.

This canine fuckwit displays all the traits of a narcissist bully.