Who’s Jack Shite?

There’s a new prick on the Fruitcake Muncher’s block.

Jack Shite aka Jack Smith.

I first heard from him after he called me “vile!!!”

After laying down my 10 minute challenge, of putting your face to camera to either educate or entertain us for 10 minutes, Jack Shite wrote;

“Why would I want to challenge a cretin like you laugh….. Your a joke online nothing big lol.”

I’m such “a joke online, andnothing big,” that he took the time to make a video about me.

Click here to watch it.

It was such a “Great new video”, Daddy Shite was the first to congratulate his son.

Isn’t it telling that both father and son like to hide in the shadows.

“Laugh, you have no idea who or what I am.”

No shit Sherlock! Of course I don’t know who you are while you hide behind a fake name and lurk in the shadows!

One thing I know for sure though!

You are one creepy arsehole!

Like father like son!
It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, that the creep is talking to himself!

Dougall does it all the time!

Mind you, I’m not the only one who thinks Jack Shite and John Shite are one of the same.

Schizophrenia is epidemic in today’s society, and with the advent of the Internet, is becoming more and more problematic!