Sick Satanic Pervert James Hind.

Sick Satanic Pervert and the UK’s leading SRA denier James Hind, has pervertedly interpreted a picture of a new born baby, showing its umbilical cord, as having an erection.

Twisted beyond belief and hot on the tails of emotionally abusing three teenage boys by mocking the sudden death of their father King Arthur legend Ross Broadstock, sick satanic pervert James Hind has caused further controversy and disgust by posting the following Tweet.

“It is a matter of interpretation but……”

Only a pervert of the sickest extreme could interpret the picture above as a baby with an erection.

In the video below by Exposing SRA, the glaringly obvious question is asked;

“What sort of sick individual sees that picture and the first thing they see is a baby with an erection.

Normal people see a newborn baby with the umbilical attached. Only a sick paedophilic mind would see a child and think about it in a sexual way.”

Normal people see a newborn baby with the umbilical attached. Only a sick paedophilic mind would see a child and think about it in a sexual way.”

This isn’t the first time the sick satanic pervert has shown his paedophilic tendencies, that sexualise newborn babies, by the very words he uses.

Published on his blog 9 Oct 2021

Thomas Niedermeier makes more false allegations.

German based Thomas Niedermeier continues to make false allegations against me; this time alluding that I am behind the sock puppet account of Freddy.

I am NOT Freddy

According to Sussex Police Thomas Niedermeier is a pseudonym.

Thomas Niedermeier has vowed to bring me justice, having alleged I called him a satanist and paedophile, and put his family in grave danger.

I categorically state I have neve called Thomas Niedermeier a satanist or paedophile, and I have never done anything to put his family in grave danger.

In my opinion, Thomas Niedermeier is a twisted and dangerous fantasist who has and continues to ruin and imped on life, mental health and well being.

He is the same as self confessed satanist James Hind, who also continues to wage a campaign of revenge against me, for a false perception that I have harmed innocent people.

James Hind Vows Revenge!

I will be reporting this comment to Sussex Police.

“For your contribution to the hate on the innocent people of ……………..”

Quite frankly; What the fuck is James Hind talking about?

Why is James Hind taking it on himself to bring me justice, for a falsely perceived belief that I am in anyway guilty of waging a “hate” campaign against “innocent people.”

Whatever I have been found guilty of over the last year is the secret and concern of the court’s.

I want to speak my truth and prove my innocence, but won’t due to COURT RESTRICTIONS.

I suggest James Hind backs off and leaves me alone.

Sharon Gale’s Shit Show

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Featuring Jeanette Archer, Brian Harvey, Ann Drogyne, Tiana Jenson, Chris Brindle aka Grobnob the Troll, Linden Warden aka Danny (Four pumps and a squirt) Jones, Trouser Mouse, thought to be Lady Sparkle, Richard Dougall aka The Fruitcake Munchers Club, Angela Power-Disney, Jon Wedger and many more…..

Check out Guerrilla Democracy News – Jon Wedger named as part of the Child X kidnap/rescue drama.

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Sharon Gale owes me an apology.

Tale-Tell-Tit Hind, does it again!

Satanic weasle James Hind has grassed up SRA crusader Angela Power-Disney for naming Child X, during an hour and half YouTube broadcast.

Further wasting police time, reporting an offence which has no victim, Hind boasted of his actions with a Tweet, wallowing in the praise and favour of the Hoaxtead Research Community, who strife on reporting SRA whistleblowers to the authorities.

Following in the footsteps of SRA survivor Jeanette Archer, who was recently fined £320, having pleaded guilty at Mold Magistrates Court for naming Child X, (from the Wilfred Wong child rescue case, while reporting outside Mold Magistrates Court on 4 February 2021, (also reported to police by James Hind,)) Power-Disney is unlikely to face prosecution, because she didn’t intentionally name the child, and didn’t even realise she had done so, until SRA denier Sharon Gale publicised she had on her YouTube channel.

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With nothing better to do with his time, openly satanic James Hind has followed in the footsteps of Kayle Freeman and Ann Drogyne, who have both wasted valuable police time and resources, by making harassment complaints, only to withdraw them at later dates.

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On a personal note – I hate grasses!

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