Liars, Frauds and Snowflakes!

OMG – You can’t say boo to a goose nowadays without some snowflake complaining to the police that they feel violated being booed at, because they were abused by a goose during childhood!

Most of them are liars anyway!

Most of them are sad single men who spend their lives wanking to high Heaven, all the while pretending their better halves are next door waiting for them in the bedroom.

Take that autistic twat from Brighton, who reckons his girlfriend is 7of9 from Star Trek!

It’s all the rage nowadays to have been abused as a child. If you weren’t abused as a child, you have no right to complain of being trolled!

And God forbid you are compared to anyone who is remotely connected to child abuse! All Hell breaks loose!

As a kid at school I was mercilessly bullied and compared to a variety of different personalities.

Johnny Mathis, Muhammad Ali and Maradona chief amongst them.

The snowflake liars of today would be running to the police for being compared to Maradona!

Not only did he knock England out of the 1986 Football Word Cup with his ‘Hand of God’ goal, but most of the complaining snowflakes would be crying to the police that they were abused a kids by their football coaches, and now being compared to Maradona as adults, brings back suppressed and forgotten childhood traumas!

Hey, I get compared to Barry from Eastenders all the time!

Wasn’t his character a dirty wife beating paedophile? Fuck knows – there are so many liars, frauds and snowflakes bumming around the Truth Movement, no one knows the truth anymore!

It’s like those sad attention seeking narcissists who are so desperate for attention, they make up their own false flag events to channel traffic to bolster their social media count.

You can hear them now, “Don’t worry everyone. My Telegram account at ‘TelegramNaraccisticBullyBoy’ hasn’t been hacked. It’s OK, it’s still here, no need to worry and go and check it out follow, like, subscribe and share!”

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