Fanny Bones threatens to Report me Again!

Under fire from the Dream Team, (led by security expert Brian Hurle,) and the dynamic duo of Den Tarragon and Kaley Einav; Fanny Bones – real name Linden Warden, has retaliated by threatening to report me to a higher authority, alleging harassment.

As his message left for me via WordPress shows:

“When are you going to take this BS down.”

Referring to a blog in which I call him a scammer, fraudster, psychopath and liar, Fanny Bones asks me when I am going to take the BS (Bullshit) down.

In my opinion Fanny Bones is a scammer, because he unfairly and falsely called John Wanoa, Andy Devine and myself scammers.

I stand by my belief that Fanny Bones is a scammer! 100%.

A Fraudster! Damn Right. Selling himself as an ace Investigator, whilst wearing an Ann Summer policeman’s hat! The guy is a freak!

Psyopath! Definitely. The way he has wished me in jail, with totally disregard to the harm that will inflict on my children.

Its child abuse! In my opinion.

And he is definitely a liar. He lies, lies and lies. He’s a scammer, fraudster, psychopath and liar in my opinion.

“Do I really have to Contact you Case officer to Show harassment?”


Clearly butt hurt from the negative attention he’s receiving from the Dream Team and the dynamic due of Tarragon and Einav, coward bully-boy makes himself feel better by harassing and intimidating me!

Sharon Gale’s Shit Show

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Featuring Jeanette Archer, Brian Harvey, Ann Drogyne, Tiana Jenson, Chris Brindle aka Grobnob the Troll, Linden Warden aka Danny (Four pumps and a squirt) Jones, Trouser Mouse, thought to be Lady Sparkle, Richard Dougall aka The Fruitcake Munchers Club, Angela Power-Disney, Jon Wedger and many more…..

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Sharon Gale owes me an apology.

Danny Jones doesn’t “Grasp It.”

Here we have Danny Jones defending his comments about “losing sleep,” over the sex life of his daughter at secondary school, by lecturing to me that until my daughter starts going clubbing etc, I will “then be able to understand,” but “until then you won’t grasp it.”

Bullshit. I understand it now! And never once have I worried about my teenage daughter and the company she keeps, because she has been brought up a bright, educated and confident person, who I have full trust in exploring her own sexuality and love life, without any concern or worry from me.

I’ve also got friends, colleagues and family members who have also got teenage daughters, who they’ve watched fall in love and start relationships with their chosen partners.

Neither have they lost sleep about their daughter’s love lives.

Is it because we bring up our daughters differently to how Danny Jones and The Wasp bring up their daughters?

An abusive father would worry about their daughters starting secondary school and starting relationships independent of their fathers.

Listening to The Wasp and Danny Jones on The Wasp show on 01 February 2021, felt like listening to two paedophiles discussing their fears and worries of their daughters starting secondary school, having a relationship, and the fear and worry of their own paedophile abuse coming to light.

It was uncomfortable listening.

Plus demeaning Child-Abuse, by calling it “satanic kiddy fiddling,” and the over the top call for paedophiles to be given 25 year plus prison sentences, plus castration.

Without touching on his agreement that the only way to combat child abuse is to write a letter to your local MP, Danny Jones has raised pertinent and valid questions about his sexuality, by revealing a paedophilic side to him, which he otherwise hides, by pointing his finger to other innocent parties, and calling them paedophiles.

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Beware of Danny Jones
Hiding in plain sight!

Fanny Bones admits to being a Stalker, Harasser and Liar…..

Failed investigator and fake police officer Fanny Bones, has indirectly admitted to being a stalker, harasser and liar, by failing to amend his comprehensive list of things he claims NOT to be!

On his ‘About me’ page of his WordPress blog, Fanny Bones is a Prick, he boasts:

I am NOT a ;

Having added ‘paedo,’ to his comprehensive list of what he claims he isn’t, he reveals his true nature by failing to include stalker, harasser and liar.

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The Truth about Paris’s Phones

Paris Barrington

In a recent Fanny Bones Quiz Night Show, a question was asked:

Who had phones stolen from their boat which ended up Matt Taylor’s possession?

Typical of the failed investigator and fake police officer to make such a false and defamatory accusation.

The truth is the phones were not stolen, but legally exchanged for a laptop.

As CM says in her own words, (and which has been forwarded to DC Andy Mountford-Laker from Sussex Police.)

“I Clarice Gutmann while living in the U.K, was forced to move from my home I was living in in Durham UK because my Children’s father abandoned me.

I am a part of a Group of people who are learning about Law and our rights called Global Jury.

I let the group know that I need a place to stay temporarily until I could find a more permanent solution. I have prior been a Sunday school teacher for some 22 yrs.

I Have had Federal and International Crimes and Violations committed against me and my 3 American by U.K. corporations and it’s Agencies and am Fighting back for Justice!

Paris at time was apart of our Group and was pretending to be someone He is not.

He had done some things that made us question his motives but he pretended he was a good person just wanting to help and wanted to prove himself to the team.

A week after I went to stay I told Paris I needed a new phone.

I traded a laptop I had because I it was to big and bulky for me to carry around and I had no WiFi anyway so I traded it for his help and for two cheap little £30.00 pound I phones which he promised he was going to help me get factory reset but did not.

I gave Matt the phones because I had no use for them as I was able to get a cheap phone off a Indian peddler from Sunderland afterwards before I went to Matt’s but I still had them and gave them to him for helping me when I had no one.

Matt Taylor is an Amazing guy he’s kind and smart and he was a Absolute Gentleman the whole 2 months I was there.

He treated me like a Sister and I felt like family and safe in his home.

I consider Matt a great and honest man and Friend.

I wound up leaving Paris place because he was becoming very rude and violent because I suggested he use the men’s public shower room while his bathroom was getting fixed.

Paris is not a good person he is a gender confused person who has a strong back ground of Ritual Abuse.

He has many physiological traits that are down right scary and he needs extreme medical treatment for.

Many of Paris friends are apart of the Satanic Ritual Group who I have been working with certain individuals to expose.

I am also aware that many of these such individuals who work with in our society even to the highest echelon and even more scary some of these such corrupt people work in your Police forces and more creating a conflict of interest for their Innocent victims such as Matt.

I am righting this as a true testament of what I know to the best of my knowledge and I wish to stand in Correctness with no malice at all times.

All rights reserve UCC-103 without Prejudice as does Matt.

Matt has many witness to the many crimes committed against him and we are also Seeking Justice for Matt Taylor from the Corruption happening within your establishment.

Like it or not taking ones positions with out a full proper right to jury is Robbery.

Your thieves in power need to return all that belongs to Matt Taylor.

You do not have a right to Rob him of his intellectual property because you do not like what he Rights or because someone gave him a faulty device.

You do not get to treat him like a criminal without due process.

If you want us to abide by the law we’ll you very well better also be abiding by those same very laws.

I also suggest you all learn what is the true law which applies to man verses laws which need only apply to Corporations, Good day!
Sincerely CM Gutmann.”

The above is a statement of truth by CM Gutmann, which clearly states she traded her laptop for two phones.

The police refused to start an investigation, and as a consequence no theft has been proven.

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Its Paris Barrington’s word against CM Gutmann’s; and I know who I believe!

Harassment Charge against Paris Barrington is sensational dropped. Click me.
Fanny Bones admits to being a paedophile. Click me.

Fanny Bones Admits He’s a Paedophile

Failed investigator and fake police officer Fanny Bones, has admitted he’s a paedophile by failing to include it in an comprehensive and exhaustive list of things he claims NOT to be.

Published on his blog HoaxPolice he writes:

“Firstly lets get this right from the start..

i am NOT a ;

  • MI5/MI6
  • Gov Agent
  • the Devil
  • a Satanist
  • Pedo Protector
  • Hampstead Agent
  • NASA Agent
  • Illuminati
  • Narcissist
  • NAZI
  • Racist
  • Bigot
  • Right wing
  • Left wing

NONE of the Above is me Nor do i really Know Anyone in my circles Either like that!.”

While he stresses the point he isn’t a paedophile protector, he omits to claim he isn’t a paedophile.

Isn’t that interesting. Taking the time to write a list of 15 things he isn’t, while not including the one thing he’s accused of being the most.

Also omitted from the list is:

Stalker, Harasser and liar.

Click on the following link to watch the latest video about Fanny Bones to hit YouTube.

Fanny Bones explaining why Matt Taylor deserves to goto jail.