BREAKING NEWS – David ‘Joe’ Neilson: 76-year-old Wheelchair Bound Pensioner, “Sussex Police Tried to Taser me!”

Sussex Police in New Elderly Abuse Scandal

David ‘Joe’ Neilson, 76 from Peacehaven, near Brighton, is living in fear.

David ‘Joe’ Neilson

Too scared to return to his home since the General Election of 2015, Mr. Neilson

has been living in fear of the killers of Katrina Taylor, and the Sussex Police’s involvement in his continuing harassment and stalking.

Mr. Neilson is Living in Fear

Who Killed Katrina Taylor?

An old aged pensioner, diagnosed with PDST in 1996, suffering from Fibromyalgia, compounded with Macular Degeneration, losing his eye-sight to the extent of being registered legally blind; Mr Neilson’s story echoes the news that two Sussex Police officers are facing manslaughter charges following the death of a 93-year-old pensioner, who died weeks after being tasered and battered by Sussex Police officers. 

Joe Attacked by the killers of Katrina Taylor

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Donald Burgess; suspected of being killed by Sussex Police Officers

Under fire following a string of scandals hitting the police force, Mr Neilson directly accuses Sussex Police of harassment and stalking, and its Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne of his attempted murder.

“The Arrest was a Set-Up”

Matthew Taylor & Joe Neilson after attack in January 2015

Pictured outside the Murder House in a wheelchair with ex-Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor a week after the attack in January 2015, David Neilson has since fled his home, living in fear he will be killed by the killers of Katrina Taylor, watching helplessly as his property is stolen by organised crime.

Crime Lord Mark Slade – King of the slums

Landlord Marcel Sulc has got rich by throwing people out of their homes.

Crimelord Mark Slade
aka Landlord Marcel Sulc

During the 2015 General Election Mr. Neilson received Death threats if he didn’t sign his property at 318 Southcoast Road, Peacehaven, dubbed ‘The Murder House’

The main witness in the 1996 murder of Katrina Taylor, Mr. Neilson says he is “too scared to return to his home, in fear he would be killed by the killers of

Katrina Taylor, working with Sussex Police.”

Home Invasion

Subjected to a home invasion by two unknown assailants in January 2015, the attack is one of many attacks against him since 1996.

Mr. Neilson is living in fear the killers of Katrina Taylor, will return to kill him.

Abandoned by Social Services and Police

David Neilson fears he’ll be killed by the killers of Katrina Taylor if he returns home to Brighton

Shunned by Social Services and Old Aged Concern charities, Mr. Neilson is campaigning for the reopening of the Katrina Taylor murder, in which he is still being persecuted 26 years on.

Filed as another ‘Unsolved Murder,’ Mr. Neilson claims organized crime worked with corrupt officials, to overturn the guilty verdicts of Katrina Taylor’s killers, allowing them to walk free in 1997, evading justice, and remaining on the lookout for Mr.Neilson to finish their job.

Attacked on his doorstep, Mr. Neilson was saved by the intervention of Matt Taylor.

Mr. Neilson believes it if Mr. Taylor hadn’t intervened, he would have died on the spot.

Instead of arresting their attackers, Sussex Police officers arrested Mr. Neilson and Mr. Taylor on suspicion of affray.

Threatened and intimidated everyday up to the May 2015 General Election

After 12 hours in a police cell, and being released over 30 miles away from their home, all charges were later dropped. 

Speaking to The Argus, Mr. Neilson, said there was “absolutely no way” he had attacked anyone.

He said: “I am a 69-year-old disabled pensioner.”

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As a direct result of the wrongful arrest on 16 January 2015, Mr. Neilson’s property at 318 Southcoast Road, Peacehaven has been stolen by organized crime, which Sussex Police refuse to investigate.

Sussex Police continue to harass and stalker Mr. Neilson, threatening him as a threat, preventing him from reporting crime, and prolonging his injustice by failing to act on and investigate the crimes being committed again Mr. Neilson today.

Who is the next elderly victim of Sussex Police?

TV documentary shines a light on Shana Grice murder case

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Brighton Scandal

Michael Coughtrey

Murder victim’s parents: We begged Sussex Police for help but were ignored

Parents of murder Susan Nicholson, fighting for justice
email –

David Neilson ask the question:


She says that Elder Abuse is her priority

But she will not meet me with my solicitor to take a full statement from me?

I am a victim of police corruption.

I am a victim of police corruption and I’m unable to tell you my story due to court restrictions and other orders placed upon me preventing me from telling my side of the story.

But yet people in the Truth Movement bring up stuff from the past, which I am unable to give my side of the story to.

For example, I once made a video clip acknowledging Sussex Police found two photographs of alleged CP in my possession.

I’m unable to tell you the back ground or context to my story, except that because Sussex Police didn’t have the evidence to charge me with an offence I cannot discuss, they tried to fit me up with the possession of CP.

It was allegeded that two pictures of CP, one of a picture of a Simpson cartoon orgy, and two, a category C picture depicting a woman and teenager naked on a bed, was found on a disc, which had a sticker on it, with my name and address.

For three years Sussex Police and their lawyers gaslite me into believing two pictures of CP were found in my possession, and that the best thing I could do to prevent myself from going to prison, was to admit the charges and admit I was a paedophile.

Of course I didn’t, because I am not a paedophile and I have never downloaded CP in my life.

One three occasions I went to bed, knowing that in the morning I had to attend a Jury Court Trial, in which anything other than a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict would be unacceptable.

On three occasions when I presented myself to be judged by my peers, the Judges adjourned the trial, kicking the proverbial can down the road.

On the last night before I was to appear at court, with the prospect of defending myself against the worse allegations any man or father could be accused of, I recorded a heart felt and honest account of the circumstances which brought me to that moment in time.

Ever since, my enemies and detractors, have isolated one sentence from a 15 minute monologue, and out of context, have used it against me ever since.

When the can could no longer be kicked down the road for any longer, the police lawyers were left with no alternative but to collapse the trial against me.

Because there was no CP found in my possession!

But it doesn’t stop arse hole cunts like Den Tarragan bringing the clip, out of context, back into the public domain.

Den Tarragon aka Ric/Rik Tarragon

Perhaps it had something to do with this?

For the record, the above comment was not made by me, but by a fake cloned account, probably Dick Dougall, or Tom Niedermeier, pretending to be me, with the intention of causing conflict. 🤔

Why is Den Tarragon threatening to put that clip back out into the public domain.

Is it because of the following comment?

For the record, the above comment was not made by me, but by a fake cloned account, probably Dick Dougall, or Tom Niedermeier, pretending to be me, with the intention of causing conflict. 🤔

I have never said or mentioned anything about Den Tarragon, except from a few years ago, when all this bullshit of me being a paedophile first came out, and after Den Tarragon declared to the world that I was a “Convicted Paedophile.”

I simply repeated back to him, the very words he said to me.

I will say it again, I haven’t mentioned anything about Den Tarragon for years, but heard him today on a YouTube video declare his intention of playing a clip, out of context, said years ago, having been gaslite by Sussex Police to believe two pictures of CP were found on a disc, found in my possession.

So if you want a fight Den, you have got a fight!

I will defend myself against any and every allegation that I am a paedophile and any and every allegation that I’ve ever downloaded CP.