Sharon Gale’s Shit Show

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Featuring Jeanette Archer, Brian Harvey, Ann Drogyne, Tiana Jenson, Chris Brindle aka Grobnob the Troll, Linden Warden aka Danny (Four pumps and a squirt) Jones, Trouser Mouse, thought to be Lady Sparkle, Richard Dougall aka The Fruitcake Munchers Club, Angela Power-Disney, Jon Wedger and many more…..

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Sharon Gale owes me an apology.

That Pesky Mouse!!!!

It never ceases to amaze me, the places vermin manage to poke their noses into unwanted business.

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Take for example the vile rodent, more affectionately known as Trouser Mouse.

Here I was commenting on a YouTube video about reptilian aliens, when the following comment was posted.

Ha ha. I find it very very very funny that a creepy piece of vermin like Trouser Mouse, (who harasses women on a near hourly basis, the latest of which is the beautiful and intelligence Samantha Baldwin), should imply that I have a creepy habit of harassing women.

Its all projection don’t-cha know!

To deflect attention from their own creepy harassing behaviour, they accuse other innocent parties of being what they themselves are guilty of being.

Which makes all the more sense, that its Trouser Mouse who calls me a stalker and paedophile the most!

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Trouser Mouse pokes his nose up everywhere!

Let’s get this straight! Paris begged Andy Devine to be allowed to donate money. Devine reluctantly agreed and said that if Paris was so desperate to make amends for his disgusting behaviour at that time, that he should cross his palm with silver (or words to that effect.)

And that is exactly what Paris did.

1. The King’s Bench is NOT a scam.

2. Paris was not “taken in,” he begged to be brought in.

3. Paris didn’t lost some money, he willingly gave two coins of silver.

4. He unreasonably asked for it back, knowing it had already been spent.

5. Paris launched unprovoked attacks on a number of people, including myself, Andy Devine, Kaley Freeman, John Wanoa, Frank McElheron, Edward Ellis, Neelu Berry and CM Gutmann.

Read more: The Truth about Paris’s Phones

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I’m a lady (now suck my dick)

“I am broken,” says Sharon Gale

People’s worst fears were realised today, after the latest car crash YouTube live from the darling of the Truth Movement, Sharon Gale.

“Look at the fucking state of me.”

Pissed again, Sharon launched into a tirade of abuse against ex-prostitute Niki Cooper, accusing her of threatening to dig up her baby’s body who died in 2001.

“Dig up my daughter – Really – I will fucking murder you!”

Milking sympathy and using the tragic death of her daughter as the means to get it, the truth is Niki Cooper didn’t actually say she would dig up her daughter’s body, but rather that there needed to be a new investigation into the death and the remains would need to be digged up.

“I am fucking broken people.”

Exhuming bodies in light of new information in investigations, is common in the UK.

“I’m just some stupid woman from Hampshire. I’m not anyone.”

Turning on her supporters, and spitting venom at anyone who shows her any kind of support or sympathy, Sharon Gale complained strenuously that she was being “destroyed from inside.”

“Angela Power-Disney, Barbara Ohare and Brian Harvey, you’ve destroyed me from inside.”

“I don’t need a sick cunt like you telling me to have a lay down.”

Losing support and sympathy from her die-hard fans and supporters, even her closest confidants dared not leave a comment, too frightened she would turn against them too.

One such super-supporter called David Simpson has withdrawn his support following her venomous backlash.

“Oh fuck off David Simpson – Fuck off.

Another was Fanny Bones.

“Fuck of Danny Jones, I’m not interested.”

Clearly not compos mentis and on the verge of a serious nervous breakdown, Sharon remains at the mercy of her abusive boyfriend, unable to return to England and in danger of being classed an illegal immigrant, with her 90 day Turkish tourist visa set to expire soon.

Having mercilessly trolled Jeanette Archer, by lambasting her true life story of satanic ritual abuse while she was a child, and ridiculing Jon Wedger and his work he does on behalf of victims of child abuse and satanic ritual abuse, (not forgetting her glee towards Wilfred Wong being attested and locked up in jail,) Sharon Gale is now crying foul, when the tables are turned against her.

She can dish it out, but can’t it.

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Obviously not as strong in character, as we have been led to believe, her latest car crash YouTube live has proved once and for all, that she’s not the strong willed independent woman, we’ve all come to love, respect and admire.

Sharon Gale is like marmite, you either love her or hate her!

“I’m not well you stupid cunt. Unbelievable, un-fucking-believable.”
Cooper v’s Gale – Its War
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Sock Puppet Bullshit

The thing about sock puppet YouTube accounts is that you don’t know who they are!!!!!

Is it a him or a she? Is it a ten year old boy or girl. An Ai bot, or a soldier from the 77th Internet Brigade?

Is it a close family member or a stranger you’ve never met? Is it a neighbour, a back stabbing friend or a nasty individual intent on destroying your life and landing your arse in jail?

Yesterday I asked the individual behind the ‘Drummer Man,’ sock puppet account to either confirm or deny being Lady Sparkle? (As accused of being so by another individual hiding behind the sock puppet account of ‘Cali Diamond’s Smelly Minge.’)

Read more here.

(Which in itself raises the question of whether these sock puppet accounts are an individual, or many dividuals sharing one account?)

Of course Drummer Man denied being either Lady Sparkle or Trouser Mouse, or for that matter anyone else he’s been publicly accused of being.

Though we will never know!

And then of-course there’s Trouser Mouse, of whom I asked the question of their real identity, only to be told that my mates Babs and JP know, because he was sitting behind them at the Royal Court’s of Justice in London, at the same time I was being sentenced for a crime, of which I maintain my innocence!

Now if that’s not CREEPY, I don’t know what is?

How about T NEIDERMIER? The one sock puppet account that has brought me personally the most alarm, distress and fear?

I’m not the only one who believes its a pseudonym, being used to hid the identity of someone who doesn’t want to be revealed.

And thats the crux of all this sock puppet account bullshit. The arseholes who hide behind their sock puppet accounts are doing so to hide their identities because they don’t want the world knowing its them who are doing such evil and vile bullshit on the Internet.

If they’ve got nothing to hide, they would reveal themselves. The fact they hide their real identities, proves they have something to hide.

As one meerkat is know would say, “simples!”

Known Sock Puppet Accounts Revealed:

Grobnob – Chris Brindle

Unlisted – Adam Lashbrook

FCM – Richard Dougall

Trouser Mouse – Michelle Bingham

Please feel free to add to the list……

Trouser Mouse is accused of starting a MAP network.

In a damning YouTube video uploaded by a fake socket puppet account holder, using the name, ‘Cali Diamond’s Smelly Minge;’ the rodent otherwise known as ‘Trouser Mouse,’ has been accused of being a member of the MAP (Minor Attracted Person) paedophile community.

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“Alleged paedophile and troll Trouser Mouse has started up a MAP network to offer support and friendship to other paedophiles.

MAP stands for Minor Attracted Person.

Trouser Mouse has a long history of trolling survivors of child sex abuse and those campaigning for them.

Trouser Mouse had said in the past that once a girl bleeds she can bred, he also stated that children can easily get over sex with adults with the right counselling.

Trouser Mouse also works closely with Drummer Man who is thought to be the female troll Lady Sparkle, who was found guilty of abusing youths with learning difficulties.”

Who is behind the ‘Cali Diamond Smelly Minge’ account?

The thick cunt Chris E, thinks its me!

Read all about it by clicking here.

Trouser Mouse is a Nonce, click here to read more.

Mind you, this isn’t the second or third time Trouser Mouse has been accused of being a paedophile.

Mickey Mouse fails to refute claims that he’s a paedophile!

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Come to think of it, (and its only my personal opinion), but this Trouser Mouse is beginning to sound more and more like Grobnob…..